Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Grab & Go

Just because you’re caught up in the morning rush doesn’t mean you’re too busy to grab a healthy breakfast. These make-ahead breakfast recipes ensure you’ll be good to go—even if you aren't actually...

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Midtown muffins

by digachica 19 years ago

I'm looking for the best muffin in all of Midtown (east or west). Any thoughts? I refuse, however, to pay more than $2 for a muffin.


by MichaelB 19 years ago

Let's talk muffins. What are the best muffins, of all kinds, in the Boston area? I will nominate Bread and Circus for a general excellence (or at least very good-ness) award, based mainly on their ...

marvelous muffins

by Iron Frank 19 years ago

They are making some very good, cakey banana walnut muffins at Mary's off Jane on 8th Ave. The muffins are definitely on the sweet side with a streusel topping but the banana and walnut flavors ar...

Blueberry Muffins...Help (Long )

by Elle 19 years ago

Chicago Chowhounds, Can you recommend a company or restaurant that delivers remarkable blueberry muffins? I live in a different state, but am trying to find a local Chicago bakery or restaurant ...

Where are the corn muffins & cinnamon rolls? And why?

by David C. 19 years ago

I'm a New Yorker, and grew up with corn muffins. Came to L.A. and corn muffins are suddenly scarce. Can anybody recommend good sources, especially in Hollywood or on the west side? But the bigger...

Where to find best bran/multigrain/fruit muffins in NYC?

by Maria 19 years ago

Teresa's on Montague St. has great multigrain muffins, and Veselka in the East Village offers an OK variety of muffins, does anyone know of other places where quality is a primary ingredient... oth...


by cam 19 years ago

Anyone have any suggestions on where I can find a place that makes great muffins and has a large variety? A few years back there was a small place on Vernon in LIC that was good.


by Jeff 19 years ago

Where can I find the best muffins in Manhattan? A blueberry variety I got at Zabar's truly tasted like Play-do (sp?). Besides that one, I like all kinds! Thanks in advance.

best muffin pans

by elise h 19 years ago

I recently greased my aluminum muffin pans with oil for a batch of blueberry muffins. Wasted effort, the muffins still stuck to the pan. What do hounds suggest? 1. a different kind of muffin pan ...

the Muffin Lady?

by Hungry Celeste 19 years ago

I just had a sweet potato cinnamon roll, compliments of "the muffin lady" who roams Uptown. If you ever see her, invest $1 in any of her baked goods. Someone told me that she was featured in the ...

Bran Muffin

by Carrie 19 years ago

Just tried a honey-bran muffin from "75 Cafe" on Kneeland Street for breakfast this morning. YUM! No raisins, crunchy top, soft warm inside. I highly recommend.

Muffins in Sherman Oaks

by curlyjulia 19 years ago

I've know a bakery which I think is Chow-worthy. Its called Unforgettable Cakes on Ventura just west of Van Nuys. They have a few quirks--they sell muffins and coffee, but do not open for busines...

The Muffin Man in Paris

by John Whiting 19 years ago

The eminent American food writer John Thorne is researching English muffins. There's an American expat in France who has gone back to historic techniques and makes what are perhaps the best English...

Where can I get a decent bran muffin in London?

by Nndroid 19 years ago

OK, it's not an haute cuisine question, but I've lived here for eleven years and I still can't find anywhere that sells bran muffins! All I can get for my breakfast are sugar-laden "blueberry" toot...

Spice Muffins

by Russell 19 years ago

I used to get them in a Queens bakery called Morrisson's, but they stopped making them. Can any one help.

Good muffin

by Pan 19 years ago

Get the mixed berry whole wheat muffin at the cappucino and sweets place on the northwest corner of 22 St. and 7th Av. At $1.90, they cost more than average, but they are MUCH better than average.

Damn good chocalate Chocalate chip muffins

by Lenny Lantsman 20 years ago

I eat at this place whenever I get home from work. It's on the corner of 4th avenue and 69th street in Brooklyn. They make the most unbelieveable chocalate chocalate chip muffine I've ever had. ...

Where can I find good low-fat muffins/pastries?

by Sara 20 years ago

Where can I find good low-fat muffins and/or pastries. So far all i've found are some decent ones at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, though I know there must be more in the L.A. or San Fernando Valley area...

A Great Muffin on 33rd Street!

by Daniel Sonenberg 22 years ago

This sounds unlikely, but I found an absolutely great muffin place on 33rd and fifth. Probably not worth a detour, but if you're in the neighborhood, go to the Kosher place on the South East corne...

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