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Where the locals eat in Oaxaca City

by ayngelina 11 years ago

I just arrived in Oaxaca and am 3 weeks into a year long backpacking trip around the world. During this time I'm blogging ( http://www.baconismagic.ca ) about my experiences and will be focusing ...

Cooking Classes - Oaxaca? San Miguel?

by jdubboston 15 years ago

I am looking to take off for a few days (5 to 7, maybe?) on my own to Mexico this fall and would love to take a cooking class of some sort. I'm totally open to where I end up. I've explored the w...

Oaxaca Trip Report

by jasont 11 years ago

This was the first real trip to Mexico for both my GF and I. We spent most of our time in Oaxaca City and went to a few of the surrounding villages. Oaxaca City: Itanoni – This was our first me...

Somewhere in Oaxaca (Route 200): Comedor Lupita tlayudas – the highlight of my SF-Mexico-Guatemala drive

by rworange 11 years ago

If a movie director ever wants to capture the dream Mexico food stand they should stop at Comedor Lupita. Everything about it is perfect … food, ambiance, setting. When we crossed into the Mexi...

Oaxaca City

by kare_raisu 11 years ago

Can any chowhounds provide any recent updates on the dining scene - primarily street/market fare in Oaxaca de Jerez? I've read all the previous posts so no need to repost those. Most interested...

Eating and cooking in Oaxaca, Puebla and Cancun

by comexico 12 years ago

On my way to Mexico for 6 weeks to learn a bit about the food and its indigenous/colonial roots. Looking for recs on cooking classes, street food, restaurants and markets. I'm fairly familiar wit...

Wine Shops--Oaxaca?

by aguacate 12 years ago

Where's a good spot to buy some decent wine in Oaxaca City? I'm hoping for places besides Soriana and something much better than Padre Kino, but reasonably priced 80--200 peso range.

Are you going to Oaxaca soon? need favor

by sarosenthall 13 years ago

If you're going to Oaxaca soon, I have a favor to ask: I got this GREAT chocolate there for making Mexican hot chocolate), and I'm desperate for more. I thought it would be easily available in th...

Oaxaca: Restaurante María Bonita

by Anonimo 13 years ago

My wife and I had comida yesterday at Restaurante María Bonita, on Calle Alcalá, at the corner of Calle Humboldt, north of the Santo Domingo Church. I'd walked by earlier in the day and glanced ove...

Oaxaca fresh and natural

by Anonimo 13 years ago

Since we left December 27 on our trip to Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca, we've been eating unusual quantities of carnes. We do love the pozole, the tacos Árabes, the botana surtida at El Biche Pobr...

Oaxaca: La Toscana review (long)

by Anonimo 13 years ago

(I decided to post this separately from the Oaxaca For Dummies thread, as this review is so long.) Yesterday afternoon, we joined two visiting American friends for a splurge meal at La Toscana. It...

Night-time food stalls in Oaxaca

by RST 16 years ago

I am still kicking myself for not having posted the list of night-time street stalls in Puebla that I compiled on my last trip to that city in 2003. I had told myself back then that I would surely...

Oaxaca, Puebla, and Cuernavaca Areas

by sethfoodie 13 years ago

Hello, My wife and I are planning a culinary tour of Mexico in early January. We will be traveling through the areas near/in Oaxaca, Puebla, and Cuernavaca and would love some restaurant sugges...

Cooking Lessons at B&B in Oaxaca

by kiwijen 13 years ago

My husband and I just returned from a 6-day anniversary trip to Oaxaca. Since the first and last days were transit, we spent just 4 days on the ground, but feel like it was longer. We managed to pa...

El Naranjo -- a must in Oaxaca City

by travelingFools08 13 years ago

When you’ve had your fill of comida corrida and street vendor tamales, you must pamper your palate with a delicious meal. Step inside El Naranjo and you’ll find a quiet haven off the bustling soun...

Restaurant El Naranjo, Oaxaca Mexixo

by geeser 13 years ago

Truly delicious food in a delightful setting. I highly recommend this fine restaurant on 203 Trujano Street ( 1 1/2 blocks west of the Zocalo). American owned and recently reopened, we were amaze...

Oaxaca with kids?

by vb_lady 13 years ago

I'm heading to Oaxaca next week - this time a very happy occasion - my wedding. Traveling with our two families will be interesting. I have a six year old nephew who is a picky eater. (Any tips ...

Oaxacan Cultural Fair in Mexico City - great food!

by Elchilango 13 years ago

There is a special Oaxacan cultural fair going on now through September 14th, 2008. There are several huge restaurants set up serving all the typical Oaxacan specialties as well as many small stand...

Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido recommendations

by vb_lady 13 years ago

We just got back from two weeks in Oaxaca (late August 2008) – both the city and Puerto Escondido. This is our second trip to the city and the first to the coast. Some highlights and recommendati...

Casa de los Sobares Cooking School, Oaxaca

by atievsky 14 years ago

Chef Pilar Cabrera's twice weekly cooking class started at 9:30 with a visit to the organic market. Pilar is a terrific person and the "class" was quite enjoyable. We prepared a very difficult mol...

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