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Petit Fours in LA or OC

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 13 days ago

Does anyone know a source for fondan covered petit fours - specifically the kind covered in fondant glazed (NOT that waxy white or brown chocolate plastic-textured flavorless coating) with some sor...

Picañha in LA or Orange County?

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 18 days ago

Anyone know of a source for Picañha (a cut of steak) in OC or LA (preferably OC)?

Best Bagel Orange County

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 27 days ago

This may be an exercise in futility but is there a decent bagel in Orange County? I'm talking boiled NY bagel, not a round piece of bread with a hole in it. For reference Noahs/Einstens is not a ...

New York Slice Style Pizza Orange County

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 27 days ago

Is there a NY thin-crust slice style pizza place in OC? Most chains or mini chains with "New York" in the title are mediocre to terrible. If you're a NYer or former SF resident who know's Tony...

Best Burger Orange County 2020

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 27 days ago

I'm looking for the best high-end burger in Orange County and also the best non-corporate chain burger in general. Small local chains are fine. If the place doesn't serve good fries, please elimi...

Thank You, Mayor Breed!

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Today's orders for shelter in place to slow coronavirus infections specifically exempts FARMERS MARKETS, allowing them to remain open as essential public services. Thank you, Mayor Breed, for recog...

Where can I find fresh compressed yeast?

by damkavi 13 years ago

Hi. I have searched high and low. I've called all bakeries, grocery stores, and health food stores (I.E. trader joes, whole foods, mothers market) in my area and no one seems to carry this item. ...

Costco Rembrandt aged Gouda gone

by Ian F 6 months ago

Suddenly gone from my local Costco in SoCal. They have a substitute that doesn’t work. Anyone else notice this?

Los Angeles, Dana Point and Anaheim Food trip with Children

by josephml1 11 months ago

Hi, I need your advice about your best place to eat In Los angeles, Dana Point and Anaheim, this food choices..with children. Steak House could be a hole in the wall. Chinese Restaurant I wil...

"Chicago-style"pizza in SoCal

by RSMBob 1 year ago

Been a long time since I wrote on this topic (and boy, has Chowhound changed!). Wrote this up last night for another forum and thought I'd share here. All inputs, additions, critiques welcome. T...

Huntington Beach with a toddler

by t19103 12 months ago

Hello! I am going to the Hyatt Huntington Beach for a family vacation with hubby and our two-year old son. My search of this board has not been very fruitful. What are the latest hot spots? We ...

OC Fair’s Junior Livestock Auction, July 20

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

OC Fair’s Junior Livestock Auction Saturday, July 20, 2019 8 a.m. – Admission gate opens (Yellow Gate) 9 a.m. – Buyer check-in and add-on tables open 10 a.m. – Opening...

LCA Wine - temporarily closed

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

A year ago I visited LCA Wine in Costa Mesa for a lively tasting and wine education session by my friend Winemaker Carol Shelton. Considering it for a return visit this summer, I was surprised to r...

Dongbei Cuisine @ Hai Master Kitchen in Laguna Hills

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Last year an IG post from "chandavkl" David Chan for Dongbei specialties at Hai Master Kitchen caught my attention. My friends in this part of Orange County are always interested in any good Chines...

Michelin Star Predictions for LA?

by Chadsie 1 year ago

#IamcrazyobessedaboutMichelin So what are your predictions on what will get stars ? and what will not.

Where to find Burmese tofu in Orange County CA?

by theschles 1 year ago

I have to gluten digestive intolerance and have to avoid soy and sesame due to allergies. I recently stumbled across Burmese tofu while googling; apparently it is made with chickpeas and yellow pea...

Flipped Doughnuts in Dana Point

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

In January, we stopped here after a visit to the Saturday morning farmers market. Flipped Doughnuts has an interesting product mix . . . donuts, espresso drinks, boba tea and Korean fried chicken. ...

XLB @ Lee's Bao Zi in Lake Forest

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Recommended by Chowhound alum, Professor Salt, I tried the xiao long bao (XLB) at Lee's BaoZi on my January road trip to Orange County. I believe there's been a change of ownership in the past year...

Laguna Beach/Aliso Viejo Recs

by norad 1 year ago

Fellow hounds. You’ve never let me down. My niece is getting married at the local country club in November, and I’m In charge of a family dinner November 7. Pretty upscale, around 18 people, and we...