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9 Essential Kitchen Utensils and Which Cookware They Work With

Thanks for joining us for Cookware Week! In case you missed it, we shared our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, and the best recipes...

The humble wooden spoon

by seefoo 5 months ago

When I was a teen, I came across an entire magazine dedicated to the best 100 food things of the year. It was Saveur Magazine and it comes out around this time a year. I let the subscription expir...

Dreamware from Polders Old World Market?

by bloodboy 1 year ago

Does anyone have any experience with this company and their Dreamware line of wooden utensils? https://www.poldersoldworldmarket.com/collections/dreamware I am really considering purchasing ...

Cooking beef in skillet spatual contamination worries?

by newbiefor1 2 years ago

When I cook ground beef in a skillet I always worry about using the same spatula or utensil. I put the ground beef in the skillet, then I break it up with either a wooden spoon or a spatula.. Bu...

Wooden Spoons and Mineral Oil

by artist1 9 years ago

(Note: This thread was split from http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/767809#6344854 -- The Chowhound Team) Ah Aggie Cat, please tell me more about the wood spoons and mineral oil. I use it on my w...

Please help me find a replacement for this

by bluesman13 4 years ago

My beloved stirring/mixing spoon needs to be replaced. I can't imagine my kitchen without one. I've looked on Amazon but the ones they have just aren't the same. Any suggestions?

Good quality wooden spoons?

by grayum 10 years ago

I have a set of wooden spoons that I use all the time for cooking and "serviceable" is about the best I can say for them. I'd like to upgrade and am wondering if anyone has recommendations for a g...

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