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10 Rib Rack of Pork

by katesirc 6 years ago

Hello, I ordered a rack of pork for Christmas. It's about 7-8 lbs, 10 ribs. My butcher said to roast it for 10-15 min at 450, then turn the heat down to 350 and finish for 35-40 more minutes. Bu...

Starch with roast pork

by helmswoman 6 years ago

Hoping hounds can help once again. I will be serving roast pork to friends for a fall birthday dinner--Julia Child's dry brined pork loin roast (bone-in) with salt/garlic/thyme/bay leaf rub--and ne...

Can I adapt this pork roast with dried fruit to sous vide?

by allipalli 6 years ago

For an Oktoberfest potluck I plan to make Himmelreich from The Essential New York Times cookbook - a pork roast with dried apples, dried apricots, dried prunes and brown sugar that is roasted in a ...

Would you have cooked this pork roast? I'm worried it's bad.

by vvv03 12 years ago

I bought a pork roast at the grocery store Friday, haven't gotten around to cooking it until today. It has a "sell by" date of Feb 25 (tomorrow). When I took it out, it didn't smell BAD, but it sm...

How long to cook Pork Roast-quick help please

Dio di Romanese
by Dio di Romanese 14 years ago

Its a 4lb. pork roast, so on what heat and what should the tempature be on the inside?

My braised/pot roasted beef/pork roasts always come out dry, hard

by LavenderPeony 11 years ago

Hi there! Been browsing Chowhound posts for the last year but this is my first time joining and posting! Excited to be part of this cool community. ; ) I only started cooking at home full-time for...

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