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Portland and its suburbs are full of great food, from epic donuts to high-end spots. Get the scoop on everything that's happening food-wise in the area: new restaurants, closings, favorite local spots, and more.

9 Ridiculous Brunch Waits That Won't Make You Feel Like a Jerk

I love a good egg dish as much as the next guy, but waiting more than 45 minutes for brunch is when I’m tempted to just eat the granola bar I’ve stashed in my purse and call it done. Yes, brunch is...

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Portland restaurant recommendations

by dupont 10 years ago

My girlfriend and I will be in Portland for a couple of days in early October, and I want to take her to a nice restaurant for her birthday. I'm looking to spend $30 to $60 per person, so any recom...

Portland Seafood

by tammerag 11 years ago

Will be visiting Portland for the first time in about a week. Have found some great restaurant recommendations on here...so thanks! I'm wondering about seafood in Portland- anything noteworthy?...

PDX 30th Birthday Dinner

by hornbri 11 years ago

For her 30th Birthday my GF has invited her friends up to her parents farm in the Portland area. None of us including the GF has ever lived in the area (parents recently retired and moved). So ...

Portland...College priced food

by foodfamily1 11 years ago

We are sending our daughter to school at Portland State University and will be visiting over the next few months. Any good cheap eats in the downtown area near the University that should becom...

[PDX] Tonkotsu Ramen at Uwajimaya in Beaverton

by SauceSupreme 11 years ago

Hakatamon, the noodle and sushi shop adjoining Uwajimaya in Beaverton, has recently added hakata-style ramen to their menu. It compares favorably with the hakata-ramen of Shin Sen Gumi. The pork ...

D.J.K. Korean in Beaverton

by Xericx 11 years ago

Went to this newish Korean restaurant, they're still getting the service kinks going, but they were friendly. They've been open about a week. Portions were a bit smaller than I'm used to for Korean...

Beaverton-good chow recommendations

by Kaisgraham 11 years ago

We are going to be staying near the Beaverton area at the end of the month and would appreciate any good leads for restaurants. Not familiar with the Portland area at all. Thank you!

Mingo: Portland or Beaverton

by MichaelG 11 years ago

I just saw a post on another topic where someone recommended Caffe Mingo in Portland, but NOT the Beaverton location. Is there a substantial difference? I've only been to the NW PDX version, but I ...

good mexican within 5 min driving radius of Streets of Tanasbourne (Beaverton, OR)?

by drdawn 12 years ago

We've just moved offices from Hillsboro --my sublime introduction to mexican food!--to this small rented place in beaverton near Streets of Tanasbourne (near Cornell and 185th). So about 20 social...

[PDX] Chinese in Beaverton?

by AppleSpam 12 years ago

Any decent dine-in/carryout/hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaruant in the west side of this town, preferrably in the Beaverton area? I know of all the great places in SE, like Wong's King. Not seeki...

Personal Chef - Beaverton/Hillsboro

by KennyZ 12 years ago

Hello, Friends! I recently moved into the Beaverton/Hillsboro area and am looking for recommendations for a personal chef. I'm a single professional and a terrible cook who is not eating right....

Which restaurant in Portland/Beaverton area would you buy a Gift Certificate at?

by backbaychow 12 years ago

Hi, I live in Boston & have had great luck getting the 411 on restaurants in my area. Thought I'd try to get some feedback for a gift idea. I have family that lives in Beaverton, Oregon which I ...

New Indian in Beaverton?

by PDXNaomi 13 years ago

I made note -- somewhere -- of two new places. I've misplaced my note. Help, please. Naomi

Rock and Roll Sushi, Beaverton

by Nettie 13 years ago

Has anyone tried Rock and Roll Sushi on Canyon Road in Beaverton? A friend has been begging me to try it for a while, and I finally went last night. I'm not really a sushi connoisseur, but I was pr...

Beaverton/West PDX banh mi

by chezdecuisine 13 years ago

I enjoyed the recent discussion of PDX banh mi, which focused exclusively on the East Side. Has anyone found banh mi in Beaverton or anywhere else on the West Side?

[PDX] Sala Thai Market in Beaverton...

by extramsg 13 years ago

Had a little time to kill the other night and was trying to find a free wi-fi connection in Beaverton. Drove around downtown and saw this market next to Rama Thai. Apparently they're owned by the...

delivery pizza in Beaverton, OR

by Hanako 13 years ago

I'm going to host a pizza party for my girl friends in about three weeks. I've never order a delivery pizza in my whole life--any good one in Beaverton??

[PDX] Best Place to Get a Soda?

by extramsg 13 years ago

I've been going back and forth with a friend in emails about root beers, among other things. Who has the best soda pop collection in town? Not necessarily what restaurant, unless they have a good...

Lake simcoe / Beaverton area HELP

by newbie 13 years ago

Dont know anything about this area......need recs for restaurants, farmers markets, take out options, gourmet groceries etc........Or anything GOOD ! Even if you have suggestions for places to ...

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