What's the Difference Between a Conventional and a Convection Oven?

It comes down to how the heat is distributed. Both convection and conventional ovens are powered by gas or electricity. But the heat source in a conventional oven is stationary, usually...

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25°F oven temperature increments, no kidding?

by DLovsky 4 years ago

I'm sure you CHOW addicts have talked about oven temperature more than a gazillion times, but what's the deal with these temps in recipes saying 375°F or 425°F instead of 350 400 450? I mean, wh...

my oven turns on by itself---help!

by saffronbabe 12 years ago

Hello out there! If anyone has an idea on what might be wrong with my oven, please respond! I have a gas stove and oven, with an electric starter for the oven. It is a GE Hotpoint oven, only about ...

Oven malfunction

by lemons 4 years ago

It's a gas oven, let's explain that. Stove maybe 8 years old. I don't cook or bake nearly as much now that DH has passed away, so it'a taken me a little while to realize that the last three things ...

Oven calibration?

by pine time 8 years ago

My KitchenAid wall oven is 4 years old and has a digital temperature display. If I set it to 400, for example, it's quite slow to reach that temp (bell rings when it's ready). I put in the food. ...

Built-In convection KA oven does not have a bottom burner. Making Pizza is a big issue

by Idas 4 years ago

Hi, any advice or a miracle? I have a newish Kitchen-Aid convection oven built-in (nothing but regret about it, see my other thread about it being so poorly insulated it heats the whole house). I...

French Top? Separate Modules? Is vent hood for 60" Wolf louder?

by SmokeAlarm 4 years ago

Love, love , love those Wolves, but I just can't seem to choose between the french top and/or griddle or grill... Anyone out there that can help with this? Building a house and need to specify 48' ...

Are there wall ovens that don't blast kitchen with hot air?

by janei 12 years ago

I am redoing my kitchen and very much appreciate some of the great tips I read on here. I'm happy with everything so far except that I've wasted $2600 of my budget on an unusable KitchenAid Arch...

Hottest home oven available?

by happy_c 10 years ago

It seems like this question should have been asked and answered on this board before, but a search failed to turn up what I'm looking for. Anyway, strictly out of curiosity (really!), I'm wondering...

why can't I cook with an electric oven?

by ladybyrd3 4 years ago

I've always cooked with gas ovens with no problems and now we are renting a house and it has an electric oven. I overcook everything now and my meatloaf always has a gray disgusting look to it now....

Kitchen Renovation

by rainey 13 years ago

I'm not sure where this belongs but I don't see a better topic... I'm gutting my kitchen and starting again. It was probably 50 years old so I guess it was time. My head *hurts* from the a...

New Wolf countertop oven.

by mwhitmore 4 years ago

Saw this at SLT today, looks like a solid piece of gear, compared to so many cheap-jack countertop ovens. Any experience? Also there was a Wolf toaster.

Adding a rotisserie to a freestanding convention oven

by TechieTechie 4 years ago

Hi, I have an older, but pristine, countertop Farberware T4800 convection oven that I love beyond belief (particularly because I snagged it, basically new, off CL for $50...but it also makes perfec...

wall oven I regret getting one it is overheating my kitchen

by Idas 7 years ago

I was wondering if this is a common experience/mistake. I used to have a slide-in oven. Gas range and gas convection oven. I switched during a reno to a gas cook top and an electric wall oven (bu...

Cuisinart Combi Oven

by htamano 6 years ago

Has anyone used the Cuisinart CSO-300 combi oven? Thrilled that there is one at such a cheap price ($300 vs. $5,000) but also suspicious of its effectiveness and limitations due to size.

Pizza Ovens: Compare and Contrast

Gustavo Glenmorangie
by Gustavo Glenmorangie 5 years ago

I'm looking at pizza ovens and would really welcome input based on peoples' experiences with them. Uuni 2: Wood pellet fired from Finland. http://bit.ly/1HxixLD Claims 800 degrees and puts out ...

Is the Breville 800xl the small oven to get?

by Sigurd 5 years ago

I live alone with a basic electric oven. I can survive with the stove top but I hate heating the oven for just one. So I need an efficient oven for 1-2 people. Is the Breville my best choice? ...

Please help: range/speed oven/microwave...driving me nuts

by joyelyse 5 years ago

Hello wise people, I am driving myself insane. I'm getting very close on being able to pull the trigger on my kitchen redo. But I'm rapidly running out of money. I can't do everything I planned to...

Magic Chef stove.

by aldo123 5 years ago

Hello everyone. I just bought a house and my stove/ oven is an old model " Magic Chef model 24MN72KKW". Everything is ok except the ovens. I cannot turn on the oven. I try tu turn the thermostat bu...

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