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Popcorn Poppers

Experience w/ Jacob Bromwell brand?

by bloodboy 2 months ago

In my continual search for Made in USA kitchenware, I stumbled upon Jacob Bromwell. I have had a look at his webs...


ReeseLee commented 2 months ago

Hot air popper for puffed rice or other things?

by vicki_vale 13 years ago

Just got an old school hot air popcorn maker and would like to try it for other foods, but am a wee bit worried that ...


Foxeyblue commented 2 years ago

Opions of popcorn poppers

by zackly 3 years ago

In my search for the ultimate popped corn I recently bought one of those stovetop poppers that has the stirrer inside...


Cam14 commented 3 years ago

Where can I find a popcorn popper suitable for home coffee roasting?

by Left Field 11 years ago

I am planning to home roast coffee (for the first time) and understand that certain models of hot air popcorn poppers...


sammyhampton commented 4 years ago

Whirley Pop popcorn popper

by alfiez 5 years ago

Where can I get a Whirley Pop in Montreal? Has anybody seen it being sold here?


Wiley1 commented 5 years ago

"Chef Buddy" Popcorn Popper?

by alkapal 6 years ago

Have you used this popcorn popper? What do you think of it? Is it any better than making it in a pot on the stove...


SanityRemoved commented 6 years ago

Best popcorn popper uses least oil or butter?

by EclecticEater 12 years ago

I just saw a stovetop popper that they claim uses only one teaspoon of oil for great popcorn in the King Arthur Catal...


RichardM commented 6 years ago

Stove Top Popcorn Poppers

by sku 6 years ago

Any new thoughts on the best? I've heard that the new Whirly Pop design is not as good as previous ones. Anyone hav...


caseyjo commented 6 years ago

Did I kill my vintage popcorn popper?

by amyamelia 7 years ago

A couple of years ago my mom found me one of those old-fashioned poppers with the thin metal bowl that sits in the ba...


amyamelia commented 7 years ago

I screwed up: how do I get the black streaks off my aluminum popcorn popper and pie dish?!

by bgbc 7 years ago

Yeah, I screwed up. Celebrated a new dishwasher by not handwashing the greasy popcorn maker but instead put it in the...


bgbc commented 7 years ago

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New whirly pop popcorn popper

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 9 years ago

I like making spiced nuts to give as gifts during the holidays and have been contemplating buying a whirly pop for a ...

Fine tuning my air popper coffee roasting technique

by Royaljelly 9 years ago

I've started roasting my own coffee beans for the past few months and now have tried to roast bigger batches since my...


scubadoo97 commented 9 years ago

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by Big N Fat 10 years ago

A couple of years ago, my wife and I purchased a Gold Medal FunPop 4oz popping machine for our home. We love it and ...

Air Poppers/Coffee Roasters

by SGFoxe 11 years ago

Which brands of air popper are suitable for roasting greenbeans at home? Is the Orville Redenbacher okay?


scubadoo97 commented 11 years ago

Stove-Top Popcorn Poppers?

by bk 12 years ago

Is there a particular brand that is better than the rest? or are they all pretty much alike? With your help, I fi...


Fleur commented 12 years ago

green coffee beans in a popcorn popper

by javajunkie 14 years ago

I just got an espresso maker for my birthday and wanted to try roasting my own beans in a popcorn popper. My experie...


Lori D commented 14 years ago


by bgorton 15 years ago

Read some postings a while ago abut using a hot air popcorn popper for roasting coffee. Bought the popper, Presto P...


StriperGuy commented 15 years ago

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once more into the popcorn machine

by squid-kun 16 years ago

Strictly speaking, I suppose this is not about food. Then again, if I listen carefully, I can hear the eggs cooling, ...

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