10 Surprising McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

For better or worse, McDonald's has conquered the world. With locations in 119 countries, there's something equal parts comforting and creepy about just how inescapable the golden arches are. Given...

Manila yet again

by prasantrin 3 years ago

I'm headed to the Philippines in a few short days after a 3 or 4 year absence. I'll be in Bacolod for a bit, then Dumaguete and Siquijor (a couple of nights each), back to Bacolod, then on to Manil...

Manila restaurants

by lossless 6 years ago

Hi, I'm visiting Manila for a little while. Any recommendations for restaurants? Prefer Makati area. Prefer Asian fare; maybe not so much Thai as I've just come from Sydney where I had a lot of pre...

Bars in Manila that may show Stanley Cup Finals?

by Alex318 7 years ago

Im a new yorker in Manila til the 10th of June - is there any chance there will be bars that will show Stanley Cup Finals ? Start times would be 8am local time

Trip report Jan 2014, Philippines

by digga 8 years ago

Here's a trip report in real-time (easier to remember details that way). Started by transitting through Manila via Tokyo late (no meals except for a simple hotel breakfast of steamed fish and garli...

Christmas Holidays in Manila

by pilinut 8 years ago

We've got an inordinately long holiday season in Manila. It's not yet mid-October and the malls are playing Christmas carols. By mid-December, nothing but shopping, eating, and sitting in traffic...

Philippines vegetarian food options

by Bigger 15 years ago

I will be in the Philippines next week, spending a week in Manila then a few days in Bacolod. I'll stay in Makati and would like vegetarian options. I done need to go to necessarily a vegetarian re...

Manila Chinese Food

by poggibonzzi 10 years ago

There is a type of Chinese cuisine in Manila that I haven't seen in North American Chinatowns. It is Amoy Chinese food. It shares many nomenclatures with Taiwanese food but the preparation i...

Graceland Estates in Quezon, Philippines

by EdwardAllen 8 years ago

I'm here for a few days R&R, and the food is just excellent; the chef seems open to try a range of ideas and the staff are all pretty friendly too.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan [Philippines]

by prasantrin 9 years ago

I'm headed to the Philippines in a month, including 3 1/2 days in Puerto Princesa. I have to see the underground river, doncha know! Does anyone have any firsthand experience eating in Puerto Pr...

San Diego Specialties -4 Overseas trip to Philippines

Rocky Road
by Rocky Road 8 years ago

Heading to Philippines, would like to bring some can, jar, or other types of food products that stay safe for a while AND are specialties of SD. Any ideas? I haven't lived here that long so may...

Manila - New for 2012?

by leepinleemur 9 years ago

I'll be going to Manila in a couple weeks. I have been there a few times now, including last year so I've been to most of the standard places. Anything new or notable in the last year or so?

Manila Update--Old Favorites and an Excellent New One

by pilinut 10 years ago

Before my chronic procrastination becomes terminal, I really ought to show my gratitude for all the great tips other hounds have given me by updating some info on Manila, based on my most recent vi...

anything in Cebu Philippines

by Mariana in Baja 9 years ago

My son is moving from France to Cebu - I live in Mexico. I will be visiting soon and I have no idea what to expect. I have been to Indonesia but only to Bali. Any thoughts or ideas or suggestion...

Good Restaurants in Manila

by designerboy01 15 years ago

I'm looking for some good authentic Filipino, seafood, or a unique dining experience. Anyone know of any places?

good filipino food in metro manila and tagayay

by overrice 10 years ago

Hi! I will be in the Philippines next month for a short 2-wk visit. Any restaurant recommendation in Makati Central Business District, Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Pasig/Ortigas Center, and Taga...

Philippines' Cuisine Chicken Adobo vs Lechon

by travelman543 10 years ago

When you went to Philippines, I am certain that you taste this most popular and the most delicious food of the Filipinos. Now, which of the two is the best??? Chicken Adobo

Dog meat in Manila

by zieglerbrian 10 years ago

Hi, does anyone have any suggestions on restaurants where you can get good dog meat in Manila?

Cooking classes in the Philippines

by kudru 13 years ago

I will be in the Philippines (starting in Manila but will travel - still planning itinerary) and I would like to learn to cook some Filipino foods. Does anyone know of a place that offers classes? ...

Manila: 3 Buffet Breakfasts in Makati

by klyeoh 12 years ago

3 breakfasts over the past 3 days in Makati - just to see how they fared compared to each other: 1) Circles, Makati Shangri-La - fabulous buffet spread with sections dedicated to Western, Japane...

Espresso and coffee in Makati? Philippines

by rln 12 years ago

Hi-- I will be going to the Philippines over the holidays! We'll be staying in Makati and I'm interested in finding good places for espresso drinks. I know there is a Coffee Bean there... any...