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With the help of the Chowhound community, find the best pizza, food trucks, lox, Italian fare, and more in New Haven.

9 Pizza Styles to Know & How to Make Them at Home

Pizza generally means one thing—in that everyone understands what you're talking about when you say the word—and yet, the particular type of pizza one thinks of can vary widely, especially if we're...

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Any good brunch places Bridgeport-New Haven?

by JTilCT 7 years ago

I have not been out to brunch in a looong time (like, 500 Blake St. used to be the regular brunch place-how long ago was that?). So, looking for a place to take the fam for brunch next Sunday. Pr...

New Haven - Looking for Goya Frozen Tortilla Patatas

by GoodFoodie 7 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find frozen Tortilla Patatas in the New Haven area? I tried going to C-Town thinking for sure, I'd find it but to my surprise they don't have it. I know Goya makes them...

Three Meals in Beautiful New Haven (long) 09/2014

by opinionatedchef 7 years ago

We just returned from a brief 2 night stay in New Haven and I wanted to do a quick report. We live in Boston and get down to the CT shoreline every yr or 2; the last time we have 2 super super me...

Ibiza, New Haven....closed

by John V 8 years ago

Does anyone know what really happened here? They closed very suddenly on Tuesday night. They said that they lost thier lease but that seems like they would have known that for some time not sudde...

Delaney's Tavern (formerly The Cape Codder) New Haven Burns Down

by bagelman01 7 years ago

At approximately 6 PM Delaney's Tavern a Westville, New Haven, CT landmark erupted in fire which ended up destroying the 100+ year old building including 2nd floor apartments. This location had ...

New Haven Pig Roast by Caseus's Jason Sobocinski and journalist Jack Hitt

by InstituteLibrary 7 years ago

On September 13, 2014, enjoy an organic, Connecticut pig, hickory-smoked for 24 hours, and special vegetarian sides by Caseus's Jason Sobocinski. Special and new dessert this year: apple crisp with...

Anyone seen the watermelon truck guy in New Haven yet this summer?

by shoes 7 years ago

Every summer, some guy parks around New Haven with a truck full of watermelons for sale. These are the real deal watermelons - giant seeded elongated ovals of awesomeness. I've bought from him p...

Lunch convenient to New Haven train station

by LauraBear 7 years ago

I need to find someplace for lunch convenient to the train station and 91 or 95. I know New Haven, but she does not and needs someplace easily reached from the highway. Also, we will probably want ...

Gluten Free Friendly Lunch in New Haven?

by debvil 8 years ago

Taking my soon to be sister in law out to lunch this weekend but require a Gluten free friendly place in New Haven. Would prefer something other than Claire's Cornercopia.... Suggestions are w...

Anyone know what happened to the US 1 Farm Market in New Haven?

by shoes 8 years ago

I noticed several weeks ago that the ethnic market "US 1 Farm Market" on Grasso Blvd. was closed "for renovations" according to the sign out front. It certainly needed renovation. It's been clos...

French Macarons in Greater New Haven?

by Zina 12 years ago

I spent some time in Paris last summer and absolutely fell in love with their Macarons! They are not at all like the coconutty version that we have here. And the colors and flavors were AMAZING! ...

New Haven Taco Trucks

by Tinkerbelldee 9 years ago

I know there was a discussion a while back but I can not seem to find it when I search. I have to be in New Haven on Saturday and wondered if they are open on Saturdays and which is the favorite...

Bridal Shower Ideas for New Haven Area?

by Lowren710 8 years ago

Hello! I am planning a bridal shower for my sister in the August/September time frame and I am not familiar with the area at all. It would be for 30-40 guests, and I would like to keep it under ...

Easter Brunch/Dinner New Haven or Middlesex County?

by Zina 8 years ago

This year, Easter falls on my Birthday (April 20). I'm really not interested in going to a family Easter dinner, would rather go out and celebrate. What's open for Brunch/Lunch or early dinner? We ...

Mario Batali coming to New Haven?

by justme123 8 years ago

Not a huge fan of his- (disclaimer-I have never eaten at any of his places- he just rubs me the wrong way on his shows), but for those that are- it looks like he is exploring coming to New Haven h...

New Haven: Bakeries and/or lobster rolls?

by Fida 8 years ago

I hope you guys don't mind that I started a separate thread, but in my experience once a topic has been kicked around a while, people don't necessarily keep returning to see if something totally di...

Cozy Dine-at-the-bar Sunday Foodie Lunch in New Haven area?

by missykins 8 years ago

Hi all, Just moved back to the NEW HAVEN area from Boston and am in search of a lunch place for an intimate and cozy/romantic meal on Sunday. Ive searched through the posts and am considering S...

Road Food - Merrit Pkwy to 95 New Haven to Boston

by Bellachefa 8 years ago

Any new or old hidden gems not too far off the highway for a quick bite? We do this drive quite a few times a year and looking for some new ideas. We've enjoyed Louis and Pizza Wars in New ...

Best Custom Bakery for Bar Mitzvah in New Haven/Shoreline CT Area?

by spiritmom7 8 years ago

I'm looking for a high-quality bakery to do a custom cake for my son's bar mitzvah reception. I'm looking for: great flavor/taste, beautiful look, excellent customer service. I'm aware of JCak...