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Butter tarts: Did they exist in Montreal?

by Tatai 4 days ago

I lived in Montreal for the first 38 years of my life. I had never heard of butter tarts until we moved to Toronto 21...


CaptCrunch commented 10 hours ago

Icelandic skyr in Montreal

by boubou 9 years ago

I discovered skyr (traditional dairy like thick yogourt) while in Iceland and wonder if anyone knows if there is a pl...


lagatta commented 12 hours ago

Openings & closings, January - March 2018

by eat2much 14 days ago

It looks like Patisserie de Gascogne has closed all their locations until further notice. On Monkland there is a sign...


Maximilien commented 17 hours ago

Traditional Quebec Dishes

by herby 1 year ago

I posted this inquiry on the Home Cooking board but should've ask my QC counterparts directly :) Here it goes! My ...


lagatta commented 3 days ago

Kid-friendly in Old Montreal

by kmesquita 1 year ago

Taking a day trip to Montreal with our young children (baby, 3 year old, 5 year old) next week and would appreciate r...


JerkPork commented 9 days ago

Looking for Authentic "Montreal" food

by dthompsn 3 months ago

Hello, We will be in Montreal at the end of October and were told we needed to go to Joe Beef. First of all we can ...


williej commented 9 days ago

Brunch at Queen E: Queen Elizabeth’s Roselys brunch report

by CaptCrunch 10 days ago

So! I finally got to check one item off of my unending food destinations checklist: to try the new brunch at Roselys....


CaptCrunch commented 10 days ago

Complaining Neighbours Win as L’Gros Luxe is Forced to Close Plateau Location

by CaptCrunch 16 days ago

Even though Le Plateau has been too expensive for a solid decade it breaks my heart to hear about residents cannibali...


CaptCrunch commented 15 days ago

60's montreal restaurant on decarie?

by beega 12 years ago

..does anyone remember a montreal restaurant on decarie blvd. that was between the 'rib 'n reef' & wawanesa street?.....


MariaReichingerLennin commented 19 days ago

Boulangeries/Bakeries - 2017

by JerkPork 3 months ago

La Meunerie Urbaine on Monkland in NDG was mentioned in one of the opening threads and I finally got around to trying...


williej commented 21 days ago

Old Bay seasoning?

by stak 9 years ago

Anyone know where I can find this in Montreal? Preferably in the downtown/ Plateau area. I thought I had seen it some...


stak commented 27 days ago

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El Ma Mia Creton Spice

by mightbeadream 28 days ago

We are located in BC and are looking for this particular spice blend to send to my partner's farther in Alberta . Tri...

Find good quality beef consommé ?

by Maximilien 1 month ago

Where can I find a good quality beef consommé ? near Jean Talon Market or plateau/mile-end ? I could start from sc...


zuzu2000 commented 1 month ago

Frozen Pearl Onions . . . Where?

by tonbo0422 8 years ago

Does anyone know where to find frozen pearl onions? Peeling the fresh ones is such a chore. I can get them in Califor...


NovaScotianCook commented 1 month ago

epices a grillades

by Bowluvr 6 years ago

Hello All, I used to live up near the Quebec border, in NY state, and fell in love with the Quebec "grillade" spic...


Alvachon commented 1 month ago

The Very Best Tourtiere for Christmas Dinner

by finefoodie55 1 month ago

I am sure there are better bakeries that have popped up selling Tourtieres. My reference used to be La Binerie. Has a...


CaptCrunch commented 1 month ago

NYE Montreal 2017

by liz418 2 months ago

My family and I will be visiting Montreal for NYE 2017. We are traveling with our 3 year old daughter and are looking...


sweettoothMTL commented 1 month ago

Best Ramen in Montreal

by Siumaieater 3 years ago

With all the pseudo-izakayas opening, and ramen making a bit of headway, I thought it was time for this glorious crea...


stak commented 1 month ago

Crema di Pistacchio

by Andria 8 years ago

My local trattoria used to sell this product,but has since stopped. I guess I was the only one purchasing it. Does an...


naturelle commented 2 months ago