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by Foodzzy 3 days ago

I'm looking to try this Orthodox dessert called pashka. Has anyone had it in Montreal?

ISO sodium phosphates in Montreal

by Ghostquatre 6 days ago

e450 e451 and e452, tripolyphosphate, hexametaphosphate, disodium phosphate, any of these 3 will do. I've tried looking at Anatol and la Guilde culinaire which is where I found cure#1, but I've had...

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Going to Quebec City Wed to Sat resto recommendations pls?

by Idas 1 month ago

Hi chowfolks! I'm taking a quick visit to Quebec city July 1-4. Love to eat at charming and really delicious places. Ambiance is only partly important, I care mostly about local and fresh. Would l...

How do they make the fries?

by Ghostquatre 4 years ago

Hi, Quebecer here, I was wondering, how do you make french fries so they are a deep orange-brown color like the ones you find in greasy spoons/snackbars operated by the French-Canadians? I find ...

Instant pots?

by lagatta 12 months ago

Perhaps I should bring Ottawans in here as well, given the geekish Ottawan roots of this contraption! Does anyone here use one, or have any opinion on them?

Where to buy small-sized soybeans (for natto)

by nononana 4 years ago

Hello, I started making some natto at home recently and I am looking for smaller sized soybeans. The ones I find at regular supermarkets are bigger than my liking - I'd like to purchase something l...

Polish pickles

by Tristou 6 months ago

Where can I buy real polski ogorki -- the sweet, eastern European version, not Bic's -- in Québec City? I've found the German gerkins at Pomme-Salade which are close, but not quite what I love.

Bread making

by emeldag 4 months ago

I have been trying to make sourdough bread without success. My levan never floats even after 15 hours . What is the secret of making what is supposed to be an easy bread? I wonder if one could d...

Chinese and Vietnamese grocery stores that deliver in MTL?

by zerodosage 4 months ago

I am in isolation and would love to get a number items that are not available in online grocery stores in Montreal. I also want to make sure some Chinatown, downtown, and Little Italy groceries tha...

Need lunch and dinner suggestions near Bell Centre

by truegrid 5 months ago

Help! Please don’t leave us stuck eating in the centre! Attending skating worlds and stuck with finding places to do early lunch (afternoon skating starts 11:30 or 12) and barely an hour 15 break b...

RIP Norene Gilletz

by magic 5 months ago

Just learned that cookbook author and culinary legend Norene Gilletz passed away this week. Very sad to learn this. If you’re Jewish and live in Canada there’s a good chance you’ve grown up enj...

Sour Red Cherries

by genia 12 years ago

Hi I need to find sour red cherries for cherry pie. They are bright red and I know that they can be grown in Quebec but I have so far been unable to find them. All I have found so far are those ...

Piazza Tomasso's "Pizza Plus"

by Tatai 6 years ago

My sister and I, former Montrealers who grew up on Piazza Tomasso, Miss Montreal, House of Wong (dinner #4 for two), etc., have been craving Piazza's Pizza Plus, along with their spaghetti with bre...

Openings & Closings Sept-Dec 2019

by JerkPork 11 months ago

No point in going with quarterly threads as the Montreal board is nowhere as busy as it used to be unfortunately. Seems like Uniburger on Cote de Neiges is closed down that or they are completel...

Little known cut of pork

by PanamEric 6 months ago

I saw a post that I can't find now that was asking about a new pork recipe. What I am posting about is not really a new recipe so much as a new cut, at least for the folks of Montreal and I assu...

L'Orygine or Chez Boulay for Quebec City lunch?

by nferlan17 6 months ago

We will be traveling with our 8 month to Quebec City in July and would like to have one nice lunch sit down lunch while there (our version of a date). The little one is well behaved and easily whis...

Cafe Prague

by heathbec 7 years ago

Had a wonderful lunch there yesterday with my 92 year old Czech mom. Excellent all around!

Montreal Smoked Meat... help!

by PanamEric 6 months ago

I'm from Montreal and have been living abroad for 10 years now. What i miss the most aside from the Poutine and Bagels is the Montreal Smoked Meat. I make the bagels at home and they come out p...

T-Fal ActiFry Fryer

by JerkPork 9 months ago

Anyone have any experience with these? Are they worth it? What is the difference between the different models. Most seem to hold 1kg but prices range from $100 to $270 (Canadian). Costco has th...