Pork Shoulder

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20lbs of pork shoulder - how long to cook for pulled pork?

by VPALLARI 5 years ago

Like the title says - I have 20lbs of pork shoulder sitting in a Ale Bath seasoned with Butt Rub. I rested it for 12 hours. Tightly covered with tin foil. at 225 F, how long should I cook this b...

how to cook 10lbs of pork shoulder?

by sukmon 14 years ago

Does anyone have clue as to how to prep and cook a 10lb pork shoulder? I am getting one from fresh direct (which is amazing by the way!) and would like to make something called "fresh ham". But...

Pork shoulder cooking time?

by soleado123 13 years ago

Howdy y'all, The weekend before the fourth of July I cooked a Boston butt for the first time. I cooked it outside on a gas grill (for shame ;-) ) @ 350 deg. for four hours. We made pulled p...

Smoking Pork Shoulder Before Oven?

by AG11687 4 years ago

I am cooking pulled pork for a large event. I am starting with 4-20lb bone in pork shoulders. In the past, I have done them in a 200-degree oven for 12-14 hours with very good results, but I was th...

Pulled Pork - best technique for knock-your-socks-off results

by mbgizmo 4 years ago

I am a very experienced cook but not so experienced with pulled pork. I hear everyone raving about pulled pork. I see it on a lot of menus. I made 17lbs. for a high school graduation party this m...

Help with Father's Day Pork Shoulder Menu

by LMK 4 years ago

I'm feeling defeated trying to plan a menu around a large, 8.5 pound pork shoulder. I decided to make our Father's Day dinner for 10 easy this year with pulled pork since it can be made in advanc...

Pressure Cooker vs Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Shoulder

by amyofescobar 4 years ago

*Any quick info appreciated! Trying to feed a crowd this week* I need to figure out if I should be using a pressure cooker or a slow cooker for pork shoulder PLUS I need to know if boneless/bone i...

pork shoulder in crock pot

by stackm 12 years ago

My first time doing pork shoulder, and am also new to crock pots. Aiming to do bbq pulled pork. I've dry rubbed the 7 lb shoulder...huge fat layer on bottom. Should the shoulder go in the crock ...

Best way to prepare 20lb whole pork shoulder?

by AuLait 4 years ago

I have a beastly 20lb whole pork shoulder I'd like to cook for Easter. I have done the Nigella Lawson 24 hour pork before on much smaller cuts and its great but my oven being unusable for 24 hours ...

Slow cooked pork shoulder not so tender

by Just Joe 12 years ago

So i took a bonless pork sholder, put a sweet mosquite rub on it. wrapped in in tin foil, thru it into the over at 275 for 5 hours. internal temp was about 160ish when i took it out. i let it rest ...

Please help. 9 lb whole pork shoulder bone in picnic roast. Now what?

by MsBees 5 years ago

Hi, we typically go to my Moms every Easter for a great Italian feast. Unfortunately this year hubby is recovering from shoulder surgery and we can't go. I have also just been informed my son is b...

Hawaiian Red Gold Salt

by Libranflight 4 years ago

Try it!!! So good on roast pork, with nothing else even, just this salt. Rub roast with 2 tbsp for a 5# boneless shoulder/butt, after putting little slits all over the roast. Then wrap in two la...

How do I cook a 12 lbs. In-Bone, Pork Shoulder Blade?

by Fireheart120 4 years ago

My friend bought me this 12 pound pork shoulder blade and I have no clue how to cook it. I am wanting to cook it in the crockpot. I also want to be able to do something different with it for a few ...

how long do i cook my pork shoulder?

by Danimal 15 years ago

i can't remember how big it is. is there a per pound rule? what temp? btw i'm roasting it.

Pork parts

by mrshalf 5 years ago

I just received our pig from the processor and have some cuts I'm unsure of how to use. They are jowl, liver, ham in roast and a slab of pork fat which is easy - I'm going to render in the crock ...

Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt????

by Rippin200 11 years ago

Get confused with the two different cuts. I love slow cooked pulled pork but my grocery store only sells bone in pork shoulder with the skin (Which I love crispy and crunchy). I want to make pulled...

Looking for a pork recipe I lost....

by NaSMaX 5 years ago

Ok, a while back when searching for a recipe for pork shoulder (or loin I can't really remember) i found one that was amazing. it included (and again this is from memory) Paprika, chili powder, and...

9 lb Pork Picnic Shoulder

by iDoVooDoo 5 years ago

Found a recipe online that got rave reviews. Pork shoulder, cannellini beans, onions, shallots, garlic, beer, bay leaves, stewed tomatoes, salt, pepper. The cook went fine, seasoned roast and se...

How to reheat whole pulled pork to keep moist?

by Bluecorr 5 years ago

Hi, a while ago I cooked a whole pork shoulder in the oven in a Dutch oven at 200 fahrenheit for about 17 hours and it was the most delicious and moist thing ever. I now want to make another one ex...

Brisket and Butt on the REC TEC

by woodburner 5 years ago

Don't remember doing both at the same time before. Gotta love this REC TEC.