Meat Thermometer

Salmonella & Foodborne Illnesses Are Spiking: Here's How to Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself from a foodborne illness like salmonella or E. coli at your summer BBQ should be of high priority, but what are the best ways to keep pork and poultry bacteria-free and safe to eat...

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New meat thermometer probe style and a pork roast. need all the help i can get.

by suzigirl 9 years ago

Just got a probe style thermometer and a beautiful 4.15 lb pork loin boneless roast. I am a reasonably experienced home cook. Have been cooking for my family of 5 as a child since I was 10 ( I am ...


by wildcat2012 9 years ago

I just got a polder thermometer and it does not seem to be working the degrees are way off then the actual meat. so i was looking for a new one i was looking at the I grill does anybody have an...

Instant-Read Digital Meat Thermometers, HELP!

by BerkshireTsarina 10 years ago

I've made a vow that I've overcooked my last pork chops! My Williams-Sonoma thermometer-probe gave up the ghost; my analog little ProFreshional(?) doesn't work properly; it's time to bite the bull...

Help!!! 4.7 lb. rib roast in oven now. No meat thermometer!!

by marrowme 10 years ago

i just put a 4.7 lb. standing rib roast in the oven. 450 degrees for 15 min then lower to 325 degrees. My meat thermometer is not here.(long story) how long should i cook this? i cant recall exactl...

Meat Thermometer Novice

by jillo66555 10 years ago

This is probably a very stupid question but I'm having trouble finding an answer online. I just purchased a Taylor tru temp meat thermometer, it's not digital and oven proof (I think/hope). I was...

Williams Sonoma "Remote" Meat Thermometer?

by MMRuth 12 years ago

I just bought one of these and wonder if anyone else has one, and if there are any tips, etc., that I should know about. Thanks. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/sku8717076/index.cfm...

Will a cheap grocery store meat thermometer work?

by visciole 11 years ago

Say you're cooking at someone else's home and they have only a $4 grocery store meat thermometer. Would you worry or will it work fine?

Meat thermometers

by E_M 11 years ago

So we have an instant read meat thermometer. I don't like having to open the oven door and stick in the thermometer, as I never can time it right and still overcook things. The best chicken I ever ...

Replacing candy thermometer with meat thermometer?

by Chocolatesa 11 years ago

I have a candy recipe I really wanna try tonight but I only have a meat thermometer. Can I use that instead of a candy thermometer? Or is there some other way to tell when the candy is at the "hard...

Is there a SIMPLE digital meat thermometer out there?

by EarlyBird 11 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, I have had a CDN digital meat probe thermometer for the past five years. I can't stand it. It is only because I only break it out two or three times a year that have I been ...

Why won't some people use a meat thermometer?

c oliver
by c oliver 12 years ago

We went to a friend's for dinner last night and yet again had painfully overcooked meat. That's how it turns out 99.9% of the time; the other 0.01% it's raw and has to be cooked longer. We've bee...

Properly using a Meat Thermometer

by Sof 11 years ago

I'm a little confused about its behaviour. Its a Polder in-oven thermometer (not instant read) that has a digital reader that sits outside the oven, attached to a probe. I inserted it into the ...

meat thermometer

by elfcook 12 years ago

I am looking for a little help. Two weeks ago, my meat thermometer died. It was given to me by my SIL who had 2. I have no idea of the brand (already chucked it), but it was fantastic for roastin...

Best kind of meat thermometer

by Rheta 12 years ago

Which is better to have? An instant read or the kind that you stick into the meat before it going in the oven? Could you also give me some good brands, but not too expensive. Thanks.

Wireless Meat Thermometers

by Mother of four 14 years ago

I am looking to buy a wireless meat thermometer, but have no idea in which direction to go. They seem to range in price from $16 to $90. I near some good things about the Taylor one for $16, and ...

Instant Read Meat Thermometer - Gun style & Mandolines

by adelphi 13 years ago

Does anyone have any gun-style instant read meat thermometer for meat they'd recommend? I'm not talking about roasts, I'm talking about steaks. Also, what's your thoughts on those mandolines tha...

Reccs for meat thermometer

by JenBoes 12 years ago

I am in the market for a new meat thermometer. I have a Component Design Northwest leave-in thermometer now and I think the probe is going - it's reading a temperature that is much higher than the ...

Electric Digital Meat Thermometer (probe)

by Diane in Bexley 13 years ago

Have been getting by for lots of years with instant-read digital thermometer, but hate re-sticking meat to see if it is done. We are very into med rare roasts, want to take meat out at 120-125F, an...

Lost Meat Thermometer

by jcattles 13 years ago

I lost my meat thermometer and am trying to determine when my turkey will be done. I have been roasting it at 300 degrees (convection) for about 3 hours. I turned it up to 350 for the last half hou...

Digital meat thermometer - need your help

by bnemes3343 13 years ago

Just watched Alton Brown cook a turkey and he had a magnetic digital thermometer that he stuck on the oven frame with the cord to record temperature inside the bird. Now, I've got a thermapen, so ...