Coquine | Mount Tabor, SE Portland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

From our snack at Pok Pok Wing https://www.chowhound.com/post/pok-pok-wing-brooklyn-se-portland-1075644 , we proceeded to Coquine, a teensy bistro at the top of Mount Tabor for our "real" lunch.

Homemade Pastis Recipe?

by Klunco 10 years ago

Having lived in Provence I'm a big pastis drinker. I'm partial to 51 although I also love Henri Bardouin. I remember a while back seeing a recipe for homemade pastis but can't find it now. It wa...

Pernod - how to serve and in what??

by ANCyM 16 years ago

I've recently discovered this liquer and like it quite a bit. I'd heard of it but never bothered to try it until recently. I have a bottle of it at home and served some to my brother in law who a...

different pastis brands?

by tb1478 13 years ago

My recollection from a French friend is that there are two popular brands of pastis- one more candy-like and one more herbal tasting. Can anyone help me with the names? I'm interested in the more h...

Homemade pastis

by alice_rice 7 years ago

I have two batches of pastis in process. One batch contains mugwort and wormwood in addition to a batch of traditional pastis spices and fresh fennel. The wormwood is a very small amount in my infu...

Pastis, Ouzo...what next, minus the anise?

by concordjeff 13 years ago

A couple of years ago while traveling in Provence I discovered pastis, and though hard to find here in the States, it's the perfect late summer afternoon drink. I then discovered that Ouzo is very...

Pastis, Calisson d'Aix, Pain d'Epices

by cteavin 8 years ago

Hi again, As I mentioned elsewhere, I'll be in along the Mediterranean for five weeks very soon and I'm preparing my shopping lists. Something on my mind is whether to buy most things in Paris a...

Where to find "Pastis 51" in S.F./CA/USA?

by kmelt 9 years ago

I've had a hankering for it ever since my summer in Marseille. I know that there are a couple spots to find Ricard and Henri Bardouin, but I'm after the 51!

Pastis liqueur in BHAM area?

by muehlbauer1375 10 years ago

I have searched high and low and cannot find a liquor store that sells Pastis liqueur around here. I have never had it, but really want to try it soon. Could someone clue me in on where to find i...

Pastis in San Francisco

by tapas gal 12 years ago

Haven't eaten there in years (many years ago when I lived there)... but i was wondering if it was still around and if it is still any good... it was on Battery Street. Just Curious! TIA!

What is going on with my Pastis???

by bubbles4me 13 years ago

I love drinking Pastis during the summer and have been doing so for the past couple of years but I've just noticed something strange happening as of late. My beloved mixture of ice, water and Pasti...

Fun things to do with pastis?

by AppleSister 14 years ago

I bought a bottle of Ricard and am happy enough to drink it with ice and water, but would love any suggestions for ways to mix it up. Also, can it be used for cooking?

Bastille Day Pastis at Cafe de la Presse (SF)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 14 years ago

After a rather disappointing lunch at Cafe Claude, three of us moved on to Cafe de la Presse. We scored the perfect sidewalk table on Grant Avenue to enjoy the sunny afternoon. Surrounded by Bast...

Pastis "51"

by Jambalaya 16 years ago

I was introduced to some of this by some French folks staying next to us in a little hotel in Grand Case on the caribbean island of St. Martin. To my disappointment I found you could not get this ...

Looking for Herbsaint (similar to pastis)

by Lambretta76 18 years ago

I'm looking for the New Orleans liquor Herbsaint (trying to make the perfect Oysters Rockefeller) - anyone know of any liquor stores that stock this in the 5 boroughs?

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