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Killer Meal at Wichcraft satellite at Lincoln Center

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 4 years ago

I've had nothing but bad experiences with crappy little satellite concessions bearing famous upscale brand names selling egregiously overpriced "on-the-go" offerings. Never works. It's always a suc...

Szechuan Impression, A Photo Story

by TheOffalo 4 years ago

[From http://theoffalo.com/2015/04/szechuan-impression/.] Sichuan cuisine has been on a hot streak (pun intended) in the San Gabriel Valley in the past few years. Chengdu Taste in Alhambra is ...

Excellent lunch today at Haldi in Curry Hill -- Hemant Mathur's new Kolkata-themed restaurant

by buttertart 4 years ago

Finally, a place that specializes in Kolkata cooking, which my sister-in-law from there raves about. Bengali, Jewish, and Marwari cuisines. Veg lunch 2 courses $12, meat $15. I had luchis (white f...

Bombay Club now in Burlington

by greygarious 6 years ago

This outpost from the same owners as the former Harvard Sq place of the same name, among others, has opened at 184 Cambridge St., replacing The Mughals after less than 1-1/2 yrs. Only two other ta...

Batterfish lunch

by nosh 4 years ago

Read some good reviews for Butterfish, on the south side of Ventura Blvd. in Encino a bit west of Woodley. They are a small counter-order place where I was the only customer from before noon to 40...


by Pan 12 years ago

After playing piccolo on a Brooklyn Youth Chorus concert at Long Island University tonight, I crossed Flatbush and had dinner at Junior’s, for the first time in many years. Afterwards, I could only...

Just jetted back in time to Retro Burger

by Swankalicious 6 years ago

The Swank Family dined at Retro Burger in Arlington this evening. Retro is on Mass Ave, in the space where Cakes once stood. The place is bright and clean, with photos of Elvis on the walls and the...

New Strip T's Thread for 2013:Excellence and Innovation Continue

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Had the good fortune to snag the only unreserved table at 5PM today(!) I was really hoping to have a repeat of the phenomenal shaved whey- cured foie gras, but that was gone. This menu has a LOT ...

Annisa: Small and lovely, with gorgeous, sexy food...short review

by buttertart 7 years ago

We had a wonderful dinner here last Saturday, at the ungodly early hour of 5:30, the only time I could get a reservation. Fabulous, our kind of place down to the ground. Cocktails: a single-ma...

Blue Plate Oysterette

by manku 6 years ago

Needed to kill some time, so decided to give this place a whirl. Uncomfortable chairs, a little cramped, why do they need to play music outside? Service was excellent. Prices were VERY high....

Spirito's -- Elizabeth

by geg5150 12 years ago

Wow! Loved it. The atmosphere, the food, the attitude. It's all there and it's all Jersey. We had a two hour wait from the time I picked my brother up and waiting for our parents to arrive at...

Recent Morimoto Omakase

by dndicicco 4 years ago

I was at Morimoto about a week or two ago, when we had a cold snap, and the chefs did up a fun omakase. I requested no nigiri this time, as I don't like my fish w/ rice plated all at the same time...

SW Houston Chow - Trudi's Birria de Chivo

by brucesw 11 years ago

I thought this place was going out of business a couple of months ago but it’s just that they have very limited hours. It’s located in a one-time Bambolino’s drive-thru pizza-by-the-slice location...

Red Raven Acton - Another Disaster in the Food Desert

by StriperGuy 4 years ago

Passable French Onion soup. Flatbread that had three day old marinated chicken on it that had started to go off. Fish stew that was simply pureed tomatoes out of a can tossed with some seafoo...

JINYA Ramen Bar Now Open in Santa Monica

by TheOffalo 4 years ago

Went opening day (Tuesday). Standard opening service jitters trying to seat a ton of people, "ran out" of spoons on opening day (gonna need a bigger dishwasher), but the food came out relatively q...

Lukshon Culver City

by bigelectriccat 8 years ago

Lukshon has officially opened and I will tell you all about it now. Eating spicy foods gives you Technicolor dreams. Trust me I know from global experience. West side fans of the San Gabriel Val...

Taco Maria brick + mortar 1st Report, Costa Mesa - Excellent Tasting Menu

by revets2 6 years ago

Holy Guacamole, did we have an unexpectedly awesome meal at Taco Maria in the OC Mart Mix last week or what?!? As a residents of L.A., we don't have much purpose to make OC a culinary destinatio...

New Orleans Trip Recap/Emeril's Disappointment

by ZenFoodist 4 years ago

Just back from a delicious four days in NOLA. Mr. B's (that Ya Ya gumbo! The BBQ shrimp! The crab cake! The hot buttered pecan pie oh my! The phenomenal and gracious service! Such a perfect first ...

Iron Works Tavern - Warwick, RI

by OOliver 4 years ago

I haven't posted here in a while since the winter did not entice me to try new places. However, yesterday for Easter, my family of five did try a new place on a strong rec from a couple I know : Th...

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