Party Planning

Inviting guests over can be stressful. Whether you're planning a happy hour, a potluck, or a full meal, you may want feedback on your menu.

How to Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is arguably the most American holiday, even eclipsing the showier 4th of July patriotism-palooza. That's in no small part due to the fact that the holiday has come to be synonymous with...

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Aperol Spritzers

by shazzam 10 months ago

What appis can I bring to a small Xmas gathering serving Aperol Spritzers?


by nancy1958 11 months ago

I’m having a Christmas party for approximately 30 people. Making ham, potatoes, vegetables, salad. Having a problem deciding on my Italian menu. Definitely doing pasta but can’t decide on chicken c...

Creative Alternative to Taco Catering 2018 version

by daintysharky 11 months ago

Hello, I saw a four year old post about alternative to taco catering for a children's party. I was wondering if you all had any ideas beyond BBQ, a food truck (logistics don't work), and burgers? A...

Holiday Dinner for a Dozen (or so)

by partyfoodie 11 months ago

I am having a dozen or so family for a holiday get-together dinner and I don't have a large enough dining area to seat a dozen people! For that matter, I don't have one room that will hold everyone...

Beef short ribs: How much do I need?

by ninrn 11 months ago

Hello, I’m making braised beef short ribs for Thanksgiving (the kind that are bone-in and shaped like big cubes). Somehow, in the last week, the number of people we’ll have for dinner has ballo...

How do you serve and seat a family holiday dinner for 20?

by DeniseM 13 years ago

In all the party planning articles, books, and blogs I never find the real nitty-gritty... how do you serve a big family dinner? It is so much work to rent/borrow tables for a holiday meal, but we ...

Tips for Serving Taco Salad

by RAOL 11 months ago

I'm having guests for lunch after Thanksgiving and decided to serve taco salad in shells/bowls. Unfortunately I don't have the space for people to serve themselves buffet style, but I do want to r...

Making a pouding chomeur in advance

by tetraneutron 12 months ago

I want to make a pouding chomeur (similar in structure to a sticky toffee pudding - the kind of cake that's baked in a syrup or with a syrup poured over it once it comes out of the oven, so the cak...

Wine tasting for 5 friends

by conniemcd 1 year ago

I have a wine collection of Martha Stewart selected wines. I'm inviting 4 yoga friends for a casual fun wine tasting. I doubt any of us know much about this and the food that goes with although I ...


by WINDELLA 1 year ago

Every yr I have a family birthday party for my Aunt. This year, she'll be 83, she has a good appetite & likes all kinds of food, I always ask her what she wants for her birthday dinner & she always...

Classy Luau?

by RoyalBakery 1 year ago

I'm throwing myself a 50th birthday party in a month or so! I'm going loosely for a luau theme, just because I think it will be fun to decorate. :-) I'd love some help with my menu, however, ple...

Aunt Momo's catering | Sonoma

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Aunt Momo's Wine Country Ranch Cooking launched a catering service last month. Chef Mara Roche named her business Aunt Momo, after the name her young niece called her when she was unable to pronoun...

Croatian food for World cup party

by planeandpickle 1 year ago

Minneapolis/St. PAUL restaurants or delis to purchase authentic Croatian food!!!!

Seafood Boil

by Traci1128 3 years ago

I'm having a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom. This is going to be a seafood boil, since she loves seafood. It will be about 40-50 people. Within the seafood boil, it'll be; snow crab le...

50th Birthday party venue

by ddsfoodie 1 year ago

Dear Chowhound, Im looking for a private party venue for 100-125 people where I can have a dj, appetizers, and open bar in the San Fernando Valley or downtown, LA or No Ho area. Anyone have any rec...

How much food to order?

by sals42 1 year ago

Hi guys, I am planning my little sister's high school graduation party in a couple of weeks. The event will be in the backyard and I have 50 people coming total. Mostly adults and along with a cou...

Memorial Day Weekend Eats

by Cerise1 1 year ago

What's cooking? Any interesting salads, main dishes, libations or desserts? Anything unique/unusual planned? LOL, i.e. Twinkie Strawberry shortcakes (?) https://bitzngiggles.com/eas...

Chicken and Beef Fajitas for 150 persons?

by smunoz 1 year ago

How many lbs of chicken breast and beef should I purchase for 150 persons? And, how many peppers and onions? Also, what type of beef is the best?

Graduation Pork Roast

by teresinashaw 1 year ago

I am planning my daughter's graduation party. We raise pastured Berkshire pigs, so are planning on a whole roasted hog, which honestly, we've never done before! I would love some ideas/tips about...

Wedding Anniversary and lunch for 50 people

by DorotaMZURc 1 year ago

Hello ! My parents have their Gold Wedding Anniversary in a few months and I want to make a suprise party for them. I love cooking from small kid and I want to do somethings great! What do you th...