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12 Summer Instant Pot Recipes for When It's Too Hot to Cook

Spring doesn't officially end for another month, but Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer, and soon it'll be getting hot. No-cook recipes will come in handy, but when you want something...

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How do I make Short Ribs in a Pressure Cooker?

by jen maiser 17 years ago

I use my pressure cooker for veggies and such, but am ready to graduate to something a little more major. How do I make short ribs? I assume I don't use much liquid? Do I braise beforehand? T...

Pressure Cooker Recipes

by SisterT 17 years ago

Hi All! My co-worker came to me today asking for some recipes to use in her new pressure cooker, but I have no idea. It's not a kitchen item I own. That's where you all come in. Ideas, recipes,...

Risotto in a pressure cooker

by SeanS 18 years ago

I just got a pressure cooker for my birthday and would like to give risotto a try in it. My first attempt at pressure cooker saffron risotto (from a pressure cooker web site) failed. I was hoping...

Pressure Cooker question

by Leslie T. 18 years ago

Reading the wedding registry reply by Karl reminded me I have a Kuhn Rikon Duromatic pressure cooker that I've never used. I know I need to just take the plunge and use it. I know it will save me...

Pressure cooker chicken stock

by Gregg S 18 years ago

On Good Eats recently (FoodTV's best show IMHO), Alton Brown makes a beef stock with a pressure cooker in 90 minutes. Same result, much faster was the claim. Anyone made stock like this? If so, was...

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