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Oven splatter guard: Part2

by prophet01 10 months ago

Hello everyone, Andrew from the UK back again. Actually, I never really left as I’ve been lurking and reading all posts on this cookware forum pretty much on a daily basis. Anyway, some of you m...

Cooking turkey in a bag?

Clare K
by Clare K 14 years ago

Has anyone tried cooking turkey in a plastic baking bag? I've heard this ensures a very moist turkey. I want to brine it as well, but would that be too much - brining AND bagging?

cooking turkey in a bag?

by dw 17 years ago

Freaking out just like everyone who is cooking their first turkey ever... Getting all kinds of conflicting advice from friends, but the piece of advice that has made the most sense thus far is to ...

Oven-proof cloth/bag for Cholent

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

What kind of over-proof cloth/bag do you recommend I purchase to make rice for cholent? It needs to be big enough to let the rice expand. The cheese cloths I bought were not big enough for the rice...

Turkey in a bag upside down?

by Dasha81 5 years ago

I am attempting my first turkey this year. I have been reading about many tips and tricks. The most popular seem to be brining, cooking it upside down, in a bag, butter coated and/or foiled. ...

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