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Funnel Cake May Be a Summertime Staple But You Can Make It All Year Long

It's summertime and there's one food that you just can't avoid. Whether you're strolling down the seaside boardwalk, visiting the state fair, or chilling at a music festival, chances are the smell of...

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Food along I-80 or I-81

by Seth Ditchik 19 years ago

I realized that the title of my last post (Boston-Pitssburgh chow haul) might be a little obtuse, so I am essentially posting the same question under a different title. Any good place to stop for ...

Boston-Pittsburgh chow haul

by Seth Ditchik 19 years ago

I'm making the haul down from Boston to Pittsburgh at the end of the week. Can anyone recommend good chow along the way, particularly near I-80?

Philly Lebanese

by Gabriel Solis 19 years ago

Had a friend visiting recently who wanted Middle Eastern food, and went to Cedars, on 2nd, 1 block south of South. What a good meal. The appetizer plate was the best part, for sure. In particula...

Hank's Root Beer

by Jeremy Osner 19 years ago

Saturday I had a bottle of Hank's, which (according to the bottle at least) is a Philadelphia brand. It was quite good, if you like molassesy root beer, which I do. They had a couple of other flavo...

Philadelphia Report

by Jeremy Osner 19 years ago

We spent a pleasant weekend in Philadelphia with my brother -- two main food experiences were: the soul food truck across from the train station (see Jim's report), where we picked up excellent, sm...

Amish Country - have I made a find?

by Brian Yarvin 19 years ago

Hello everyone. You may recall my post about eating in Amish country farther down on the board. However, just last week, I stumbled upon the White Horse Luncheonette, a small place just east of Int...

Italian Market

by Barb. H. 19 years ago

Sorry if I seem ill informed, but I'd love to know more about the Italian Market. Is it like Reading Terminal Market (which I managed to find on my last trip to Philly)? Is it nearby, open weeken...

Restaurants in Northeast Philly

by Karen 19 years ago

I'm taking my parents out for Mother's Day next week after we see the azaela gardens at Friends Hospital (northeast Phila., Roosevelt Boulevard and Adams Ave.) Any good, reasonably priced Italian...

Wings in Lower Bucks County

by Sue 19 years ago

There's a little place in Bensalem, Bucks County, on Route 13,I think it's called Rock Around The Clock now (locals may know it as Chef's Place, longtime locals may know it as the Bee Hive). Littl...

Quick Report on one of Philly's Best

by SusanP 20 years ago

As a chowhound who recently moved from Brooklyn (after 12 years) to the Philadelphia area I figured I would let others know what I am stumbling upon, for better or worse. I work at Penn so my job i...

solid, inexpensive S. Philly restaurant

by john 20 years ago

i'm in need of suggestions for South Philadelphia - good, inexpensive, neighborhood italitan restaurant (bar). casual prefered, will have some kids - prior to 76'ers basketball game this wedn...

Latin American in Philly For Gabriel in St. Louis

by Bruce Bilmes 19 years ago

Pasion! (exclamation point theirs), is wonderful. Not cheap, by Philadelphia standards, but still very reasonable. It's a "happening" place, so if you're not in that mood, be forewarned. But, th...

Northern Philly Burbs

by Riversol 19 years ago

Looking for good food, especially in Plymouth Meeting area for lunch. I like Apeggio's for falaffel and brick oven pizza.

Recent meals in Philadelphia

by Ellen 20 years ago

Just wanted to post a brief message about the restaurants I visited during a brief visit to Philadelphia last week. I totally forgot to print out relevant ChowHound messages so probably missed out ...

Chester County BBQ

by Bill Keeney 20 years ago

I am a new member to the chowhound, and Boy! am I excited! Now, I live out here in Chester County (West Chester), and don't get into Philly that often, and what I want to know is, Is there any ...

reasonable fare

by P.T. Dywer 20 years ago

We live in the Palm Pennsylvania area. Nice to live here but not much in way of fun & food. We are looking for decent, reasonable everyday food & drink restaurant that doesn't cost us our pay che...

Florida Boy B-B-Q

by Joseph Randzo 20 years ago

The Florida Boy B-B-Q can be found at the corner of Ogontz and Belfield Sts. This is in the Logan section of Philadelphia, about five blocks west of Broad and Belfield Sts. The food is excellent.

Alladin's in Allentown

by Alan Divack 20 years ago

We were in Allentown the past few days and went to Alladin's a lebanese restaurant on Union Blvd just a little bit south of the Airport. The food was quite good, and the place was very nice -- pil...

What's going down in Allentown?

by Ellen 20 years ago

Jeremy and I will be visiting Allentown. Any suggestions for chowing down?

Northeast corner of PA

by Jeremy Osner 20 years ago

We'll be spending our Christmas break with friends in Easton (near Allentown). Can anyone recommend some chow in the neighborhood? Thanks

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