Olive Garden

Unlimited salad and breadsticks--yes please. Chowhounds offer advice on where to find a local Olive Garden, how to survive a meal at one, and how to replicate the chain's classic dishes. Plus why they love, or hate, the restaurant.

Why is the Olive Garden so reviled?

by Exy00 6 years ago

I'm asking this question out of honest curiosity, because I've noticed here and in other places, and during conversat...


sandylc commented 2 years ago

Chicago: you finally have your own Olive Garden!

by coney with everything 3 years ago

Bet you're excited! Finally in the big leagues http://www3.illinois.gov/PressReleases/ShowPressRelease.cfm?Subject...


ferret commented 3 years ago

Favorable review of new Olive Garden in Grand Forks, ND

by GilbyEast 6 years ago

Grand Forks columnist Marilyn Hagerty gives a 100% snark-free review of the new Olive Garden in Grand Forks, ND. I f...


small h commented 3 years ago

Olive Garden has gone downhill fast (modernflavormagazine.com)

by modernflavormag 3 years ago

My recent trip to Olive Garden in Greensboro, NC, with my family was horrible at best. Of course, when we walked in, ...


ferret commented 3 years ago

price point of mid level chains? ie Olive Garden

by fara 3 years ago

hubby had a veterans day discount of a free meal at many chains and we chose Olive garden. we both ordered salad and ...

Boston_Otter commented 3 years ago

Man eating nothing but Olive Garden speaks out: “I have not had one meal that was not just perfect”

by zippo 3 years ago

excerpts: ... I love spaghetti and I thought that I was going to be able to eat spaghetti every day, but it has not...

rasputina commented 3 years ago

$100 for All You Can Eat During 7 Weeks at Olive Garden

by Fowler 3 years ago

I saw on CNBC this morning that Olive Garden will be offering $100 cards for all you can eat pasta, bread, salad and ...

jrvedivici commented 3 years ago

Changes coming at Olive Garden...

by NVJims 3 years ago



hueyishere commented 3 years ago

Olive Garden Pasta Pass

by eLizard 3 years ago

the og is starting a promotion. $100 for 7 weeks of all you can eat never ending pasta meals. there are 1000 passes...

JTPhilly commented 3 years ago

Olive Garden, Zanesville Ohio

by Bashful3 3 years ago

Confessions of a food snob with little comfort with chains, other than Popeyes. ON a road trip, passing through sm...


DragonDrumsticks commented 3 years ago

Salty Meals at Red Lobster and Olive Garden

by jpc8015 3 years ago

Is anybody surprised by this? I actually am. I figured that the saltiest meals would come from fast food places. h...

girloftheworld commented 3 years ago

Olive Garden coming soon in Freehold, NJ

by wench31 7 years ago

My gosh! I am so disappointed to find out that Olive Garden is going to be built next to Longhorn in Freehold. We hav...

vikingkaj commented 3 years ago

Help, being forced to go to Olive Garden.

by josephlapusata 5 years ago

O.K., here is the story. My wife and I are meeting some good friends from out of town for dinner. We asked them where...

Teague commented 4 years ago

Olive Garden wants to pay your date night babysitting tab

by foodieX2 4 years ago

While its not where I would want to go on a "date night" I can see the appeal for their customer base. http://www...

Firegoat commented 4 years ago

Olive Garden has been disappointing me quite a bit lately?

by ShowUsYourRack 4 years ago

My Grandfather has been going there for a while now & perhaps more so now than ever he pretty much chooses to go back...

Boston_Otter commented 4 years ago

Apparently Olive Garden is for rich people ...

by ipsedixit 4 years ago

... and Red Lobster is, well, not. http://blogs.wsj.com/corporate-intelligence/2013/12/19/difference-between-olive...


jsaimd commented 4 years ago

New at the Olive Garden --- hamburgers.

by Firegoat 4 years ago

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/02/olive-garden-burger_n_4371946.html Don't really see the fit with the rest...


HillJ commented 4 years ago

Olive Garden's "Buy one - take one" promotion

by DuchessNukem 4 years ago

The dishes offered are cheap pastas and don't include salad/breadsticks for the takeaway so not a massive expense for...

cwdonald commented 4 years ago