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Muffin Pans

Every baker needs a set of quality muffin pans. Discuss the best materials, brands, and sizes with fellow Chowhound bakers.

What's the grey residue on my new aluminum muffin pan?

by syb 8 years ago

I just bought an aluminum covered steel muffin pan made by Chicago Metallic. As I was greasing the tray with melted b...


Jo71 commented 4 months ago

Doughmakers Muffin Tin

by Libranflight 2 years ago Just sharing some info I found, for fans of Doughmakers bakeware. They used ...


Libranflight commented 2 years ago

Muffin pans

by DonnaMarieNJ 3 years ago

The recipe I want to try calls for a 6 cup muffin pan. When searching on Amazon, I came up with numerous sizes. I f...


DonnaMarieNJ commented 3 years ago

Can I bake cupcakes in a muffin tin?

by nooodles 14 years ago

All this talk about cupcakes has prompted a question: do I need to change the recipe at all to bake cupcakes in a muf...


hotoynoodle commented 3 years ago

Hash brown crust mini-quiche for a crowd - Can I make it in advance?

by watermelonsoo 3 years ago

It'll be about 40-50 people for a brunch time baby shower. I'd like to be able to make about 100 of these in regular ...


Ttrockwood commented 3 years ago

Poached eggs in a muffin tin -need tips for tomorrow

by cayjohan 5 years ago

Tomorrow is our annual post-Thanksgiving turkey hash-n-eggs dinner. We usually do ten fried eggs for five diners, and...


opinionatedchef commented 4 years ago

Non-stick muffin tins not non-stick

by daeira 5 years ago

Perhaps this is my incompetence more than anything, but I'm finding that my non-stick muffin pan isn't at all non-sti...


dalysh commented 4 years ago

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ISO recipe that uses tater tots in a muffin tin and channels twice baked potatoes

by Shrinkrap 4 years ago

Has anybody seen this? Anybody have any ideas about making it work? I had it at a NYE party, and thought it would be ...

Can Recipe for Muffin Tin be Made in Pyrex Dish?

by 99Jason 4 years ago

I'm just wondering if a recipe for mini-cakes somehow won't work in a pyrex dish. (I.e, that it's possible the heat a...


99Jason commented 4 years ago

Going to throw my muffin tins out the window!!!

by itryalot 4 years ago

I have purchased muffin tin upon muffin tin and am beyond frustrated: 1. Trying to make the mini cherry cheesecake ...


PSRaT commented 4 years ago

Texas Muffin Tin

by randyjl 4 years ago

I am looking for the muffin tin to make muffins wide like they have at Costco. Is the Texas Muffin Tin the one? I can...


Antilope commented 4 years ago

Non-stick muffin tins

by bxgirl 4 years ago

I have Wilton non-stick mini-muffin tins. I usually don't grease them when I am making mini-muffins, but just out of ...


breadchick commented 4 years ago

Name for/where to buy individual metal muffin tins

by bluecurtain 4 years ago

I have some stainless steel individual stainless steel muffin/pudding tin/cup/ramekin things that are a very simple d...


KungPaoDumplings commented 4 years ago

Muffin Pans

by Andie 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend a brand of muffin pan they have had experience with? I'm looking for a mini-muffin pan (24 cups,...


MacGuffin commented 4 years ago

Pecan tassies sticking in nonstick muffin pans

by somervilleoldtimer 5 years ago

I've used both butter and spray pan stuff when making pecan tassies. The crust is very short, but the filling sort ...

free sample addict aka Tracy L

free sample addict aka Tracy L commented 5 years ago

Stoneware Muffin Pans

by Chemicalkinetics 9 years ago

I was at Home Goods shopping for two medium muffin pans and saw the Natural Earth muffin pans as well as many other s...


willownt commented 5 years ago

No Muffin Pans Needed?

by Velda Mae 5 years ago

I have a package of Cupcake Creations muffin papers that claim to be heavy duty and of superior quality. The package...


Rigmaster commented 5 years ago

Iron muffin pan

by Nakoda 6 years ago

I sure hope im posting this right. Correct me if im not. I bought an iron muffin pan at the flea market a few weeks ...


kaleokahu commented 6 years ago

Muffin Pans for Bamboo Steamer [moved from Southeast board]

by dougiefla 6 years ago

I want to make Puto, which is a steamed Filipino sweet bread/cake. I have bamboo steamers, but can't find any muffin ...


Chemicalkinetics commented 6 years ago

Tarts in Muffin Pan

by raisa 7 years ago

So if I want to make mini tarts shells in muffin pan what are the things I should take care of? 1. Do I grease the...


raisa commented 7 years ago