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Indian in Montreal.

by Withnail42 12 years ago

Hi, Does anyone out there have any suggestions for a good Indian place in Montreal?


lagatta commented 16 hours ago

Openings & Closings, July - September 2018

by Glaff 3 months ago

Martin Juneau is opening another business in the neighborhood. This time a café called Tricot Principal at 6666 Saint...


Glaff commented 1 day ago

Fish scraps for stew?

by lagatta 3 days ago

Would anyone know of a poissonnerie/fishmonger that usually has cuttings or scraps of fish for fish soup/stew? I thin...


williej commented 1 day ago

Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?

by ekatlaterrible 6 years ago

Hello, I absolutely need to find FRESH guanabanas or chirimoyas to make a specific type of cake. Has anyone seen t...


williej commented 1 day ago

ISO Name of food store in Montreal?

by itryalot 3 days ago

i was in Montreal and was introduced to a store (similar to M and Ms but much better quality). I think there were two...


williej commented 1 day ago

Looking for Rice Syrup

by justamtlguy 3 days ago

Went to several places today, bulk stores and Rachelle Bery, and had no luck finding rice syrup. Does anyone know if ...


williej commented 1 day ago

Montreal style spreads

by SuzyP 7 days ago

I live in Woodstock, NY. A Montreal style bagel shop just opened here. Their bagels are great--small, dense, chewy,...


williej commented 1 day ago

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Madame Ly near métro Beaubien?

by lagatta 7 days ago

While this tiny place (now a byow) gets good reviews, I don't know anyone who has been there. Have any Chowhounders b...

El Ma Mia Creton Spice

by mightbeadream 9 months ago

We are located in BC and are looking for this particular spice blend to send to my partner's farther in Alberta . Tri...


lagatta commented 7 days ago

Resources for learning how to cook

by Maximilien 21 days ago

What kind of resources exist to learn how to cook? I am not talking about cooking classes like the Académie Culina...


Bella1999 commented 9 days ago

Where to buy boquerones al vinagre in Montreal?

by Edwidge 14 days ago

As anyone ever found packaged boquerones al vinagre sold in Montreal? It seems to me it should be easy enough to find...


BeeRich commented 11 days ago

Club Mate in Montreal?

by ladybugk 6 years ago

Anyone know where I might find Club Mate in Montreal? Couldn't find anything on the web- but thought maybe someone ...


Clubmatemtl commented 13 days ago

Any recommendations for a vegan wedding around Montreal?

by shelbyy 16 days ago

Hi! I'm vegan and would love to have some intel on how to host a vegan wedding in Montreal and surrounding area. Do y...


lagatta commented 15 days ago

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Looking for an affordable wedding venue in Montreal

by shelbyy 16 days ago

I'm looking for an affordable wedding venue in Montreal or its surrounding area. I'm open to pretty much anything...

ISO savory breakfast pastries in Montreal

by zerodosage 1 month ago

Sugar early morning no longer agrees with me, but I love a good breakfast pastry. Are there any good stuff in Montrea...


lagatta commented 19 days ago

ISO small French tempered tumblers (Duralex, Arcoroc etc).

by lagatta 9 years ago

I'm in search of those little tumblers people drink table wine, juice and even coffee from across the pond, at home. ...


lagatta commented 21 days ago

Where to watch NFL games in montreal?

by Matteaucubed 6 years ago

I will be in Montreal during the weekend of 9/16 staying at the W. I'm looking for a bar/restaurant that will have th...


bte576 commented 21 days ago

Steak Frites Montreal

by waver 2 months ago

Hi, this seems to have been asked before but, as far as I can tell not recently. Family from B.C. with 2 teenagers ...


waver commented 29 days ago

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Restaurants that Serve French-style Frog Legs (Cuisses De Grenouille À La Provençale)

by Monica 1 month ago

My family will be in Montreal in a few weeks and looking for restaurants that serve good French style frog legs for m...

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Where can I find Friselline in Montreal?

by blackpearl 1 month ago

Bonjour! I just returned from Puglia and fell in love with friselline, a small crouton made with taralli dough, cove...