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Where Do I Get Knives Sharpened? - MTL

by T.I.M. 10 years ago

I need to know where to get knives sharpened in the city. I am going up to Jean Talon Market area for some shopping ...


lagatta commented 3 days ago

Good vegetarian pâté or terrine in Montreal

by lagatta 14 days ago

I know this is subjective, but I rarely find a truly good vegetarian pâté or terrine; there is something very stodgy ...


Plateaumaman commented 10 days ago

Weekend in Montreal

by rose123 1 month ago

I'm planning a surprise trip for my boyfriend to Montreal. I've never been before (he's from Toronto and has been as...

carineLS commented 11 days ago

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Lunch for 8-10 near Palais des Congrès de Montréal

by lukecage77 12 days ago

I'm looking for a restaurant to host a gathering of 8-to-10 next Monday for a business lunch. Nothing too fancy but g...

Restaurant in Montreal from the 60's

by GP65 19 days ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant in Montreal, from the 1960's, It was called Princess Restaurant. I was told it was o...


lagatta commented 18 days ago

60's montreal restaurant on decarie?

by beega 12 years ago

..does anyone remember a montreal restaurant on decarie blvd. that was between the 'rib 'n reef' & wawanesa street?.....


lagatta commented 19 days ago

Jean Talon Market & Vicinity 2017

by JerkPork 3 months ago

There's a stand this year that is making nougat on location, it was phenomenal. Ranks up there with the nougat I've h...


lagatta commented 19 days ago

Openings and closings, July, August, September 2017

by lagatta 1 month ago

I'm sad to start off this post with a closing: Épicerie Brimbelle, the French gourmet shop on Shamrock just west of J...


dayz commented 19 days ago

Montreal Restaurant Wish List

by LIONESS 23 days ago

I have the option of choosing the annual restaurant in Montreal area. Must be within an hour of Montreal. I have a ...


Toronto416 commented 20 days ago

ISO Freeze-dried berries or fruit

by Chocolatesa 23 days ago

Can any be found downtown? I called 17 places but no luck. Just one last try here before ordering online, was hoping ...


stak commented 20 days ago

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YOUR restaurant wishlist

by pkzilla 21 days ago

I'm always going through parts of town and wishing empty storefronts would get turned into specific restaurants or gr...

Ice Cream in Old Montreal

by sweettoothMTL 26 days ago

I'm not as familiar with old Montreal as I used to be. All I can think of is Les Glaceurs, which is just ok, as well ...


JerkPork commented 23 days ago

Montreal - Hochelaga

by arp29 1 month ago

Heading to Montreal for all of next week. We will be staying in Hochelaga and are wondering if there are any places i...


lagatta commented 26 days ago

Hebrew National Hot Dogs in Montreal

by aconfig 6 years ago

This is a question for anyone in the downtown Montreal area: Does anyone know if there are any stores that sell hebr...


BLM commented 29 days ago

Honey straight from the honeycomb?

by tolerating 1 month ago

Hello guys, I've heard there are couple of places in Montreal that sell honey from honeycombs they have. I am not...


tolerating commented 1 month ago

What is the best tasting menu in Montreal?

by derekjen 7 years ago

Hi All, Celebrating an anniversary. Where is the best place? I've been to La Montee, Bronte already. Thanks!


Julzx commented 1 month ago

A two week food tour of Montreal (and Ottawa)

by loftman 1 month ago

If you are into living a healthy lifestyle then you should stop reading now…honestly I don’t know how I didn’t die of...


lagatta commented 1 month ago

Openings and Closings: April, May, June 2017

by JerkPork 4 months ago

Dumpling spot Trilogie on St Laurent is shutting down. I had their dumplings once and they were quite good, too bad, ...


kpaxonite commented 2 months ago

Chez Ennio

by neetzer 2 months ago

I've been thinking of a place to celebrate my dad's milestone 90th Bday (he is still quite lucid, but in rapidly decl...


CaptCrunch commented 2 months ago