Padron Pepper

A Red Hot Guide to Our Favorite Chile Peppers

This is a partial field guide to peppers. With upwards of 2,000 kinds of chile peppers in the world, it's hard to catch 'em all, but we delved in and picked a peck: 19 of our favorite peppers, from...

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Pimientos de Padron...and flaky salt

by kasla 11 years ago

I fell in love with Pimientos de Padron while I was in Barcelona last summer. I ordered some seeds so that I can plant them in my backyard, but I have no idea when to plan them. I live in Los Ang...

Pimientos de padrone

by Tida 21 years ago

Has anyone had the tapa,pimientos de padrone,in a tapas bar in the Bay Area? I fell in love with these when I was in Madrid and introduced to them by a fellow pepper lover. They are peppers that ...

Searching for Padrone Peppers

by tlubow 12 years ago

Has anyone encountered these peppers in the South Florida area? I had them at Ad-Hoc in Napa Valley, where they were served very lightly fried and then coated with olive oil and sea salt. They re...

Pimientos de Padrón

by Rubee 13 years ago

For you fellow fans - these Spanish peppers are back in stock at La Tienda. Just received my first shipment for this season. Finally! http://www.tienda.com/food/products/vg-08.html?rlid=cart&...

Pimientos de Padron

by ariaa 12 years ago

I am in Kirkland (across form Seattle)I was looking at buying Padron peppers. I know Spanish table sells them (for almost $24/lb!). Is there anywhere else? I checked Big John's PFI and they do not....

Pimentos Padron - where can I find these peppers?

by jesdevine 12 years ago

I was in Portugal last month and they served this appetizer; pan friend with olive oil and sea salt -it was served everywhere - it was delicious and I want to try it but have no clue where I could ...

Pimentos de Padron in Vancouver?

by Cooooooooper 13 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy these in Vancouver and are they still in season? We had some in San Francisco about a month ago and they were fantastic! Here's a link with a receipe if anyone is ...

Pimientos de Padron at Prezza

by Rubee 13 years ago

Now that Prezza is open on Sundays, we decided it would be a great place to watch the game this past weekend. What a great time we had, comfortable and cozy with plenty of room at the bar, chattin...

Pimientos de Padrón in Madison?

by trillium 13 years ago

We're wondering if anyone has spotted these lovelies at any of the farmer's markets? It doesn't seem like late summer without them but we're getting blank stares when we ask around. regards, tr...

Pimientos de Padron - where to buy aside from Happy Quail farms?

by coolbean98 14 years ago

Does anyone know of anyone else in the Bay Area who sells pimientos de padron aside from Happy Quail farms? I know Happy Quail sells at the Ferry Building, farmers markets and Spanish Table, but I'...

Pimientos de padron??

by mickie44 13 years ago

My brother and his wife, who lived in Galicia for several years, fell in love with pimientos de padron. Does anyone know where they could get them in or near Madison, Wisconsin where they now live...

Pimientos de padron in Florida??

by mickie44 13 years ago

My mother lived in Galicia for several years and loves pimientos de padron. She now lives in Port Charlotte. Does anyone know where she could get them near there, either in a restaurant or to pre...

Report on Quetzal Farms' giant spicy pimientos de Padron

by coolbean98 14 years ago

So I finally tried the pimientos de Padron from Quetzal Farms at the Berkeley Farmers Market this morning. They had giant ones, about twice the size of the kind you find from Happy Quail, for $6/po...

where to buy piemientos del padron?

by victoriasw3 13 years ago

I would love to make my favorite tapas dish at home. Anyone know where I can pick up these tasty peppers?? Thanks!

Pimientos de Padron in Boston?

by Boston_Gourmand 13 years ago

I went to Toro and loved their Pimentos de Padron... anyone know where I could get some of the peppers to cook at home?

Pimientos de Padron - how to cook?

by OakTownHound 14 years ago

I got a gorgeous bag of these at the Santa Cruz farmers market, but I'm a little unsure how to cook them. I know I should shallow-fry them in olive oil until they blister, then drain on paper to...

Where to find pimientos de padron in LA?

by DanaB 17 years ago

Hi all -- was just perusing the general board, and in the thread requesting recipes for "what to do with sea salt" there was a recommendation for fried pimientos de padron (spanish peppers), and a ...

Pimientos de Padron back at Ferry Plaza

by Joan Kureczka 17 years ago

My addiction is back in (at of course, the unfortunate price of $5 per bag) from Happy Quail, down at the Ferry Plaza Market. Pimientos de Padron, alias Russian Roulette peppers. Most of these litt...

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