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Homemade mulled wine - how long does it last? How to make it last?

by baileybailey 8 months ago

I am planning to make a few bottles of home-made Gluehwein for some friends and family as gifts, but I am wondering a...


hotoynoodle commented 8 months ago

How long can i keep mulled wine in an airtight jar?

by ddp189 9 months ago

I made mulled wine about a week and a half ago, and have stored it in an airtight mason jar in the refrigerator. Is i...


MikeG commented 9 months ago

What to serve with mulled cider

by akdad 9 months ago

Making mulled cider in the slow cooker spiked with brandy for a group of friends, and was trying to think of somethin...


hotoynoodle commented 9 months ago

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Contempo Westwood Glogg?

by CrayolaToo 1 year ago

Does anyone remember the upscale furniture store Contempo/Westwood Playhouse in Westwood village, next to UCLA? It is...

Leftover mulled wine syrup

by Theresa 2 years ago

I've had some mulled wine syrup base (from Jamie Oliver's recipe) in the fridge for two months. It still has the str...


Theresa commented 2 years ago

Mulled Wine?

by amnyc 4 years ago

Looking for nice holiday wine in nyc. In Europe mulled wine / vin chaud / gluwhein seem to be everywhere. But I r...


foodwhisperer commented 3 years ago

Repurposing mulled cider

by arp29 4 years ago

I have about 3/4 gallon mulled cider left over from a party. I'd love to hear any ideas you might have for using it up!


LaureltQ commented 4 years ago

Good bars in DC region that serve hot mulled cider?

by maria_dragon 5 years ago

I love hot mulled cider with rum (or bourbon). Does anyone know of good bars in the DC area that serve this?


abigail99 commented 5 years ago

Best Mulled Wine in Boston

by cmcglynn 5 years ago

It's getting cold and I am on the search for a really good Mulled Wine or Glogg. Can be in Cambridge, Brookline too. ...


humble commented 5 years ago

Mulling over Mulled Wine

by AndieSantos 6 years ago

With the holiday season in full bloom (or freeze) a longing for warmth and wine comes over us all (apart from those n...


AndieSantos commented 6 years ago

Mulled Wine Tips

by cait98 6 years ago

I'm going to be mulling some wine this weekend in my crockpot. I've never done it before and am looking for some advi...


todao commented 6 years ago

mulled / poached pears

by elizatip 7 years ago

does anyone have a recipe for bottled/jarred pears in some type of alcohol that will allow me to keep them for longer...


bushwickgirl commented 7 years ago

Mulled Wine

by Snd485 7 years ago

Anyone know where to get glogg or mulled wine in Arlington, VA? I tried some for the first time at the Swedish embas...


LBJR09 commented 7 years ago

Mulled cider...the spiked version

by TaraDLS 7 years ago

I am looking for places in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens that serve great spiked mulled cider. It's one of my favorit...


gramres22 commented 7 years ago

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mulled wine?

by Jem57 8 years ago

Any suggestions for a place that serves mulled wine and other hot alcoholic drinks? Thanks.

Mulled wine . . . ?

by CindyJ 9 years ago

I'm having some friends over for a bonfire tomorrow night, and I was wondering about hot mulled wine. I've never had...


Maximilien commented 9 years ago

Mulled wine advice needed

by northside food 9 years ago

I am considering making a mulled wine for tomorrow night's festivities. I do have a large quantity of red wine to us...


northside food commented 9 years ago

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Mulled Wine Recipe?

by Rick 9 years ago

I have a bottle of mulling spices from Williams and Sonoma that I was planning on using, but beyond that is there any...

Mulled Wine in Toronto

by LaurenFriese 9 years ago

Hello! I'm looking for a bar/pub that serves mulled wine in downtown Toronto. Any suggestions would be greatly app...


Matthew Sullivan commented 9 years ago