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Explore outside New York City. Chowhounds give the inside scoop on where to eat in New York state, from the Taconic State Parkway to the Hudson Valley and beyond.

The Regional Convenience Stores (Besides Wawa) We Wish Were Everywhere

Whether it’s a 7-Eleven, a Wawa, or a local gas station mini-mart, there’s a nostalgic joy that accompanies popping into a convenient store at any time for a cup of coffee, newspaper, or to satisfy...

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Finger Lakes Suggestions

by Rog 14 years ago

Will soon be travelling to the Finger Lakes for wine tasting and staying in the Geneva area. Has anyone eaten at Nonna's Trattoria or Ports Cafe? Would appreciate any feedback concerning these or...

Finger Lakes again.

by Chow, Baby. 14 years ago

My wife and I just got back from a long weekend in the Owasco Lake area. We can recommend the Springside Inn for food but probably not for their wine list. We took a guided tour of several winerie...

finger lakes reviews

by sixela! 14 years ago

Just got back from the Finger Lakes. As my dude and I were there monday-wednesday, we found most of the choice restaurants were closed from monday-thursday. Eek!...We hadn't really considered tha...

Finger Lakes - Watkins Glen Dairy Bar

by Steve 15 years ago

The only food highlight of a recent trip to the Finger Lakes region was a trip to The Glen Dairy Bar in Watkins Glen, NY. A young lady there has recently learned to make gelato. Two of the flavor...

deli/latke tip

by Jim Leff 15 years ago

applehome, on another board, wrote: ---- If you're ever out in the Lake Success (Long Island) area - there is a strip mall across from an office complex (where I used to commute to from Boston). ...


by Steve Chizik 15 years ago

My wife and I will be up in the Finger Lakes region on 5/14 & 5/15. I would appreciate a heads up on where to go for the best meals in the area on those nights.

Good lunch in White Plains, NY?

by flori 15 years ago

Am going to be at the Crown Plaza Hotel in White Plains in 2 weeks. Any recommendations for a lunch place in the area that has good food and reasonable prices - delis and creative soup & sandwich ...

Boba/Bubble Tea on Long Island?

by boba tea seeker 15 years ago

Anyone know of anywhere to get Boba/Bubble Tea on Long Island? I need my Bubble Tea fix and I don't want to schlep to Queens or Chinatown? Thanks in advance for any help!

Ithaca & Finger Lakes

by Bob Libkind 18 years ago

Just catching up on my message-boarding and read the two-year old posts on eateries in Ithaca and vicinity. It needs some updating: Dano's on Cayuga, downtown Ithaca, just around the corner from ...

corning and finger lakes

by michel 16 years ago

Am planning on a visit to Corning and the finger lakes region, Time is short the appetite is not. Suggestions please, including what wineries are deserving of a visit and which to just pass on by. ...

Bubby's Burritos, Red Hook , NY

by M-L. 16 years ago

She's back with her dogs at her spot adjacent to the Montgomery Place Orchards stand. I got the LAST burrito of the day at 6:05. She closes at 6. Went to Poet's Walk to feast before coming home. ...

vacation in the finger lakes

by budino 16 years ago

hello hounds, Will be heading up to lake seneca in a couple weeks, staying in geneva for the most part, with a trip to watkins glen and a day/night in penn yan. It's my first time in the region. ...

Rochester/Finger Lakes report (very long)

by Scooter Pie 16 years ago

Hi folks. I'm Los Angeles Chowhound who made the pilgrimage to my "ancestral home" (to steal a phrase from current events) in Rochester in July. I haven't been going to Rochester every year (though...

Funky or interesting kosher NYC restaurant?

by lynn d 16 years ago

My coolest kosher friends are coming into town and I'd love to take them somewhere unusual - older, with character, or a funky dive place, or a crazy place. Just must be kosher. Any interesting ide...

Rochester NY

by Mike W 16 years ago

Any good suggestions for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Rochester?

Shannon's BBQ - Between Ellenville and Woodbourne

by Charles 17 years ago

I recently found a new place called Shannon's Texas BBQ in Greenfield Park about 6 or 7 miles down 52 from Ellenville, near Dairyland. They have their own smokehouse where the smoke what amounts t...

Finger Lakes

by BillP 17 years ago

I am going to be in the finger lakes region in NY (Corning, Watkins Glen) in early September to tour some vineyards and go to the vintage races at The Glen. I will have my family (wife, 2 yr old, ...

Finger Lakes

by BillP 17 years ago

I am going to be in the finger lakes region in NY (Corning, Watkins Glen) in early September to tour some vineyards and go to the vintage races at The Glen. I will have my family (wife, 2 yr old, ...

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