A Rich Mole Poblano Sauce to Amp Up Your Everyday Chicken

If we’ve learned anything over the past few months of quarantine, it’s that cooking at home has served as the most visceral method of travel. Plane tickets to France have been cashed in for a blueberry...

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How to use the Mole that I bought in Mexico City?

by Uncle Luigi 6 years ago

I was in Mexico City last week and on a tour of La Merced market, I bought some Mole from a vendor. There were various moles, the one I bought was made with almonds. I tasted the paste, but ended...

Chicken Mole at Velvet Margarita Cantina in Hollywood

lil mikey
by lil mikey 6 years ago

Chips come with warm refried beans, a chipotle-style salsa, and a pico de gallo style salsa. So there's a lot going on to start. The menu is broad including a vegetarian section. But the slee...

How to use pre-packaged mole

by DianaMarie9999 6 years ago

I bought a pack of Mole Poblano in Mexico - La Bendicion moles & pastas - their website is under construction and do no know how to make mole from the package, anyone ever tried this product?

Double uses for labor intensive food - Mole sauce

by seal 6 years ago

After spending a good amount of time over three days making a mole sauce for a long cooking pork butt I was thinking. We finished all the pork and a good amount of the mole sauce, but there was sti...

Great mole in san francisco?

by JKJ 11 years ago

So, I've never actually eaten mole, as far as I know (I'm from the northeast and grew up eating a lot more caribbean than mexican food). I know there are a zillion different kinds and I'd like to t...

Store Bought Mole Sauce / Paste?

by Optimista 6 years ago

Okay, I'm going to get a reputation for being a shortcut girl, but I've been dreaming of mole lately and making my own is too much for a weeknight meal. I like my moles chocolatey and dark with a b...

Casa del Mole and Rufina’s Kitchen in Healdsburg

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

This little Mexican grocery store in the middle of town changed hands again earlier this year, and is now owned by the Diaz family who operate Agave Restaurant. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7...

Mole in a Jar

by JonParker 14 years ago

I picked up a few jars of mole paste at an international market the other day. I could make my own, and like David Thompson says about curry paste it's something I should definitely try, but for d...

Ole for mole!

by maninblack 6 years ago

My wife and I just had another terrific meal at Ole in Cambridge. We started with the excellent table side guacamole. It has good sized chunks of avocado, and more tomato than most, just the way ...

Vegetable Ideas to Serve with Chicken Mole

by SusanB 13 years ago

We're planning to have a dinner for friends this fall and we'd love to cook a mole. We'll obviously have rice, but I think we'd want a vegetable dish that wasn't in a sauce. Any idea on what veget...

Has anyone used this mole base?

by Malcolm Ruthven 6 years ago

I bought it at Novato Market, a Latino market that used to be called Quezada Market. The directions say to add chicken broth but don't say how much. Is anyone experienced with this? Or want to take...

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

by mpdrip 6 years ago

Was in Mexico City last fall and had the black mole at Fonda Mi Lupita (HOLY COW!!) This stuff was amazing. Sweet, smoky, spicy, deep, dark etc etc. Well I bought a good size bag of dried mole to b...

Mexican mole take out near Sunnybrook Hospital

Food Tourist
by Food Tourist 7 years ago

Very specific request from a friend in PICU who wants Mexican delivered to her hospital room. (I'm more than happy to oblige her - she didn't get to leave even on Christmas Day.) She wants me to br...

Mole - Substitution Chiles?

by Dylan45 7 years ago

I'm from Canada and I want to make a mole but have not been able to find the right chiles anywhere. I've been looking online but it seems like it will be very expensive to ship the holy trinity of ...

Mole - Substitution chiles?

by Dylan45 7 years ago

I'm from Canada and I want to make a mole but have not been able to find the right chiles anywhere. I've been looking online but it seems like it will be very expensive to ship the holy trinity of ...


by ChrisOC 13 years ago

One of my favorite dishes at a good Mexican restaurant is mole. I managed to find a jar of Mole sauce at a local grocery. How can I use this to approximate the Mole dishes I have been served? I ...

Mole Crab?

by psychocandy 7 years ago

Well, crab season will be starting soon. And I just heard a radio show with a Mexican chef. So I was wondering, has anyone ever tried a mole crab recipe? One New Year's Eve, I pan cooked a bunch...

Mole...where can I find it...?

by gentry 14 years ago

My husband and I just moved to Pasadena and have come to find out that it seems to be the capital of mediocre expensive food. So besides not finding great spots for reasonably priced meals...we ha...

mole from La Superior Carniceria in Durham

by PGDinDurham 7 years ago

Just to report that I bought a single quantity of the mole negro paste from La Superior Carniceria in Durham and used it in a recipe. I highly recommend it. It's easy to use: simply thin it to the ...