Pasta Salad

Gluten-Free Pasta Salad Swaps Are Here to Save Labor Day

What's a Labor Day picnic or BBQ without pasta salad? If you concur but can't eat wheat, no worries. These gluten-free pasta salad recipes are here for you (and everyone else will love them too). It...

Pasta Salad Dressing Too Oily

by meko819 3 years ago

i was making a pasta salad with a dressing made from oil, vinegar, lemon juice & some herbs... it seems really oily. what can i do to correct it? already added more pasta, & its still oily :)

What to do with a hardened gluten-free pasta salad?

by garmonboozia 3 years ago

Hi guys! I made an abundance of delicious Wegmans brand gluten-free penne salad last night, but the pasta has since hardened to a rock upon refrigeration. The salad contains Genoa salami, red onion...

Need help with a vinaigrette pasta salad

by cecropia 5 years ago

I have a family member who is allergic to nightshades and the mint family, and cannot even tolerate spices from these families. We are supposed to bring a salad to a church pot luck this weekend, ...

What do you put in your pasta salad?

by schrutefarms 12 years ago

Ahhh...Pasta salad. No two are alike. I've had some with fusilli, bowtie, macaroni, penne. With oil, with potatoes, olives, dill, capers, tomatoes, garbonzo beans...So many different variations of ...

Tortellini salad clumped together

by mushroomaffairs 5 years ago

I had an office lunch and made cold tortellini salad which clumped together. I added a lot of a vinaigrette I made which the tortellini absorbed. I did add more oil before refridgerating overnigh...

Make-Ahead Pasta Salad Question

by flowerchildmol 6 years ago

I am planning on making my famous pearled couscous pasta salad for a camping trip tomorrow. It contains Pearled CousCous, Fresh Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Cucumber and Homemade balsamic v...

The Lettuce Leaf Shrimp Pasta Salad

by smigon 6 years ago

Okay, another recipe I have searched for high and low is The Lettuce Leaf's Shrimp Pasta Salad. All the restaurants are closed now, and I can't get in touch with the former owner. The salad was...

Chilled Pesto Pasta Salad Recipes?

by emmarose329 6 years ago

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had some great PESTO pasta salad recipes, and if they could be chilled or need to be served warm. I've been tasked with bringing a pasta salad to a VERY picky g...

What to add to this pasta salad recipe?

by kah011185 7 years ago

I've made the spinach pasta salad from this site for a party, only difference is I used bowtie pasta. http://m.seattlepi.com/lifestyle/food/article/Delis-give-us-the-dish-1284012.php It's not te...

Thirsty Pasta Salad- Gulp, Gulp!

by monavano 7 years ago

How do you keep your pasta from absorbing all the dressing? Whenever I make pasta salad, I have to keep redressing it before serving, because it drinks up everything. Any tips? Cook pasta w...

Pasta Salad recipes

by foodfinancial 7 years ago

Hi I was wondering how pasta salad is made these days. What ingredients are you using to make the perfect pasta salad? www.foodfinancial.com

Las Vegas pizza place/Pasta salad with Chix & honey cayenne

by MelissaC1 13 years ago

I lived in Las Vegas YEARS ago and there was this place (I think on Flamingo) that had the best pasta salad with fried chicken, that was served with honey cayenne dressing. Does this place still...

Any good cold pasta salad recipe?

by Monica 8 years ago

All the cold pasta salad I have tasted were kinda mehhh...I am thinking about making it for my upcoming bbq. Any great recipe otherwise I will probably skip. Thanks.

Pasta Salad for Barbecue

by jpc8015 8 years ago

I need an idea for a pasta salad to go along with some pulled pork barbecue. Needs to be kid friendly for my three year old son. Preferably something with penne or rigatoni so that little ones can ...

Pasta salad - Greek style

by chloebell 8 years ago

Doing a pasta (orzo) salad for tonight's dinner; oil & vinegar dressing, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, olives, feta...... was thinking about adding roasted garlic & artichoke hearts to...

Blue cheese based pasta salad recipe

by bleunotblue 8 years ago

I love the Whole Foods smoked mozarella, but at $7.99 a pound I feel like I could try to do a decent job on my own for cheaper. Looking for a recipe that also satisfies the following requirement...

Need Help with Pasta Salad

by jillfiredup 9 years ago

I need to make a very colorful (oil and vinegar) pasta salad for a shower. I need some ideas for unique vegetables to put in the salad. I plan to make the veggie/pasta ratio about 50/50. I would ...

Random question- where can I find a good prepared Pasta Salad?

by efbake 9 years ago

Have a pot luck cook out to go to Saturday and I will not have enough time to make pasta salad for 40. Any suggestions for a deli/market that I can order pasta salad? I live in West Roxbury but am ...

ISO a lobster pasta salad recipe

by LillianB 9 years ago

Preferably something that I can make ahead and serve cold or at room temp for an easy summer dinner party. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Party Pasta Salad Recipe Needed

by phelana 9 years ago

I have a 4th of July party and have been asked to bring the pasta salad. I'd like a simple but creative recipe with no meat. Looking forward to your best recipes!