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Stainless steel fry pan - how to fry eggs without them sticking!!

by Full tummy 9 years ago

Well, I've generally always used a non-stick fry pan for eggs, but I decided to try out my Kitchen Aid stainless stee...


am47 commented 7 hours ago

Really confused about health of pan frying

by Adelphos33 4 years ago

Hi - the past month or so, I have determined I need to cook more at home to be a bit healthier. It is working so far ...


anonuser commented 1 month ago

Chicken Parmigiana, Looking To Step Up My Game

by zackly 5 months ago

So I live in suburban NYC with an Italian restaurant or deli practically on every street corner. Chicken Parmigiana i...


zackly commented 5 months ago

How do you cook your meatballs?

by Cheesy Oysters 10 years ago

Do you cook your meatballs in the sauce or fry and add them to the sauce? My daughter wanted me to make spagetti and...


travelerjjm commented 5 months ago

Home Fries-- Stuck to the pan!!

by lemarais 5 years ago

I'm not a fan of nonstick cookware, don't use it. Tried to make some pan fried potatoes, cut up some Yukon Golds int...


fritzheimer commented 8 months ago

Best oil for pan frying?

by monicatotoro 12 months ago

What's the best oil for pan frying or saute in a stainless steel pan? Oil that is both effective and healthy? I've...

paulj commented 12 months ago

Saute in stainless - fail?

by om_nom_nomdeplume 2 years ago

Hi, I'm new/delurking here, and I've got a question about sauteing. I recently got an induction range and switched fr...

paulj commented 2 years ago

question about cooking chicken

by C mac 2 years ago

Okay so I purchased a huge box of chicken tenders/fingers, and I don't want to buy a deep fryer. To much of a pain to...


C mac commented 2 years ago

Oil Catching on Fire

by Xhale12 6 years ago

Hey guys. So I am new to using stainless steel cookware and cooking in general. I used my SS pan for the first time t...


ubd100 commented 2 years ago

Pan Fried Steak

by WWFeldman 2 years ago

I used to think that grilled was the only way to go, but lately I've been pan frying my steak. That luscious pan sau...


Sharuf commented 2 years ago

Shopping for fryable cheese

by eatingjoy 2 years ago

Could you help me identify cheeses tha hold up well to grilling or pan frying. I already have paneer and halloumi on...


eatingjoy commented 2 years ago

Pan fried breaded chicken breast?

by food_eater79 10 years ago

I want to make some fried chicken breast for sandwiches, but don't have a deep fryer. What's the best way to do this...


RachelAshcraft commented 3 years ago

How long to cook stuffed pork chops?

by Pegmeister 4 years ago

I'm not a big fan of pork chops, maybe because I've never had much luck cooking them. So I'm trying again with some s...


Pegmeister commented 4 years ago

How do I pan-cook salmon without it flaking off into bits

by delancy 4 years ago

I'm new to cooking (recently moved out to college etc) and I tried salmon today. I added it with seasonings to a pan ...

scubadoo97 commented 4 years ago

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