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With the help of the Chowhound community, find the best pizza, food trucks, lox, Italian fare, and more in New Haven.

9 Pizza Styles to Know & How to Make Them at Home

Pizza generally means one thing—in that everyone understands what you're talking about when you say the word—and yet, the particular type of pizza one thinks of can vary widely, especially if we're...

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lox in New Haven

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to get a bagel and lox in the New Haven area?

Roomba - New Haven

by Zina 20 years ago

Has anyone out there tried Roomba? It is in downtown New Haven - supposed to be very good.

Hong Kong grocery and restaurant Whitney Ave New Haven

by Richie 20 years ago

Had anyone tried the chinese restaurant in back of this grocery store? I might stop in there tonight after work. First I am heading over to DeRose's Market on Orange St to pick up a few things and ...

The Anchor College St. New Haven

by Richie 20 years ago

Has anyone ever eaten here? Going out with a group of 6 of us and we are looking for a cool place that's not very expensive. We will be going to the Shubert that night and are trying to eat within ...

Chowhound Chinese (New Haven)

by Dave R 20 years ago

Okay folks, on the assumption that the Chowhound motto really is "good food, cheap, and lots of it", here's one. The Chinese restaurant at the back of the Great Wall Grocery store on Whitney Avenue...

Puerto Rican food around Bridgeport and New Haven...

by Richie 20 years ago

Does anyone know of decent places to get puerto rican food,like rice and beans and rice gondulas and so on around Bridgeport and New Haven. I have been to one place across from St. Vincents Hosp. o...

middle eastern/afghan restaurants in/near New Haven?

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

I moved up to New Haven two days before the WTC attack and want to do my part to consume middle eastern food in my new community. We had huge cheap platefuls of Mahmoun's last night, and we're loo...

Seoul (New Haven)

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

Having returned to my usual downmarket ways, I decided to check out the Korean restaurant in downtown New Haven. Eh. We had stone pot bibimbop and kimchee geegae; both were fine, but nothing to w...

Pika (New Haven)

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

It's been a bad week at work, so the high-end chowhounding continues. We went to Pika in downtown New Haven on Wednesday night, and had a really great experience. Pika has a huge list of what ...

looking for new haven pizza, beyond pepe's?!

by teo 20 years ago

Help! I'm desperate to find real pizza in New Haven, on par with Pepe's/Sally's/Modern, but not so overrun? Is there more to New Haven pizza than these three, some hidden brick-oven gems out ther...

New Haven regional sushi

by deb-in-billyburg 20 years ago

Looking for good sushi at reasonable prices . . . actually, at this point, I may take good sushi at unreasonable prices.

recommend a special occasion restaurant near New Haven

by Jim 20 years ago

For my birthday next week, I would like to go with a small group of friends to somplace special. One couple will be travelling from Philadelphia, so I don't want to add to their car-time by choosi...

Ye olde New Haven warhorses....

by mark 21 years ago

Just moved out to the LA area (from NYC) -- a couple of days before leaving, one of my friends (a former Yalie) insisted upon our taking a field trip to New Haven, as I had once remarked to her tha...

Claire's in New Haven for dessert

by Richie 20 years ago

Had dessert at Claire's on Chapel Street saturday night.Was I ever disappointed.I don't see what all the hype is about at this place. I had the carrot cake..it was overbaked and very tough. Fourth ...

New Haven BBQ

by christy 21 years ago

Bosco's BBQ, less than 5 minutes off the Merritt Pkwy. in north New Haven (CT) has great barbecue and some excellent, traditional Southern-style sides. We had the tender ribs in a vinegar-y, tomato...

New Haven Pizza- 2 recent visits

by fusilli 20 years ago

i read jim's recent trip experience. i was there on sunday june 10 at about 5:30. the liine at Pepe's was pretty big. sallys was full inside but had no line. i ate at sally's. when we walked ...

The Place (Guilford, CT, near New Haven)

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

Most chowhounds have heard of The Place (901 Boston Post Road, (203) 453-9276), a huge outdoor pit barbecue serving up clams and corn and stuff. Very outdoors, summers-only, BYO, casual, great. B...

Anyone try SOCO GRILL in New Haven??

by Richie 20 years ago

I heard this place has fondue and I was just wondering if it's a club because it's connected with RISK CAFE.I guess it fairly new on Crown Street somewhere..it must me down in the Ninth Square area...

New Haven area restaurants - Il Pranzo and Jeffrey's

by A Ezzell 20 years ago

Has anyone eaten at either of these retaurants? What did you think? Thanks!

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