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For the Discerning Sophisticated Travelers

by Lovelyday 23 days ago

First, I apologize about posting in Manhattan but I checked the Miami forum and its really not that active and consid...

erica commented 21 days ago

Mainland China Bistro, Coral Springs

by dixdiner 23 days ago

Supposedly genuine Sichuan. My cousin--his daughter-in-law is from Sichuan province-- recently recommended this spot....


GWRyan commented 22 days ago


by Alfred G 3 months ago


CFByrne commented 23 days ago

Group Dining - Ft. Lauderdale

by anna32182 3 months ago

Looking to host a group dinner after a beach wedding in January. Looking for either something experiential (ie, Mai K...


tbone927 commented 25 days ago

Pompano/Ft Lauderdale Ideas

by CheetahsCoach 1 month ago

My wife and I are spending a week in Pompano Beach - We have never been there before so we are looking for some good ...


LETTUCEINLOVE commented 1 month ago

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The best thing I have ever eaten

by edberliner 2 months ago

Something had to have been the best thing you have eaten to date, you know, that meal that still makes you smile when...

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Zuckerellos pleasantly surprises!

by edberliner 2 months ago

We've been to Zuckerello's before, when we first moved to town three years ago. It was ok then, it was much better l...

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Anthony's Runway 84 dissapoints

by edberliner 2 months ago

I love listening to Anthony on the radio on Paul Castronovo's show. He can make shoe leather sound delicious. He an...

Ft. Lauderdale Dining Options?

by punkin712 3 years ago

My husband and I will be in Ft. Lauderdale next weekend (Easter weekend) and are looking for some restaurant suggesti...


jangita commented 2 months ago

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Troy's BBQ

by Alfred G 2 months ago


Palm beach restaurants

by vibenoit 3 months ago

Hi, we are a family we are heading to Palm beach Gardens at the end of May. We have a 4 month old baby so we are look...


vibenoit commented 2 months ago

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Trip Report

by tatuaje68 2 months ago

Came to Miami on business. I had some great meals. Most restaurants were the first time visit for me. Bazaar Mar. ...

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Great Thai in Fort Lauderdale at Thai Spice

by edberliner 3 months ago

Thai Spice was excellent! We have been meaning to try it for a while now but things never worked out until last nigh...

Where to buy good pizza dough in Miami?

by comidaqueen 8 years ago

I'd like to make pizza at home and I'd prefer to buy the dough instead of making it myself. Are there any pizza shop...

taiga commented 3 months ago

Josper Oven in local restaurants? 13 American Table, Boca Raton

by CFByrne 4 years ago

"13 American Table" restaurant is now open in Boca Raton. The owners are the folks behind Tucci's pizza. The chef ...

erica commented 3 months ago

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Boca Delray short trip, and report...

by stuartlafonda 3 months ago

I'm good for two trips a winter,a week to ten days each,for 25+ years. While I have nothing groundbreaking, maybe I c...

Kosher Bakery in/near Boca Raton?

by threeboys 4 months ago

I am invited to a seder at a friend's home- they are religious and strictly kosher. Can someone please suggest a pla...


threeboys commented 4 months ago

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Where to get fresh mackerel?

by lulydonikian 4 months ago

I live in Pembroke Pines, Florida, I am trying to buy real fresh mackerel, does anyone knows where, I will go anywher...

Barton G - how expensive is it?

by nutella 8 years ago

I'm considering taking my in-laws to Barton G over the holidays. Can anyone tell me exactly how much we'll spend? I t...


mimisdtr1951 commented 4 months ago

Former Miami Chowhound now in DC in need of a recommendation

by FoodDude2 4 months ago

Hi Guys, I used to live in Miami/Hallandale for about 6 years but moved to DC back in 2013. My wife and I will be...

erica commented 4 months ago