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Tel Aviv festive restaurants to celebrate 13 yr old daughter.

by Michmarx 5 years ago

Most festive Tel Aviv restaurants to celebrate my 13 year old daughters birthday. It's doesn't need to be Kosher just ALOT of fun. Arriving in late August.

Best restaurants/food in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Eilat, & Haifa please!!

by MiamiBeachMomma 5 years ago

Would love recs for jerusalem, tel aviv, haifa and eilat. It does not need to be kosher, but certainly can be. Mostly lunches and dinners. Love all kinds of food!! Thanks!!1

Nanuchka, Tel Aviv

by cresyd 5 years ago

I was very surprised to read in Haaretz today that Nanuchka (Georgian restaurant in Tel Aviv) had gone vegan after having been quite the omnivore's delight for over ten years. Would be very curio...

Israel Trip Report July 2015

by dtury 5 years ago

Just returned from a long trip, including a week in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In Jerusalem, I had two wonderful meals at Ima, very much a mom and pop home cooking styled establishment. Well done. ...

Istanbul airport 7 hour layover

by Adamlick 5 years ago

Hi, My fiancé and I are stopping in Istanbul on our way to Nairobi. We have a seven hour layover and our bags are checked through to Nairobi. Does anyone recommend a restaurant that we could t...

restaurant near Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem

by Jessie B 5 years ago

We be in Jerusalem for a conference and the schedule calls for us to find a place for dinner near the Mahane Yehuda market. Do you have any suggestions for where to go? We want a place with excelle...

Travelling to Marrakech and Fes

by SFVFoodie 5 years ago

Hubby and I are travelling to Marrakech and Fes in late September. Looking for all sorts of nontouristy suggestions, from casual to elegant. Moroccan and other cuisines. Recommendations for day tri...

Gluten-free friendly in Tel Aviv

by cresyd 5 years ago

http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/1.655790?trailingPath=2.169%2C2.1246%2C2.203%2C2.206%2C I'm pretty sure none of these places are kosher, but I could be wrong.

Where to eat game, perhaps zebra, in Tanzania?

by roonross 5 years ago

Will be travelling to Tanzania and would appreciate a recommendation to a restaurant serving local game, such as zebra.

Jerusalem: best hotel breakfast, best vegetarian /dairy meals

by noya 5 years ago

Beginning to plan our trip and of course food is the first thought! Which hotel has the best breakfast? Where shall we (a family of 8) have lunches and dinners? Vegetarian or dairy. We love hummus ...

Bar Mitzvah Lunch for 30 Old City, Jerusalem

by barmitzvamom 5 years ago

Hi, What's a great place to host a meal for 30 -- Lunch at Noon -- Kosher -- Either meat or dairy -- Near Kotel ---Good for older folks used to traditional food and to younger hipsters -- hopin...

Ethiopia updates?

by Peculiah 6 years ago

Doses anyone have any current recommendations for Ethiopia? I will be travelling there for 3 weeks. Specifically Addis, Dilla, Arba Minch, Lalibela, Gondar, and Aksum. Restaurant or "must try/mu...

Morocco trip planned for April- no recent relevant threads- Help

by zinfanatic 5 years ago

We will travel to Morocco for two weeks. As usual, I am asking my chowhound friends for help with restaurants. Although we will eat at some places where we stay, we would like to venture out to oth...

Restaurant Recommendations in Beirut, Lebanon?

by Magnus10 5 years ago

I will be in Beirut, Lebanon in April, and am looking for restaurant recommendations that anyone may have.

Getting through customs with pastrami

by LaoLa 5 years ago

Where can I find out if I can bring pastrami from Egypt? Does anyone know if its allowed? Help! I travel back to USA in 2 days.

Dubai Fine Dining 2015 - Entertainer

by JBG89 5 years ago

Hello, Could anyone with some information please provide some recommendations for some good fine dining options, and 1 buffet option for our trip from the entertainer book? We're into seafood...

Lunch for 30 in Jerusalem

by robb 8 years ago

We are heading to Israel for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah in March. We will have a group of about 30 and we are looking for some recomendations that would be great for lunch. Type of food and cost ar...

Simon's Town, and Noordhoek?

el jefe
by el jefe 5 years ago

I'll be spending a few nights in Simon's Town next month. I can't find much info on good restaurants there. Does anyone here have recent experience? Also, I've heard good things about the Food B...