Mashed Potatoes

Not just a dance move, mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. Discuss the proper cooking technique and get creative recipe ideas, plus find out which restaurants serve the finest mashed potatoes around.

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Mashed Potato - do you prefer a potato ricer?

by CHSeifert 4 days ago

I just got myself my first ever potato ricer. The mashed potato is more like a purée, when I use this device instead of the traditional potato hand masher where you mash the potatoes directly i...

Canadian Thanksgiving

by highlyunlikely 2 months ago

We are hosting Thanksgiving this weekend and I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for years and years so have been combing the CH boards and recipe sites for tips. There will only be six of us, ...

How to make gravy using chicken carcass and giblets?

by LMK 12 days ago

I've been tasked with bringing the mashed potatoes and gravy to thanksgiving dinner. I have at least a couple chicken carcasses (roasted) in my freezer plus a couple bags of giblets (raw). Can i ...

Why are my mashed potatoes gummy?

by Bryant 14 years ago

Why do mashed potatoes sometimes get gummy? How long are you supposed to boil the potatoes? I read in a previous post that many folks boil them whole with the skins on. Would cutting them up (so...

Colcannon with seaweed?

by travelerjjm 1 year ago

I recently read that in some parts of Ireland colcannon is made with seaweed instead of cabbage or kale. I don't know what type to use. Should I use wakame or something else? Thanks.

Why were my potatoes gummy?

by mrjones15 2 years ago

I made some Yukon gold potatoes last night but they ended up finishing early so I left them sit for an hour or two before using my potato ricer and they came out super 'gluey' and gummy. I've never...

Mashed potatoes

by matthew017 2 years ago

Why does everyone say waxy potatoes make bad mashed potatoes? I can’t stand russets for my mashed potatoes. Is it just me?

Costco Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

by Jenaclaree 3 years ago

Has anyone tried the pre-made Yukon Gold mashed potatoes Costco brings out around the holidays? Are they Thanksgiving worthy? I really dislike mashing potatoes and they sound good.

mashed potatoes - how long do they keep?

by suncatchercc 13 years ago

Can I eat mashed potatoes (made w/butter and milk) that are a week old, or am I asking for trouble??

mashed potatoes from frozen hash browns?

by blender 9 years ago

Has anyone ever made mashed potatoes from frozen hash browns? I hate peeling the potatoes, but still want a homemade texture.

Open-faced chicken sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy

by mrjones15 2 years ago

I've been searching for a recipe for this and cant seem to find anything I seen one or two recipes on google and nothing really stood out to me was hoping someone here could point me in the right d...

Holding Mashed Potatoes

by sbp 13 years ago

I usually try to do them at the last minute so they don't get heavy. Any recs re holding/reheating that maintains their texture?

Suggestions for budget cuts of beef and prepairing potatoes for when you have time gap between cooking and eating.

by mara44 3 years ago

I am having 12 for dinner on Christmas Eve. I am as of recent on a strict budget, and secondly four of our group will be coming later because of work. We will be going to church performance and gon...

Mashed Potatoes early the day before Thanksgiving?

by mara44 6 years ago

I am trying to avoid a group of family/women hovering over me on Thanksgiving day. Can I boil the potatoes drain, chill the night before Thanksgiving? Heat and mash up with butter and milk just pri...

Mashed Potato

by SalbertoV05 3 years ago

I have used a potato ricer before to make fluffy mashed potatoes. This year I am working in someone else's kitchen and they have a food mill. I have seen recipes for that option-- but does anyone ...

Making Mashed Potatoes with No Ricer or Food Mill

by lucienne78 11 years ago

I am going to be making a Goat Cheese Mashed Potato Gratin for a side on Christmas but the recipe is saying that I need a ricer or a food mill and I don't have either. And I know that I just can't...

Mashed Potatoes: Food Mill vs. Ricer

by HououinKyouma 5 years ago

Im looking to replicate Joel Robuchon's purée de pommes de terre which he is famous for. For mashed potatoes, one can use a regular masher, a ricer, or a food mill, though a masher would be for som...

Sticky Restaurant Mash?

by newage_lightbulb 3 years ago

Hello, I recently learned the secret to fluffy mashed potatoes (a ricer). But I can't find any information about how to make that sticky, thick, creamy restaurant style mash. I've usually had it wi...

Can I use pre-peeled garlic in roasted mashed potatoes?

by nuraman00 3 years ago

If so, can someone post a recipe, that includes the roasting garlic portion too? Thank you.