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15 Reasons Why Shiitakes are the King of All Mushrooms

I’ve never met a mushroom I didn’t like. But if I had to name one variety that trumps them all, it would be shiitakes. The brown, saucer-shaped fungi are indigenous to Asia. But they’ve also proved...

Earthy Flavors?

by ___f 2 months ago

Does anyone have any ideas for earthy flavors besides root vegetables and mushrooms?

Must I refrigerate fried chicken of the woods mushrooms?

by Cale_with_a_C 4 months ago

I battered & fried some chicken of the woods mushrooms last night but forgot the leftovers in the oven overnight. It's a very dry mushroom - certainly dryer than cornbread - so I wonder if they're ...


by KoshVorlon 6 months ago

So - what's the most delicious portobello dish you've ever had? So far, (and I have yet to find this recipe !) is the roasted portobello over at Wild Oats - specifically when they roast it wi...

Mushroom "Chips"

by Bigley9 6 months ago

Did I make this up or is it a known thing? I had a bunch of maitake mushrooms that I had forgotten about in my fridge. They looked okay so I decided to break them up and roast them just with some...

COVID ERA - Restaurant Suppliers

by Sadistick 7 months ago

I read an article that in the US (I believe this one mentioned NYC) many restaurant suppliers are now opening their doors (and delivery services) to the public in order to stay afloat during this p...

Should I wash mushrooms in vinegar to keep them good longer?

by lisaleira 8 months ago

I have these mushrooms that I don’t want to cook yet, and I’m hoping they can hang out for a while. I learned somewhere- maybe from mom or imagination- that if I wash them in water with some vineg...

Shiitake mushrooms look and smell fine, taste SOUR??

by tinyfish 6 years ago

I use Shiitakes a lot and have never come across this before yesterday. I had bought two packets of particularly large Shiitakes (in fact, I'd never seen them this big before either). After the fir...

Leftover stuffed mushrooms-how to use?

by bblonde 11 months ago

I recently had my daughter's christening catered and we were left with a lot of stuffed mushrooms. I love them, though I know they aren't everyone's favorite. This is becoming a trend because I m...

Mushroom Identification

by kySafran 1 year ago

Just spotted these while taking the bins out. They look fine to eat but can anyone confirm or give me a lead as to what they are? They are pure white all over including the gills.

best store or retailer carrying wild mushrooms in Vancouver

by ume 11 years ago

Just wanted to know if anybody can suggest a good wild mushroom store or retailer in Vancouver - I'm looking for some chanterelles and lobster mushrooms right now and later on some matsutakes. I...

Suggestions for a WIld Mushroom Cookbook?

by Pipenta 8 years ago

I can find plenty of field guides to wild mushrooms, but I haven't found a really good cookbook for them. They are so diverse in flavor and texture and require different treatments. Some are del...

Shiitake mushroom recipes

by ucanahdooit 9 years ago

Hi all, I am looking for shiitake mushroom recipes that are more creative than the standard stir fry with soy sauce idea. I love them but have never actually cooked with them before, so I want t...

Where to get unusual varieties of fresh mushrooms?

by air621 1 year ago

I know that mushrooms in Ontario are seasonal, but I'm interested in finding some fresh Chicken of the Woods, Miatakes and Lion's Mane. Does anyone know where I could find some?

Concern over suspiciously pleasurable mushrooms

by wickedsluggy 3 years ago

I have found shitake mushrooms are very inexpensive at some of my local Asian grocery stores near Dallas, Texas (Ranch 99 etc). They are the thick stemmed, rough capped type. They have an incredibl...

Substitute for mushrooms...

by JuniorBalloon 6 years ago

So many recipes call for them, but I am one of those unlucky people that hates mushrooms. To me they taste like dirt...bad dirt. :) Is there anything that can take their place? Usually I just omit ...

Green Bean Casserole--substitute for mushrooms or leave out?

by nofunlatte 2 years ago

Hi all! In memory of Dorcas Reilly, I'm bringing this green bean casserole to a Thanksgiving dinner. However, my sister doesn't like mushrooms. I was just going to leave them out (and add some e...

Chanterelle mushrooms in NYC

by xoam 2 years ago

Does anybody know where I can find chanterelle mushrooms in New York City? Queens or Manhattan would be preferred. Thanks!

puffball mushrooms, recipe ideas?

by dijon 14 years ago

My neighbor had a couple of huge (bigger than a 16" softball)puffball mushrooms in her yard and gave them to me when I told her they were edible. Any ideas for recipes? I thought of slicing and fry...


by laneross 2 years ago

Can I use shiitake mushroom in Chicken Marsala instead of crimini or will the taste be too different?