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Paella Pans

Botched carbon steel seasoning?

by lcerva 11 months ago

Hello all, This is my first post and I’m happy to be here! I recently bought and seasoned a Matfer Bourgeat 15” pa...


BigG commented 7 months ago

Experience with Lacor cookware

by JohnLearnsToCook 9 months ago

I've been recently looking for a large diameter (36 cm / 14 inch) sauté pan / rondeau / paella pan primarily for some...


am47 commented 7 months ago

Large induction burner for paella?

by sugarcanejane 8 months ago

I recently made paella for the first time. It was very difficult to get the rice crispy on the bottom of the pan usin...


JerseyKRS commented 8 months ago

XXL Paella Pan

by UmamiBreath 9 months ago

I want to rent a XXL paella pan and gas burner! Where in Boston area? I contacted all of the catering rental companie...


treb commented 9 months ago

Paella Pan Question

by mdzehnder 6 years ago

I recently was at TJ Maxx and impulsively bought a paella pan, as it was inexpensive and I've been wanting one for so...


medlar commented 9 months ago

Name that cookware item

by lcerva 11 months ago

Hello, So, I cooked paella on stove top for the first time. It came pretty good. Only problem is it formed a thick...


alexrander commented 11 months ago

Big Paella at Home!

by afarya 2 years ago

I made 16-inch paellas on gas stove burners for a few years and thought I am ready to step into the realm of larger p...


ccjohnston commented 2 years ago

Where to buy cazuelas/paella pans in Madrid?

by Acidov 5 years ago

Hi everyone! I will be visiting Madrid in October and would like to buy a few cazuelas and paella pan. I saw simil...


ccjohnston commented 2 years ago

What carbon steel should I get?

by Conundrums 2 years ago

I read that carbon steel was better for pizza than the baking stones or thicker steels. And I had a cheap thin carbon...


DuffyH commented 2 years ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

New Paella Pan

by mike0989 2 years ago

Does anyone have the Matfer Bourgeat black steel paella pan. Any thoughts on it v. the Pata Negra pans. My old Calp...

Paella on a gas grill

by backyardcooking 3 years ago

I really enjoy cooking paella for large parties of my charcoal grill, unfortunately I am moving into a condo complex ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 3 years ago

Help! My Paella pan keeps rusting!

by sixelagogo 11 years ago

I picked up a nice steel paella pan whillst in Barcelona this past year...I noticed that before I even used it, it's ...


namestepaz commented 3 years ago

Paella cookware - what should I look for?

by Myrrh 3 years ago

I would like to purchase a Paella but am not sure what works best. I'm considering a small size (enough for 2 people...


kaleokahu commented 3 years ago

Paella pan-what kind to buy? - moved from Home Cooking board

by markabauman 10 years ago

I'd like to start making some paella. However, when I looked up paella pans from a reputable kitchen supply store, I ...


emglow101 commented 3 years ago

Does solid copper paella pan need to be tinned.

by LJS2 4 years ago

I just received a hand hammered copper paella pan as a gift. It was made in the Vera Cruz area of Mexico. The interio...


kaleokahu commented 4 years ago

Cooking with a big paella pan on a gas stovetop

by limonadam 8 years ago

Hi everyone- I have a big paella pan that I brought back from Spain that I love using. The problem is getting even h...


tvoneicken commented 4 years ago

Where to buy Paella Pans in Manhattan or Brooklyn

by mhowellgtc 4 years ago

Will be in NYC (Staying in Brooklyn) next week. looking for an inexpensive place to buy a couple of LARGE paella pans...


debinqueens commented 4 years ago

Paella Pan: Seasoned or just crusty?

by docgradusadparnassum 4 years ago

I dug my paella pan out of storage for Memorial Day Weekend. I had put a generous coating of oil and left it in the ...


eight_inch_pestle commented 4 years ago

Did I steal this Paella Pan

by JTPhilly 5 years ago

13.5 inches 4,5 lbs marked "Mauviel France" for $15.90 I grabbed it from the thrift store shelf and ran out of the...


estategirl commented 5 years ago

Paella Friday at Stone Creek Kitchen in Monterey

by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Last Friday with sunny skies and temperatures pushing 80 degrees in Monterey, Mom and I lunched al fresco at Stone Cr...


PattyC commented 5 years ago