Pizza Stone

6 Tricks to Make Frozen Pizza Taste Like You Made It from Scratch

Better frozen pizza can be a matter of sourcing the right brand, or simply employing clever upgrades and hacks. To that end, here are six easy tips to make any freezer pizza taste homemade. It’s Friday...

Toaster Oven Pizza Steel/Stone, Preheatable?

by zackly 2 months ago

I'd like to get a pizza steel or stone for my toaster oven that can be preheated on a gas stove burner. I bake a lot of Focaccia or Sicilian style pizza in my toaster oven using a one quarter sheet...

Home made pizza

by ChefPattiJean 1 year ago

Who all makes homemade pizza? I have a great technique where I put my homemade pizza between two pizza stones at 550 preheated oven this produces the best pizza you can make at home without a pizza...

Pizza Recipes during the COVID19 Quarantine

by alarash 1 year ago

We have been eating a fair amount of homemade pizza in our house for the past two weeks while under a state-imposed quarantine in California. Acknowledging that pizza is an inherently trivial topic...

Can a clay Comal and Pizza Stone be interchangeable?

by molasses_and_human_hair 1 year ago

We’re thinking of getting a pizza stone, but wondered if it could also be used as a stovetop comal (we eat mostly tortillas). We have a small space, and always consider if a tool/cookware can do do...


by The_chaotic_cook 2 years ago

Hi All, Ive been trying to make authentic pizza at home but my home oven doesnt seem to get hot enough. I dont really have the cash to invest in a pizza oven so looking at a pizza stone as an opt...

Help me! My pizza stone got covered with grease!

by EllieSchnids 8 years ago

So, about a year ago we bought a Williams Sonoma pizza stone and we love this thing! We use it all the time and it never leaves my oven. Well, my parents came to stay and my dad cooked a chicken......

Is my oven pizza stone safe to use on an outdoor grill?

by KHinCT 8 years ago

I have a Crate and Barrel pizza stone that's about 10 years old. I've always used it in the oven. I'd like to use it on the grill, but I'm not sure if it's different from the pizza stones that are ...

Gluten free pizza crust recipe

by PiperBob 4 years ago

I've been making gluten free pizza for at least 15 years, with varying degrees of success. I have finally found a crust recipe that is simple and good. It makes a thin, crunchy crust, but with some...

Baking stone thickness

by Sirrith 4 years ago

Hello everyone I'm currently baking my bread on a 1/4" steel sheet. This gives great results, however with a 45 minute baking time the bottom of my bread is darker than I like, so I'm looking for ...

Using pyro mode to cook?

by hypumji 4 years ago

Hi, question is in the title really. I want to make homemade pizzas but the max my oven will go is 250 C (482 F). Pyrolytic cleaning mode however, designed for cleaning the oven interior by burning...

Instructions on my new baking stone say NOT to season it?

by BeckyAndTheBeanstock 11 years ago

I just bought a rectangular baking stone, made by Old Stone Oven, to replace the one that finally cracked after 6 years of regular use. I've always seasoned my baking stones (have a round pizza one...

How do you clean a pizza stone?

by Angelina 13 years ago

This is driving me crazy! The other day I made a pizza, but I messed it up a little when I was sliding it off the stone! The mozz. cheese got stuck on it, and now the whole stone looks so filthy ...

Baking on tiles

by cajungwailo 5 years ago

I have a pile of 12" X 12" clay floor tiles. They all have a glaze on one side; of course I have no idea what the glaze is made of. Think it's ok to bake on these?

First time pizza dough maker

by ktg113 5 years ago

Hi I found a recipe on Pinterest for a pizza dough made in a bread machine. I made dough balls( made the recipe five times). And then put them in a greased pan and covered the with cling wrap no...

Heavy perforated pizza pans?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 8 years ago

I'm looking at the various thick steel plates, a few aluminum ones, and similar things on the various "start up" websites and got to wondering about users experiences in this forum. Who cooks on 1...

Pizza on your gas grill

by Innovo 5 years ago

Many have tried to make amazing pizza on the grill. Us too. We have burnt many crust bottoms, made pizzas with soggy tops and crusts that were not amazing. So we created a very simple easy and fast...

Recommendations for pizza pan?

by Kaymoz 5 years ago

Santa brought me a pizza peel for Christmas and I am starting to experiment with making pizza at home. I am looking for recommendations for something to cook them in or on, since I will probably b...

Season a pizza stone?

by Liz K 12 years ago

Somebody on another site suggested that pizza stones should be "seasoned" with oil, like cast iron. I've never heard of this, and it doen't seem like a good idea to me, althought I can't quite say ...

Pizza Stone Corn Meal Question

by LuluTheMagnificent 14 years ago

Good Day Chowhounders, A friend gave me a pizza stone for X-mas. I planned on making pizza for lunch. I just noticed it says on the directions of the pizza stone that I have to use corn meal on th...

USA Pans aluminized steel pizza pan, pizza stone and steel

by mrock78 6 years ago

I recently bought an aluminized steel pizza pan by USA Pan. I've only made one pizza on it so far so I can't draw any conclusions yet. Does anyone have any thoughts on it? It's light and it's not s...