Office Etiquette

12 Snack Recipes to Make for Work

You’re sitting at your desk when it hits: The nagging feeling that yearns for something to break the monotony. If only there were something delicious to nibble and hold you over until the next meal...

Leaving half doughnuts behind

by ebchower 7 years ago

Sometimes I'll bring in a dozen donuts to work for the break room. I hate when people break off half and leave the other half in the box. The other half gets thrown away because nobody wants to s...

Minnesotans don't or won't take the last bite

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 5 years ago

Lifted from https://www.reddit.com/r/minnesota/comments/51sytf/most_minnesotan_pan_of_bars_ever/?st=it4dc6a7&sh=5fd3531d We Minnesotans are an odd lot.

Reheating fish at work... faux pas?

by cgarner 10 years ago

It's Friday It's Lent I don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent I had leftover breadded haddock and pierogies from last night's dinner, it's a mild fish one thin filet and three pierogies ...

Faux pas - eating fish at work?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

Do you or don't you? For me, it depends if the dish needs to be reheated. I've reheated fish at work and it wasn't an issue but I only reheat fish like tilapia and cod that are fairly low on the f...

Food Odors at Work

by cayjohan 14 years ago

We cook a lot. And we cook fragrant ethnic foods a lot. The Hub brings leftovers in to work to reheat in the lunchroom. Most ethnic spices *smell* considerably more than the Healthy Choice frozen d...

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