New Hampshire

A Bite-Size Stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Planning a stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire? Here's where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. When my friend proposed the idea spending a few days in Portsmouth, NH as one of the stops...

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Arlington Hotel NH

by mggn 3 years ago

Wondering if anyone has stayed yet the Arlington Hotel in New Hampshire. Their ad states it is a newly built full time kosher hotel. Their website says opening July 2016. www.arlingtonnh.com

Salted Herring

by skeeterj 3 years ago

I am looking to buy some salted herring in a bucket or larger tin. Here in central New Hampshire there is none.

Whats going on at Wendy's in Nashua?

by tiny87 3 years ago

Drove by the closed Wendys on DW Highway in Nashua and noticed a lot of construction going on. Anyone heard anything? Almost looks like a Popeye's or another Taco Bell.

Markey"s vs. Brown's- The Battle of the Lobster Pounds

by BlueMagic 7 years ago

Is this really a competition anymore? It seems over the past few years that every die hard Brown's fan whom I have coaxed into Markey's has become an instant convert. Even this week, my nephew's wi...

Concord, NH: Something special or unique for weekday lunch?

by aregularjoe 3 years ago

Looking for a great local spot for a weekday lunch. Anything goes, just as long its good food made by people who care!

On the hunt for Dumplings

by lobstagal 3 years ago

Searching for the best place to get Peking dumplings and/or soup dumplings in the north of Boston/Southern NH area

Hibachi recommendations, Southern NH to Burlington, MA area

by solargarlic 3 years ago

Hi we are looking for a good Hibachi restaurant for a celebration with kids. The entertainment/show part of the dinner is probably our biggest priority, but of course, we don't want lousy food eith...

Hunting for Best Buffet Brunch in NH

by lobstagal 3 years ago

My soon-to-be 80 year old mother loves a Sunday brunch preferably a buffet and live music would be an extra plus. I'm on the hunt for a spot to take her for her birthday in April. Good food and dec...

Looking for spicy spots

by lobstagal 3 years ago

Hoping for some suggestions for restaurants with the spiciest (READ HOTTEST) offerings on Boston's North Shore or Southern New Hampshire. Want to celebrate my son's 30th and he isn't satisfied with...

Patrick's Pub & Eatery; Gilford, NH

by Glucklich 4 years ago

For the quality of the food received we would recommend this restaurant to others. The portions are generous and satisfy a hungry stomach. If someone wishes to have a quiet meal or a business mea...

Something's going in the closed McD's on 101A in Merrimack?

by cringle22 3 years ago

Construction going on at the site - Any news on what's going in? the fa├žade being constructed is square-shaped, like you see in a Ruby Tuesdays.

Local Eatery Laconia NH

by dfrostnh 3 years ago

Don't expect a quiet Tuesday or Wednesday winter night at the Local Eatery in Laconia, NH. That's when appetizers, wine and beer are half price (4-6pm but last night they were extending the time)....

Loone Mountain ski vacation

by stephberman 3 years ago

We are spending a week at the RiverWalk Resort at Loone Mountain. Looking for restaurant recommendations in the area for lunch and dinner. Thank you!

Restaurant Suggestions for Wedding

by Mparis210 3 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a restaurant that would be a fun and intimate venue for a 75 person wedding. Don't mind if the food is not a formal sit down or fancy, but want it to be tasty! I a...

Salem, NH - Methuen, MA Food News

by windward 6 years ago

Posts for news about new food stores, restaurants, opening & closing in and around Salem, NH, Methuen areas including the Merrimack River Valley.

Search for healthy eating/shopping in Londonderry, NH area

by pamsmall 3 years ago

I am moving to Londonderry, NH in a week. I'm a bit distressed because during the 4 days I was there during a house search, the places I dined and the grocery stores I experienced were not on the ...

Brew Pubs Rockingham County

by pamsmall 3 years ago

Just moved to the area! Looking for idea's for a Friday night.

North Conway: whoda thunk it - great Thai

by dfrostnh 3 years ago

Yelp reviews are all over the place but my husband decided to try Taste of Thai when he was in North Conway for a class. I rode up with him on week 2 just so I could eat at this restaurant after he...

Laconia / Guilford NH breakfast: Kitchen Cravings

by dfrostnh 3 years ago

I was at an event at Prescott Farm Environmental Center using my new smart phone googlemaps app to find someplace for lunch. Choice #1 was closed. "Where Locals Eat" showed Kitchen Cravings which i...