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Chanterelles - Bitter

by jounipesonen 10 months ago

It's known - incl myself - that dried chanterelles shousoaked and water discarded - otherwise strong bitter taste. ...


jounipesonen commented 11 hours ago

Help...Mushroom Pizza East Bay

by mcw 1 month ago

Chowhounds...please tell me who makes the best mushroom inspired Pizza in the East Bay...prefer a bit of truffle oil ...

mcw commented 1 month ago

Creamy Mushroom Sauce

by FoodFundi 1 month ago

Hi Guys I just recently came across this picture and the Mushroom sauce topped on whatever this is looks absolut...

tim irvine commented 1 month ago

The Science of Sauteed Mushrooms

by Perilagu Khan 2 months ago

I gotta confess--I'm a sauteed shroomaholic. If they're on a restaurant menu, odds are close to 100% that I'm orderin...

Perilagu Khan commented 2 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Do you recognize this spinach mushroom bake thingy?

by magnoliasouth 4 months ago

I am in search of a recipe that is lost. I've only made it once. Long story short, when I moved to Alaska, while wait...

Where to get dried mushrooms like Costco used to sell?

by helou 3 years ago

Costco used to sell a large-ish plastic container that had a nice mix of various dried mushrooms, including shitakes....


kaineilsen commented 4 months ago

Seeking veal/mushroom meatloaf that Franey/Claiborne published many years ago

by hopegoode 8 years ago

By mistake, I donated the cookbook which had this favorite recipe. I believe it may have been written in one of the "...


CFJensen commented 5 months ago

Is there an easy substitute for canned cream of mushroom soup?

by Reston 9 years ago

There are a few recipes that I like which call for canned cream of mushroom soup, but I would rather use a fresher su...


PiperBob commented 5 months ago

Gardening Be the first to comment

Shaggy Ink-Cap Mushrooms

by outRIAAge 7 months ago

I'm rather stunned. I just searched here for "Shaggy Ink-Caps" and found no references. Reason I searched is becau...

Buying morel mushrooms in Vancouver

by Dina 15 years ago

Ciao all! :) Where could I buy morel mushrooms (either fresh or dried) in Vancouver and area? Email me in addition to...


takaya49 commented 7 months ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Wild/foraged mushrooms?

by limso 7 months ago

My diet has been missing wild mushrooms since I left the bay area and the ridiculously inexpensive wild mushrooms tha...

Mushroom Allergy

by marritt 1 year ago

Just purchased "The Negative Calorie Diet". It calls for mushrooms. Have allergy to them. Need substitutions ideas.


MsBees commented 7 months ago

Delicately flavored mushrooms?!

by mixtapepanda 8 months ago

Hey there fellow home cooks. I want to cook mushrooms (white, portabella, cremini, whatever) in a garlic, & white win...

coll commented 7 months ago

Where can I find porcini mushrooms in north NJ

by Snowprincess 8 months ago

Hello! I am on a quest to find real porcini mushrooms (not dried). Has anyone seen them anywhere?

coll commented 7 months ago

Substitute for mushrooms...

by JuniorBalloon 2 years ago

So many recipes call for them, but I am one of those unlucky people that hates mushrooms. To me they taste like dirt....


JennyLF commented 8 months ago

Exotic and wild mushrooms @ Italian Market

by george2 8 months ago

Looking for several pounds of a variety of wild/exotic mushrooms in the italian market. Any sure bets?

outRIAAge commented 8 months ago

Can I eat these mushrooms that came up in my yard?

by tulio 5 years ago

What kind of mushrooms are theses and are they safe to eat? If so, are they any good?

breadchick commented 8 months ago

Hung Tao Yee Fu Won Ton

by mrschoy 11 years ago

Use to be able to get this in Chinatown - deep fried pork filled wonton in a thick broth with slivers of Virginia ham...

Cynsa commented 8 months ago

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