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[Wrinehill, Staffordshire] Hand & Trumpet

by Harters 4 years ago

A one course lunch. Quiche came from the “lighter options” bit of the menu – nice pastry and a good balance of ingredients – tomato, pea, asparagus and mint. My partner hadn’t expected the gene...

Rose's Luxury

by shawington 6 years ago

I just got back from a dinner at Rose's Luxury, and I found the hype to be quite well deserved. It was rather crowded for a Monday evening, but we were luckily able to get two seats at the bar by t...

Cali Comfort BBQ and Sports Bar

Fake Name
by Fake Name 4 years ago

Been hearing about this place for some time and thought I'd check it out. Their tagline is "Low *N* Slow". It's in Spring Valley. And yes "Cali" is akin to chalkboard fingernails, but I'm old and c...

Flushing Review: Rural

by scoopG 9 years ago

Rural (興順逹 - Xing1 Shun4 Da2) has now replaced the former Hong Yi Shun at 42-85 Main Street, with a Shenyang couple in charge. Ms. Li (李) handles the front end while Chef Liu (劉) cooked up waves o...

Orleans and York DTLA!

by Dommy 4 years ago

Last year during the close of Dodger Season, I happily made a trip to Orleans and York's original location for a Gumbo Mumbo sandwich. It was the perfect thing to wash down with an overpriced Stad...

[West Didsbury, Manchester] Greens

by Harters 4 years ago

We’re having a vegetarian week, so it was something of a no-brainer where to go on “dinner out night”. There was a lovely light salad to start for one of us. Charred and slightly wilted quarters...

Siena Tavern --SoBe

El Chevere
by El Chevere 4 years ago

OK...I can see why this place has not gotten the love-or even a mention--on this Board...went there last Friday night after happy hour at S&W....sat at the bar....ordered the Kale Caesar--pretty go...

Mr Taster's first report as a Portland resident! Boxer Ramen? Oy.

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 4 years ago

Hello fellow Portland hounds, Mr Taster here, long time Chowhound (circa 2003), formerly of the Los Angeles boards. I've transitioned up to Portland for work 2 weeks ago, and am acclimating to ...

Dirty Bird

by kwass 4 years ago

I tried Dirty Bird today, and it is awesome! I got the chicken and waffles. The chicken in the chicken and waffles is a boneless thigh and leg over top a really delicious waffle. Maple syrup is pou...

The secret - and the best thing - at Le BAT

by Parigi 4 years ago

Had a great lunch at le BAT: seabass ceviche with endives in a tarama sauce with Thai basil, lemongrass and coconut milk. All the different tastes clash and get along. Each bite is a surprise that ...

Shanghai Jade yet again: Great Dim Sum in Brookline

by teezeetoo 4 years ago

Ok, I'm trying again on this one. Took a second set of happy grandkids for dumpling delights at dim sum here. Can't understand why all those folks who stand in line at crowded places with no park...

Dovetail: Perfection on the UWS

by Will4Food 12 years ago

Went to Dovetail last evening and had a flawless dinner. From the amuse bouche (two varieties) to a remarkable salad (brussel sprout leaves, prosciutto, cheese, pear, cauliflower), a rich and flav...

Brief Angkor Borei Report [San Francisco]

Dave MP
by Dave MP 12 years ago

I went to Angkor Borei last night for Cambodian food, part of a large party. We had a LOT of food, including a few things I hadn't tried before (and many that I had). The seafood here is really the...

Over the Moon, Tacoma--What the F?

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

On Friday morning, I literally stumbled onto this small place on Opera Alley in downtown Tacoma. The dinner menu looked really good. http://overthemooncafe.net/#!/?page_id=56 Resolved to do my r...

Harvey's Pastrami

by PaulF 13 years ago

Took my son to Harvey's Pastrami yesterday after football practice; there was no school so his coach had them practice in the morning. Harvey's is on the corner of Palms and Motor (southwest cor...

Thai Noodle represents sugary, flavorless Americanized Thai food at its worst [Berkeley]

by wokwok 9 years ago

Yesterday, I went to two Thai resturants. The first was an intentional trip to Ler Ros Thai, which as many chowhounders know, is the most amazing Thai resturant with incredible, complex flavors and...

Republique (A Photo Story)

by TheOffalo 4 years ago

[From: http://theoffalo.com/2015/03/republique/.] It’s funny, I’ve seen République appear on a few “Best New Restaurant” type lists at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, but I...

Jagerhaus: True Love

by WilliamBeckett 4 years ago

Ah Jagerhaus...is this the most underrated restaurant in all of Southern California? Perhaps. This place makes everything themselves, and never boasts about that fact. You can literally eat brat...

Cosme Dinner Reviews

by gwh912 5 years ago

So, with work and such, I've been on a chowhound break for awhile (I know, terrible excuse) but looking forward to getting involved in the daily boards again. Friend and I went to Cosme, and or...

Sichuan Chili chowdown report, San Jose

by mdg 4 years ago

Six hounds and son gathered at Sichuan Chili tonight for a chowdown at 1600 South De Anza in San Jose. Sichuan Chili is the successor to Chef Ma in San Jose. The chef cooked at Chef Ma before, and ...

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