Manila restaurants

by lossless 2 years ago

Hi, I'm visiting Manila for a little while. Any recommendations for restaurants? Prefer Makati area. Prefer Asian far...

pilinut commented 2 years ago

Bars in Manila that may show Stanley Cup Finals?

by Alex318 3 years ago

Im a new yorker in Manila til the 10th of June - is there any chance there will be bars that will show Stanley Cup Fi...


Alex318 commented 3 years ago

Trip report Jan 2014, Philippines

by digga 4 years ago

Here's a trip report in real-time (easier to remember details that way). Started by transitting through Manila via To...

digga commented 4 years ago

Christmas Holidays in Manila

by pilinut 4 years ago

We've got an inordinately long holiday season in Manila. It's not yet mid-October and the malls are playing Christma...

pilinut commented 4 years ago

Philippines vegetarian food options

by Bigger 11 years ago

I will be in the Philippines next week, spending a week in Manila then a few days in Bacolod. I'll stay in Makati and...

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Manila Chinese Food

by poggibonzzi 6 years ago

There is a type of Chinese cuisine in Manila that I haven't seen in North American Chinatowns. It is Amoy Chine...

pilinut commented 4 years ago

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Graceland Estates in Quezon, Philippines

by EdwardAllen 4 years ago

I'm here for a few days R&R, and the food is just excellent; the chef seems open to try a range of ideas and the staf...

Puerto Princesa, Palawan [Philippines]

by prasantrin 5 years ago

I'm headed to the Philippines in a month, including 3 1/2 days in Puerto Princesa. I have to see the underground rive...

pilinut commented 4 years ago

San Diego Specialties -4 Overseas trip to Philippines

by Rocky Road 4 years ago

Heading to Philippines, would like to bring some can, jar, or other types of food products that stay safe for a while...

Gypsy Jan commented 4 years ago

Manila - New for 2012?

by leepinleemur 5 years ago

I'll be going to Manila in a couple weeks. I have been there a few times now, including last year so I've been to mo...


leepinleemur commented 5 years ago

Manila Update--Old Favorites and an Excellent New One

by pilinut 7 years ago

Before my chronic procrastination becomes terminal, I really ought to show my gratitude for all the great tips other ...

klyeoh commented 5 years ago

anything in Cebu Philippines

by Mariana in Baja 5 years ago

My son is moving from France to Cebu - I live in Mexico. I will be visiting soon and I have no idea what to expect. ...


mjchua commented 5 years ago

Good Restaurants in Manila

by designerboy01 11 years ago

I'm looking for some good authentic Filipino, seafood, or a unique dining experience. Anyone know of any places?


carolchow commented 6 years ago

good filipino food in metro manila and tagayay

by overrice 6 years ago

Hi! I will be in the Philippines next month for a short 2-wk visit. Any restaurant recommendation in Makati Central ...

doctorj commented 6 years ago

Philippines' Cuisine Chicken Adobo vs Lechon

by travelman543 6 years ago

When you went to Philippines, I am certain that you taste this most popular and the most delicious food of the Filipi...


ForestHillsFresser commented 6 years ago

Dog meat in Manila

by zieglerbrian 6 years ago

Hi, does anyone have any suggestions on restaurants where you can get good dog meat in Manila?

pilinut commented 6 years ago

Cooking classes in the Philippines

by kudru 9 years ago

I will be in the Philippines (starting in Manila but will travel - still planning itinerary) and I would like to lear...


theunknownman commented 6 years ago

Manila: 3 Buffet Breakfasts in Makati

by klyeoh 8 years ago

3 breakfasts over the past 3 days in Makati - just to see how they fared compared to each other: 1) Circles, Makat...


chutster commented 7 years ago

Espresso and coffee in Makati? Philippines

by rln 8 years ago

Hi-- I will be going to the Philippines over the holidays! We'll be staying in Makati and I'm interested in findi...


chutster commented 7 years ago

Manila trip report

by CookieEater 9 years ago

I am planning to post about a few of the good things I ate in Manila, since I had tried to find such info on Chowhoun...


prasantrin commented 8 years ago