What Is the Difference Between Pozole and Menudo?

What is the difference between pozole and menudo? One has a stomach-churning past, the other is actually made with stomach. But they're both a pair of soul-satisfying soups that also happen to be two...

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Excellent pozole at La Palmita (Berkeley)

by ernie in berkeley 11 years ago

This little family-run tacqueria on San Pablo has been a favorite for a long time, with excellent chile verde and pollo verde burritos and tacos, home made chips and salsa and aguas frescas. Yest...

Posole, Por Favor

by Kater 12 years ago

OK I am soaking some pink beans and hominy for posole tomorrow, but I've never even eaten the stuff let alone cooked it. Please give me your recipes, tips, tricks I have a lot of nice dried ...

Pozole...at Whole Foods in SF

by Mari 11 years ago

The last two weekends there's been pozole available in the take-out, soup area of the Whole Foods on 4th and Harrison. I tried it on a whim and the pozole is seriously good. It's a red pozole, no...

Pozole at El Delfin [split from http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/609110#4581693]

by pilinut 13 years ago

I had a delicious pozole at El Delfin on 24th last Sunday. Very tasty soup and lots of falling-off-the-bone pork, and plenty of condiments on the side.

Your Favorite Posole Recipe?

by soypower 12 years ago

A friend of mine has just moved back to Seattle from California and misses homemade Posole...I'd love to make him some, but honestly, I don't even know where to begin. Any recipes/pointers? Tha...

Pozole in Escondido at Cenote Grill

by tanne 12 years ago

I was surprised and delighted to have a delicious bowl of green pozole for lunch today at Centoe Grill in Escondido (http://www.cenotegrill.com/). They only serve it on sundays till 2pm but the wai...

Best pozole in Santa Fe?

by seekingrb 12 years ago

I'm heading to Santa Fe soon, and greatly looking forward to it. I've never been in the winter, but I'm thinking that nothing sounds better on a cold winter night than the perfect bowl of pozole. I...

Mote/pozole/hominy, or pickling lime/cal

by RWeaver 12 years ago

Anyone find mote/pozole/hominy (dried) in the area? I've gotten it at Hi Lo in JP (La Fe brand is what they've had in the past), but they don't seem to have it at the moment--a friend looked for me...

Posole in Puerto Vallarta

by Lorabelle 12 years ago

Looking for recommendations for some good posole in Puerto Vallarta. I'm not that familiar with Puerto Vallarta, but would like something near the Malecon, downtown or Romantic Zone. Any sugg...

ISO dried pozole

by amy_wong 12 years ago

I'm thinking of making pozole soup for a Halloween get-together. Are there dried pozoles available in the area? I looked for them in WF but didn't see any. Buying online may not be an option anym...

SoFla Weekend Specials - Mofongo! Pozole!

by advisor_Girl 12 years ago

Good Morning Hounds! Have you tried the Sunday mofongo at JimmyZ - 1542 Alton Road on South Beach? I know it's too damned hot but I've been thinking about those weekend only specials like fe...

Posole Verde

by annieb 19 years ago

In my treks back and forth to Melrose Park, I have noticed a new restaurant on Lake St. named I think Valentino's (or perhaps Gran Apertura:-) that advertises posole verde. I am headed out that w...

Posole/Hominy Q

by gridder 12 years ago

I am making Bayless's Red Pozole today which calls for dry pozole (or nixtamal) which is not available here. I have to sub hominy in a can, and am wondering how long it wants to be cooked before s...

Favorite White Corn Posole Recipes?

by anewton 12 years ago

I am making posole today to go with some marinated grilled pork tenderloin. I live in the Pacific Northwest and hence have little experience cooking posole. Anyone have favorite preparations?...

Pozole in Los Angeles

by ilovethissite 13 years ago

I just watched a travel show on Guadalajara...the guy went to some famous family owned Pozole restaurant. Three versions! Beef, pork, chicken... This reminded me how much I love this soup. Its ...

Best Posole and Cabrito in Austin?

by taliesin15 13 years ago

Friends are arriving soon from Europe--any recommendations on great Posole and Cabrito in restaurants in Austin? By far the best I've had of these two dishes were in people's homes.


by andybreav 13 years ago

I used to spend a lot of time in the D.F. suburbs and often had great Pozole, but cant remember the locations. Any recommendations on great Pozole in the center of the city? Also, is Thursday the...

Looking for a good Pozole place near Bellevue

by karachi 13 years ago

Hey there hounds, is there a mexican restaurant known to serve authentic Pozole in the East side area ? or Kent or Seattle . thanks !