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Trip to Montreal

by rstuart 16 days ago

I will be in Montreal for training course next week, and am going early on Friday evening to spend the week-end there...


rstuart commented 2 days ago

Openings & Closings, April - June 2018

by JerkPork 2 months ago

Opening soon on Upper Lachine a block or so west of Momesso's, a Caribbean spot called, Mello Yellow.


lagatta commented 2 days ago

Jean Talon Market & Vicinity - 2018

by JerkPork 9 days ago

A couple of things, I was at the market today and the lady at Chez Louis brought this up. It was discussed on the...


lagatta commented 3 days ago

Grill St-Laurent

by lagatta 6 days ago

This event takes place in the context of the Mural Festival, on boulevard St-Laurent, "The Main". I suppose it will t...


Glaff commented 6 days ago

Dinner for a small group on a Friday in summer

by amyhaas 12 days ago

I'm looking for a Montreal restaurant good for a group of 20 on a Friday night more in the moderate price range. Mayb...


chefjeannine commented 10 days ago

Argentinian pink shrimp at good price

by lagatta 9 months ago

I used to buy Argentine pink shrimp, like the Marina del Rey ones, at the Portuguese shop Picado on St-Laurent in the...


lagatta commented 12 days ago

When is Romano's closing?

by ottawaoperadiva 17 days ago

I am originally from Pointe Claire village now living in Ottawa and recall hearing recently that Romano's will be ret...


lagatta commented 14 days ago

Ile D'Orleans

by mede 14 years ago

Hi, I will be visiting Ile D'Orleans (near Quebec City) on the Labour Day weekend and was wondering if there are an...


MaineRiverGuy commented 24 days ago

Coaticook ice cream

by BLM 11 years ago

Any opinions on the Quebec-based Coaticook ice cream? Where can I find it in Montreal(I think I might of seen it in M...


williej commented 24 days ago

The Best Baklava in Montreal?

by axone 7 years ago

Hi, I recently discover an excellent Turkish pastries store in North Montreal who had the best baklava I ever tasted....


lagatta commented 27 days ago

Quiche now that's Gasgogne is gone

by finefoodie55 2 months ago

Now that Gasgogne is gone, who makes the best Quiche Lorraine in Montreal. I have tried Premiere Moisson not much tas...


ampersand commented 28 days ago

Ilios Frozen Wood Fired Thin Crust Pizzas

by Ghostquatre 1 month ago

I've been seeing this new product for the past week at Supermarche PA and I think Marche Futai as well. They are on s...


lagatta commented 29 days ago

Best palmiers plz

by hungryann 1 month ago

Since Gascogne is no more, where can I find the best palmiers? I loved theirs. Première Moisson are average and Mamie...


hungryann commented 1 month ago

Montreal: May weekend with kids

by torgal 1 month ago

Staying in downtown Montreal, 2 adults, 1 teenager, 1 preteen kid, have a reservation at Elena for one night looking ...


torgal commented 1 month ago

Where can I find Kamut and Buckwheat in Montreal?

by omnomnomchocolat 7 years ago

Hi I love adding whole grains to my salads and specially love buckwheat and kamut. I have been unable to find th...


AHNAHN commented 1 month ago

Openings & closings, January - March 2018

by eat2much 6 months ago

It looks like Patisserie de Gascogne has closed all their locations until further notice. On Monkland there is a sign...


Ghostquatre commented 2 months ago

Montreal-style "ketchup"?

by somervilleoldtimer 2 months ago

A relative from Montreal makes a delicious chutney-like concoction of sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, pears, and spi...


somervilleoldtimer commented 2 months ago

Where to buy bulk curd cheese?

by me0kat 2 months ago

Anyone know close to the Montreal area if there is a cheese factory offering fresh curd cheese? (traditional fromag...


stak commented 2 months ago

Trip Recap & Lunch/Brunch question

by GreyFloors 3 months ago

Heading back to Montreal next week. Our first trip was amazing! We started at the Syrian restaurant Damas and we were...


stak commented 2 months ago