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Coaticook ice cream

by BLM 11 years ago

Any opinions on the Quebec-based Coaticook ice cream? Where can I find it in Montreal(I think I might of seen it in M...


ajenda commented 2 days ago

The Best Baklava in Montreal?

by axone 7 years ago

Hi, I recently discover an excellent Turkish pastries store in North Montreal who had the best baklava I ever tasted....


lagatta commented 2 days ago

Quiche now that's Gasgogne is gone

by finefoodie55 1 month ago

Now that Gasgogne is gone, who makes the best Quiche Lorraine in Montreal. I have tried Premiere Moisson not much tas...


ampersand commented 3 days ago

Ilios Frozen Wood Fired Thin Crust Pizzas

by Ghostquatre 6 days ago

I've been seeing this new product for the past week at Supermarche PA and I think Marche Futai as well. They are on s...


lagatta commented 4 days ago

Best palmiers plz

by hungryann 8 days ago

Since Gascogne is no more, where can I find the best palmiers? I loved theirs. Première Moisson are average and Mamie...


hungryann commented 8 days ago

Openings & Closings, April - June 2018

by JerkPork 1 month ago

Opening soon on Upper Lachine a block or so west of Momesso's, a Caribbean spot called, Mello Yellow.


Maximilien commented 8 days ago

Montreal: May weekend with kids

by torgal 18 days ago

Staying in downtown Montreal, 2 adults, 1 teenager, 1 preteen kid, have a reservation at Elena for one night looking ...


torgal commented 12 days ago

Where can I find Kamut and Buckwheat in Montreal?

by omnomnomchocolat 7 years ago

Hi I love adding whole grains to my salads and specially love buckwheat and kamut. I have been unable to find th...


AHNAHN commented 14 days ago

Openings & closings, January - March 2018

by eat2much 5 months ago

It looks like Patisserie de Gascogne has closed all their locations until further notice. On Monkland there is a sign...


Ghostquatre commented 22 days ago

Montreal-style "ketchup"?

by somervilleoldtimer 25 days ago

A relative from Montreal makes a delicious chutney-like concoction of sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, pears, and spi...


somervilleoldtimer commented 25 days ago

Where to buy bulk curd cheese?

by me0kat 1 month ago

Anyone know close to the Montreal area if there is a cheese factory offering fresh curd cheese? (traditional fromag...


stak commented 28 days ago

Trip Recap & Lunch/Brunch question

by GreyFloors 2 months ago

Heading back to Montreal next week. Our first trip was amazing! We started at the Syrian restaurant Damas and we were...


stak commented 28 days ago

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Where can I find pastry cream in Montreal?

by LIONESS 1 month ago

Creating a boston cream pie for husband's birthday and hate the extra step in preparing the "custard" pastry cream. ...

Buy clotted cream in Montreal?

by Veruka 9 years ago

I tried doing a search for both clotted cream and Devonshire cream on this board but only found mentions of places in...


LIONESS commented 1 month ago

Montreal MUST-eats (local food)

by Qball 2 months ago

Hello, I'm traveling to Montreal with my two small sons and want to try what Montreal is known for. I want some gre...


tony_brisbane commented 1 month ago

Prepared XO sauce Montreal

by meagain 3 months ago

Hi. Just wondering if anyone knows a place that sells prepared XO sauce in Montreal. Store or maybe restaurant. Alway...


Razzmut commented 1 month ago

Montreal Restaurant Recommendation

by tony_brisbane 1 month ago

First time travelling to Montreal for 2 nights next month and would appreciate a recommendation for a restaurant serv...


hubfood commented 1 month ago

Have you seen Biscoff cookies in Downtown Montreal supermarkets?

by naturelle 4 years ago

I would like to make the Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with Biscoff crust, (http://food52.com/recipes/15652-meyer-lemon-chee...


williej commented 1 month ago

The Very Best Tourtiere for Christmas Dinner

by finefoodie55 5 months ago

I am sure there are better bakeries that have popped up selling Tourtieres. My reference used to be La Binerie. Has a...


lagatta commented 2 months ago