Popeyes Louisiana Chicken

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What's the deal with Popeye's "fried" turkey?

by youngabunga 10 years ago

Has anyone tried the Popeye's Thanksgiving turkey? I always thought that Popeye's turkey was deep fried (that's ce...


bbutczynski commented 9 months ago

popeyes cajun turkey

by kc 16 years ago

has anyone ever ordered a popeyes turkey dinner? its a 10-lb turkey with cornbread stuffing. and its shipped overnight.


ctoney432 commented 2 years ago

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Popeyes cookies?

by MyPikachuItches 2 years ago

When I was a kid back in the late 90s/ early 00s, I used to get packs of cookies from Popeyes that were shaped like t...

Popeyes Love

by Bobfrmia 3 years ago

Went to Popeyes for the Red Stick tackle box. 4 chicken strips marinated in tabasco and cayenne pepper, fries and a b...


Multifoiled commented 2 years ago

Forbes: 14 Fastest Growing Restaurant Stocks

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"Want to turn your love for burgers, burritos, and chicken wings into investment ideas? Go where the growth is..."


MikeG commented 2 years ago

Popeye s VS KFC

by MarkG 3 years ago

an acquaintance says the chicken is better @ Popeyes but the sides are better @ KFC. Agree??


exvaxman commented 3 years ago

Popeye's Red Beans and Rice

by ksmburns 5 years ago

I have been trying to make red beans and rice for years. I have been trying to find a recipe that tastes like Popeye'...


OctavetheRave commented 3 years ago

Popeye's: Thou hast forsaken me

by waderoberts 3 years ago

Through the years, across a number of cities coast-to-coast and North-to-South and on several boards and forums, I ha...


James Cristinian commented 3 years ago

Port Chester Popeyes

by 51rich 3 years ago

FREE FOOD- (nope) They opened on the 30th apparently and I went there today (the 31st).From the line inside and the ...


primosprimos commented 3 years ago

Ghost Pepper Wings at Popeyes

by michele cindy 3 years ago

Wondering if anyone has tried the Ghost Pepper Wings at Popeye's. I'm planning to, but would like some comments on t...


whoeverdroid commented 3 years ago

Popeye's Cat Carrier

by RussTheRaccoon 3 years ago

Went to Popeye's today and picked up a box of 13 pieces of chicken with biscuits and a couple of sides and insteading...


Boston_Otter commented 3 years ago


by Meann 4 years ago

Anyone know how late Popeye's usually stay open?


smaki commented 4 years ago

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popeyes- Mt. Vernon

by 51rich 4 years ago

Just noticed that their is now a popeyes in Mt. Vernon- apparently it has been open several months. Went today (with ...

Popeye's in Salem NH!?!?!?

by SuperGrover 5 years ago

I just looked on their website and they're showing a location at 481 S Broadway!!! Has anyone been there yet?


SuperGrover commented 4 years ago

more Popeye's!

by zfwp 6 years ago

i would have preferred more Pollo Campero's... Popeye's bought a bunch of locations out of a KFC bankruptcy. a cred...


sdalton29 commented 4 years ago

Popeyes- crawfish on the menu

by Pius Avocado III 8 years ago

Popeyes is currently featuring crawfish- a boxed combo w/ fries and biscuit, a poboy and etouffee were available in d...


Pius Avocado III commented 5 years ago

Popeye's Chicken Tender Waffles?!

by tracytrace 5 years ago

I had a long hard day teaching my 6yo daughter to swim, so swung through Popeye's drive-through for some Zatarain's s...


RussTheRaccoon commented 5 years ago

Popeyes Fried Chicken - Change of Recipe?

by allanc 9 years ago

I have been to the renovated Popeyes on Yonge near Steeles twice since they reopened. There seems to be a lot less b...


3MTA3 commented 5 years ago