Pacific Northwest

Use this tag to discuss food in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

These Easy Red Curry Mussels Will Transport You to the Pacific Northwest

Seafood is undeniably synonymous with the Pacific Northwest, a region overflowing with a treasure chest of the stuff: salmon, trout, shrimp, crab, and oysters, among much more. Living in this part of...

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Seattle's Mandalay Cafe

by Retro 19 years ago

Months back, someone asked about Mandalay Cafe in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood; I was out of town for a few months at that time, but I'm back, and as promised, I tried them out. Formerly kn...

New Year's Dinners

by Alice 19 years ago

Does anyone know of any great New Year's dinners/parties at restaraurants around Seattle? Not too pricey, but nice---in the $60 or $70 range.

Dim Sum in Seattle?

by Randy Brook 19 years ago

I'm wondering who is doing a good job with dim sum in Seattle these days. My ultimate test is the Lo Bak Ko - fried turnip cakes.

Great Thai in Portland, OR: E-San

by Suzanne 19 years ago

Just spent a weekend down in Portland and stumbled onto excellent Thai! E-San Thai downtown. We were desperate for Thai for lunch on Saturday only to find Typhoon! was closed up tight. Argh. By...

Don't let this restaurant fold!

by Desiree 19 years ago

Do you have a little place that you frequent where you are amazed at how empty it is? The type of place that gets no write-ups in our local papers, places no ads, and survives god only knows how? I...

Secret Chinese Food

by CrisL 19 years ago

Am I the only one that has noticed that when visiting an excellent Chinese restaurant (especially in the International District) that the "locals" are served the most amazing food....none of which ...

Breakfast and Steakhouse suggestions in Portland,Ore pls

by dukedee 19 years ago

A trip to Portland in November would be greatly enhanced with some Recommendation for breakfast and a top of the line non-chain steakhouse.Is it Ringside or nothing? thanx.

Hummingbird and Raven in Ashland

by Anne Emry 19 years ago

A change from Gepetto's -- although only open for breakfast and lunch. The owner is the cook at this shopping center diner. We discovered the place on a road trip over Thanksgiving and ate there ...

Excellent Greek food in Seattle

by Retro 19 years ago

Panos' Kleftiko/Taverna, on 5th Ave. between Aloha & Valley, near Seattle Center. A small place (barely holds 40), excellent lamb, chicken, and other entrees, but we often make a meal out of a ha...

Gorditos anyone?

by Patty G 19 years ago

I have eaten Mexican all over including the homes of Mexican families and in Mexico. I have yet to find a better down to earth place to eat than Gorditos. I have moved out of the state but long for...

Café Mandalay

by Jim Wong 19 years ago

Tom, Beth, Pat, etc. -- it's nice to see we're getting this board kickstarted. I still eagerly await SALMON recommendations, but in the meantime, I have another to ask about: Café Mandalay in Wall...

Thanksgiving in the Sea/Tac Area

by Mary Terwiske 19 years ago

I'll be spending Thanksgiving in the Sea/Tac area. Can someone recommend a restaurant for a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner? Thanks!


by jen 19 years ago

I was just reading thru the posts and someone mentioned the Guild 45 cinema house. Do they still have the best popcorn in town? I often select movies by where the best popcorn is. I used to live...

Whidbey Island

by Mary 19 years ago

We're meeting some friends from Anchorage (we're from Knoxville) for a weekend at the Captain Whidbey Inn near Langley before Thanksgiving. We'll eat there for at least one dinner, but would apprec...

dining and drinking in Astoria,Oregon--a report

by dukedee 19 years ago

this faded fishing town does have a new restaurant-Jonathans Oyster House at llth st and Marine Dr. 503-325-7720.a decent alternative to the $20 fried seafood dinners at The Ship Inn on 2nd St. a b...

A newbie sez hi and mentions restaurants in Seattle (long)

by Karl 19 years ago

Hey all, I recently discovered this site via a link from Tom Douglas' web site, and I gotta say that chowhound.com is very cool. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a full-blown chowhound, but I'm...

anyone know any good italian places in Seattle?

by Keith 20 years ago

Ive been to this lovely little morsel called Perchenos right at the base of Queen Anne hill. Words cannot describe my appreciation for this place. But other than that I just cannot seem to find any...

Vancouver - Help!

by CapHill 19 years ago

Help! We're traveling to Vancouver from Washington D.C. July 13-16 and we know nothing about the city. Any great insider restaurant suggestions in Vancouver so that I can brag when I get back? M...

Dining in Astoria, Oregon help

by dukedee 19 years ago

could use your suggestions on a mid or high priced dinner destination. thanx

Verboort Sausage Festival

by Jim Dixon 19 years ago

The Verboort Sausage Festival is a true chowhound's paradise. The tiny Oregon community (about 15 miles west of Portland) takes over the local sausage factory to make a special grind of the beef an...

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