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Boca/Boynton Beach/Fort Lauderdale - Kid Friendly

by halpie97 18 days ago

I am traveling to Boynton Beach with my wife and three children (all under 5). We are going to there over my Wife’s 36th birthday and will have Grandparents and Great-Parents with us. Can someone...

Best Cubano in Miami Airport?

by Smoothfin 18 days ago

I'm going to have some time to kill in the Miami airport. Where can I get the best cubano sandwich in the airport?

Best Pastrami in South Florida

by foodell 1 year ago

We will be driving from Ft Lauderdale to Miami cruise port. We want to stop for a Pastrami sandwich. I would be willing to go out of the way for the best Pastrami sandwich. Your opinion please?


by Alfred G 2 years ago


Where to buy fresh truffles?

by Jay Holden 8 years ago

Can someone pls tell me where can a chef, restauranteur buy fresh truffles in or around Miami? Many Thanks!!

Full English breakfast in miami/ft Lauderdale area

by dbellas 3 months ago

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew where I might find an “authentic” full English breakfast here in miami/ft Lauderdale area. Thank you in advance.

Jewell Bistro in Lake Worth (Dak is Back)

by CFByrne 1 year ago

When last we left Dak and Pizzeria Oceano (P.O.)... It was January 2017... And after experiments with Swell Pizza (takeout) and Jerk Oceano (PO without the pizza, essentially)... Pizzeria...

Casual food in South Beach

by FearmyRoth 4 months ago

Hi, I'll be spending a week doing very little other than relaxing on the beach in South Beach. This is a lazy trip and I do not want to travel outside of South Beach. I am looking for very casual...

Drive from Miami to Key West

by dining with doc 6 months ago

driving on Xmas day from miami to key west. what will be open for stops along the way. need food and other interesting stops.

Miami Florida Area - Where to buy fresh ramen noodles?

by dbellas 1 year ago

Hello, I live in miami, I used to buy our ramen noodles at the “Japanese market “ which recently closed down. Anyone know where I can find some? I’m pretty sure what the market sold was sun noodle ...

Singer Island Restaurants

by dcbbq 6 months ago

We'll be headed back to Palm Beach Shores/Riviera Beach after a gap of a couple of years, and this time we'll have an infant (20 months) with us. What's new?

Epicure's Flourless Chocolate Cake

by sunkissed64 7 months ago

I miss Epicure. From their top quality products to their bakery. I used to buy flourless chocolate cake there with a wonderful chocolate mousse between the layers. I'm hoping someone has the recipe...

Any alternatives to Daily Bread?

by fishermb 7 months ago

I've been a fan of Daily Bread for many years, but over time good to change things up a bit seeing as they don't have a huge menu, or many fresh made grocery/prepared options. Is there anything els...

Lunch at Makoto?

by tatuaje68 8 months ago

Is it worth it to have lunch on a Monday at Makoto? I only have 1 day in the area and I am planning on having dinner at Bourbon Steak. I have never been there and some sushi restaurants don't have ...

Miami restaurant advice

by josephml1 10 months ago

I am looking for this restaurants advice for my visit to Miami: 1) steakhouse 2) japanese or japanese buffet style 3) chinesse 4)) bbq beef ribs or a good Brisket 5) deli for pastrami I w...

One "must stop" lunch between Miami and Tampa on I-75

by uhockey 4 years ago

Driving from Miami to Tampa on a Wednesday in November and looking for one can't miss spot along the way. Likely 12:00-1:00pm arrival time. Can be any type of cuisine, any price point, just somet...

Adventurous Philly foodies going to Miami for 5 days: recs anywhere in the area please

by middleagedfoodie 1 year ago

We have a reservation at Kyo and we're considering Niu in downtown area. We'll have a car, so we're not limited. Our friend who lives on Adventure Island says we need to try Fiorito in Little Haiti...

Heading to Miami - vegan?

by lhpangler 10 months ago

My family just shot down my fav restaurant Full Blossom because it is vegan. Any locals can recommend an omnivore place with quality vegan options? I really dont want a bean burger or baked potat...

8-hour layover in Miami

by Blumie 11 months ago

I arrive into MIA at 12:55pm on a Monday (April 30), and fly out at 7:40pm. I'd like to use that time to go to a gym and grab a meal before heading back to the airport. Right now my plan is to go...

Best Lasagna in Broward?

by russ_c 9 years ago

Ok, my girlfriend is usually extremely calorie-conscious. But her bday is coming up and she wants to indulge in a decadent lasagna. I'm trying to find the best lasagna in Broward. But I'd like...