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Lunch near SNA/John Wayne Airport/OC? Vietnamese?

by catchick 11 days ago

I'm looking for a restaurant near-ish to SNA to take out-of-towners. Good food, hole-in-the-wall strip mall is fine....


catchick commented 8 days ago

Frying Lobster at Asian Market

by rhgindc 16 days ago

Many of the Asian Markets (eg, 99 Ranch, Shun Fat, etc) will fry up their fresh fish for your on the spot at no extra...

Borderbumble commented 12 days ago

Fresh duck eggs for sale in Orange County, CA?

by tenjo 2 years ago

Hi Chowhound, Does anyone know where I can buy fresh duck eggs locally in OC? I'm allergic to chicken, so as a prec...


nangitag3132 commented 27 days ago

Where can I buy Kizami Wasabi

by blueberry505 5 months ago

I've checked Mitsuwa, Seiwa and Tokyo Central, no luck. I'm new to Orange County and would love to find this condime...


blueberry505 commented 3 months ago

Best Mole In Orange County?

by Hoc 15 years ago

I should first start by saying that I have never tried Mole. However, after hearing about what a complex sauce it is...

Midlife commented 4 months ago

Foodie bride in southern CA!

by opiazz 5 months ago

Hi all! I am looking to book a venue in either San Diego or south OC for our very intimate wedding of just under 2...

junglekitte commented 5 months ago

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Kaye's Kitchen reopens!

by Joani Macaroni 5 months ago

About a year after a fire destroyed Kaye's Kitchen on Main St. in "Historic Downtown" Garden Grove, the breakfast and...

Daughter's Birthday--28!!

by walkoffdinner 6 months ago

I am looking for recommendations to take her for dinner to celebrate in December. She lives in Newport and I stay ...

Midlife commented 6 months ago

Vegetarian char siu bao in Orange County area

by pleeplee 7 months ago

I once had a great vegetarian char sui bao in the San Francisco china town area. Is there a place where I can purchas...


pleeplee commented 6 months ago

Where in OC to buy a deep fried turkey?

by david t. 10 years ago

Anyone know where I can order a deep fried turkey for thanksgiving in Orange County? Preferably around Irvine.


Lebee commented 7 months ago

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Chowhound Supper Club?

by Smokeydoke30 7 months ago

Is there anything like this in LA or OC? I'm reading about herby's retreat with fellow Chowhounders and wondering...

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Amatriciana for Amatrice

by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

A list of restaurants in LA and Orange County that will be donating proceeds from sales of pasta all'amatriciana star...

Grand Mountain Sriracha in Orange Country

by rhgindc 10 months ago

Which markets in Orange County or Los Angeles can I find the Grand Mountain brand of Sriracha chile sauce? I've looke...


rhgindc commented 9 months ago

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Au Lac Vegan Restaurant

by veggiecravings 10 months ago

Au Lac Restaurant is an interesting East-West fusion that serves beautiful and delicious vegan food. Each dish is won...

Most underrated restaurant in OC?

by josephnl 2 years ago

There are not that many truly terrific restaurants in OC...but there definitely are some. Marche Moderne and Taco Ma...


atwong commented 10 months ago

Restaurant in South OC with Private Room for 13

by justinlovesfood 10 months ago

I have a meeting in August that I need to book a restaurant for. It will have 13 people and we need some degree of pr...

Midlife commented 10 months ago

RTU Tortilla Strips in O.C.?

by ChefRoux 11 months ago

Does anyone know where I can buy pre-fried ready to use Tortilla Strips in Orange County or Long Beach? thanks in ...


ChefRoux commented 11 months ago

New - Burmese restaurant in O.C.

by Joani Macaroni 1 year ago

Had a tasty dinner here today; just opened about a week ago. Irrawaddy Taste of Burma, 7076 Katella Ave., Stanton 906...


Joani Macaroni commented 11 months ago

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Best Linguine alle vongole and/or Spaghetti all fruiti di mare?

by torta basilica 11 months ago

Could we please have an update on people's favs? Just back from another trip to Italy and craving Linguine or spaghe...