Paella Pans


Help choosing braiser / rondeau

by ww22 4 months ago

Hi, I want to buy a good general purpose rondeau or braiser. I’d like to be able to sear well in it, sauté to do pasta sauces and then combine w pasta, braise, maybe do some paella. I’m not a ...

Botched carbon steel seasoning?

by lcerva 2 years ago

Hello all, This is my first post and I’m happy to be here! I recently bought and seasoned a Matfer Bourgeat 15” paella pan. I’m not very crazy about how it looks and I’m concerned it is unusable...

Paella pans

by damiano 1 year ago

Hello all, so with the paella dish of the month thread my intention is to finally start making a paella. Problem is I need a new pan. I've been looking on amazon and local shops and these are the o...

Experience with Lacor cookware

by JohnLearnsToCook 2 years ago

I've been recently looking for a large diameter (36 cm / 14 inch) sauté pan / rondeau / paella pan primarily for some bigger searing jobs. Sadly Fissler don't make one that size, so it's looking f...

Large induction burner for paella?

by sugarcanejane 2 years ago

I recently made paella for the first time. It was very difficult to get the rice crispy on the bottom of the pan using my gas stovetop. The pan is also huge. 18 in across. There are paella burn...

XXL Paella Pan

by UmamiBreath 2 years ago

I want to rent a XXL paella pan and gas burner! Where in Boston area? I contacted all of the catering rental companies and they only have 16" pans. Please help!

Paella Pan Question

by mdzehnder 7 years ago

I recently was at TJ Maxx and impulsively bought a paella pan, as it was inexpensive and I've been wanting one for some time. The label lists, variously, "La Ideal, Garcima"; I'm not certain which ...

Name that cookware item

by lcerva 2 years ago

Hello, So, I cooked paella on stove top for the first time. It came pretty good. Only problem is it formed a thick layer of burnt rice on the bottom. I believe that’s because of prolonged exposu...

Big Paella at Home!

by afarya 4 years ago

I made 16-inch paellas on gas stove burners for a few years and thought I am ready to step into the realm of larger paella preparation at home. I bought a 3 ring 24 inch gad burner and a large 28 i...

Where to buy cazuelas/paella pans in Madrid?

by Acidov 7 years ago

Hi everyone! I will be visiting Madrid in October and would like to buy a few cazuelas and paella pan. I saw similar topic here and someone recommended great shop "Ferreteria - S. Tarca" in Barc...

What carbon steel should I get?

by Conundrums 3 years ago

I read that carbon steel was better for pizza than the baking stones or thicker steels. And I had a cheap thin carbon steel paella pan, and I like how it does with quick breads and cookies. I am...

New Paella Pan

by mike0989 4 years ago

Does anyone have the Matfer Bourgeat black steel paella pan. Any thoughts on it v. the Pata Negra pans. My old Calphalon is warped and I'm ready to replace it.

Paella on a gas grill

by backyardcooking 4 years ago

I really enjoy cooking paella for large parties of my charcoal grill, unfortunately I am moving into a condo complex that only allows gas grills. I cannot find a rectangular pan that would fit our ...

Help! My Paella pan keeps rusting!

by sixelagogo 13 years ago

I picked up a nice steel paella pan whillst in Barcelona this past year...I noticed that before I even used it, it's sides were developing some rusting which I took off with some steel wool...I fin...

Paella cookware - what should I look for?

by Myrrh 5 years ago

I would like to purchase a Paella but am not sure what works best. I'm considering a small size (enough for 2 people who don't eat large quantities) and would like the ability to cook over a charc...

Paella pan-what kind to buy? - moved from Home Cooking board

by markabauman 11 years ago

I'd like to start making some paella. However, when I looked up paella pans from a reputable kitchen supply store, I was a little overwhelmed by the choices- pans of different sizes (I'd probably o...

Does solid copper paella pan need to be tinned.

by LJS2 6 years ago

I just received a hand hammered copper paella pan as a gift. It was made in the Vera Cruz area of Mexico. The interior is not tinned. I have never used copper cookware before and am excited to try...

Cooking with a big paella pan on a gas stovetop

by limonadam 9 years ago

Hi everyone- I have a big paella pan that I brought back from Spain that I love using. The problem is getting even heat distribution on my gas stovetop. I basically spend the 20 minutes of cooking...

Where to buy Paella Pans in Manhattan or Brooklyn

by mhowellgtc 6 years ago

Will be in NYC (Staying in Brooklyn) next week. looking for an inexpensive place to buy a couple of LARGE paella pans. Any recommendations?

Paella Pan: Seasoned or just crusty?

by docgradusadparnassum 6 years ago

I dug my paella pan out of storage for Memorial Day Weekend. I had put a generous coating of oil and left it in the oven for several months before it got exiled to the storage. I saw it developed...