This Spiced Mulled Cider Will Get You Fired Up for Fall

You might think it’s too early to discuss the holidays, but we’re in the large majority of people who’d beg to differ. After all, the temperatures are already dropping, dusty slippers are being yanked...

Mulled wine in unlined copper?

by OaklandGal 3 years ago

I am making Ghina’s mulled wine for a holiday gathering next week and I am wondering if a large unlined copper saucepan can be used for this?

Homemade mulled wine - how long does it last? How to make it last?

by baileybailey 4 years ago

I am planning to make a few bottles of home-made Gluehwein for some friends and family as gifts, but I am wondering about "rebotteling" them. If I just filled a bottle with a screwcap and handed it...

How long can i keep mulled wine in an airtight jar?

by ddp189 4 years ago

I made mulled wine about a week and a half ago, and have stored it in an airtight mason jar in the refrigerator. Is it still good to drink, and/or how can I make sure it hasn't gone bad?

What to serve with mulled cider

by akdad 4 years ago

Making mulled cider in the slow cooker spiked with brandy for a group of friends, and was trying to think of something to eat. Not a huge fan of scrambling for lots of h'orderves but not wanting to...

Contempo Westwood Glogg?

by CrayolaToo 5 years ago

Does anyone remember the upscale furniture store Contempo/Westwood Playhouse in Westwood village, next to UCLA? It is now the Geffen Playhouse. Every holiday season Contempo brewed Swedish glogg (...

Leftover mulled wine syrup

by Theresa 5 years ago

I've had some mulled wine syrup base (from Jamie Oliver's recipe) in the fridge for two months. It still has the strips of lime, lemon and clementine zest in it, along with the whole spices and va...

Mulled Wine?

by amnyc 8 years ago

Looking for nice holiday wine in nyc. In Europe mulled wine / vin chaud / gluwhein seem to be everywhere. But I really haven't seen much in New York. Can anyone help point me in the direction ...

Repurposing mulled cider

by arp29 8 years ago

I have about 3/4 gallon mulled cider left over from a party. I'd love to hear any ideas you might have for using it up!

Good bars in DC region that serve hot mulled cider?

by maria_dragon 8 years ago

I love hot mulled cider with rum (or bourbon). Does anyone know of good bars in the DC area that serve this?

Best Mulled Wine in Boston

by cmcglynn 9 years ago

It's getting cold and I am on the search for a really good Mulled Wine or Glogg. Can be in Cambridge, Brookline too. Thanks for all your help!!!

Mulling over Mulled Wine

by AndieSantos 10 years ago

With the holiday season in full bloom (or freeze) a longing for warmth and wine comes over us all (apart from those non-winos, in which case you may want to change posts, if not, keep reading). In ...

Mulled Wine Tips

by cait98 10 years ago

I'm going to be mulling some wine this weekend in my crockpot. I've never done it before and am looking for some advice. I have a bunch of whole spices in my cabinet - nutmeg, cardamon, cinnamon st...

mulled / poached pears

by elizatip 10 years ago

does anyone have a recipe for bottled/jarred pears in some type of alcohol that will allow me to keep them for longer than 8ish weeks ,the pears are ready now and we want to give them out at christ...

Mulled Wine

by Snd485 11 years ago

Anyone know where to get glogg or mulled wine in Arlington, VA? I tried some for the first time at the Swedish embassy's Christmas fair this past weekend and thought it was the perfect drink for t...

Mulled cider...the spiked version

by TaraDLS 11 years ago

I am looking for places in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens that serve great spiked mulled cider. It's one of my favorite winter drinks and I am really looking forward to the few places that I know ha...

mulled wine?

by Jem57 12 years ago

Any suggestions for a place that serves mulled wine and other hot alcoholic drinks? Thanks.

Mulled wine . . . ?

by CindyJ 12 years ago

I'm having some friends over for a bonfire tomorrow night, and I was wondering about hot mulled wine. I've never had it and I wonder if it's really any good. I have no idea how to make it, or wha...

Mulled wine advice needed

by northside food 13 years ago

I am considering making a mulled wine for tomorrow night's festivities. I do have a large quantity of red wine to use, however I realized last night I have some dribs and drabs of leftover wine th...

Mulled Wine Recipe?

by Rick 13 years ago

I have a bottle of mulling spices from Williams and Sonoma that I was planning on using, but beyond that is there anything else I should do?