Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

A Field Guide to Cheesecake from Japanese Cotton-Soft to Savory Takes

In honor of National Cheesecake Day (July 30), why not get to know all the different types of cheesecake? It might make it easier to decide which one you want to eat for the occasion. When you think...

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Pizza in Midtown

by Michele Fuchs 22 years ago

If you like big slices with lots of chesses, not thin crust, try Little Italy pizza on Vanderbilt between 45th and 46th streets. It is terrific but there are huge lines starting at noon until ? I...


by Sandy Paik 22 years ago

do not go to cafeteria if you enjoy food with flavor...it recently opened up on seventh ave. in chelsea and the food has literally no flavor. they use a lot of asparagus, which i love, but they...

Recipe==Skirt Steak

by Ro 22 years ago

Would anyone like to share some ole family favorites on Skirt Steak. Thanks Ro

Something near Cirque du Soleil

by siobhan mulroy 22 years ago

Can anyone uggest anything near Cirque du Soliel in Battery Park City? I'm thinking of Rosemarie's on Duane? Thanks,

Bleu in Washington Heights

by Kip Britton 22 years ago

This very chi-chi, very beautiful spot just opened on 187 between Pinehurst and Fort Washington. Great Mediterranean/Asian food, fabulous decor, unique competition-less location. There are some ...

Brazilian Barbecue

by Michele Fuchs 22 years ago

We went to Churrascuria Plataforma (?) last night on 49th between 8th and 9th. It was packed and it was only Monday! I heard it was packed all the time. We started with Caipirhina's (?) , the tra...

Escargot response to Gary

by Michele Fuchs 22 years ago

Gary, very funny that you should mention Le Gigot. My boyfriend and I were wandering down Cornelia thinking we didn't want to go to Home, again. We fell upon Le Gigot and had a wonderful meal. Of...

Edible Flowers

by Penelope 22 years ago

Does anyone know of a good source for edible flowers in Manhattan? I need alot of them for decorating a cake. Are they sold at the Greenmarket?

Coming Out

by Grimme 22 years ago

grimme@drbcom.com I am intrested in information on what i can expect if I "come out". How do I tell my parents? What can I expect from my "first" encounter?

Great lunch in mid 40's?

by Olga H 22 years ago

Where would you go for a great weekday lunch in the 40's between Madison and 7th Avenues? We're two NJ ladies who will be in Manhattan next week. Price is not a consideration, but quality and atm...

Avenue A Sushi

by monica 22 years ago

Not long ago, after arguing with my boyfriend about not wanting to stand in line at Takahachi, I reluctantly joined him for dinner at Avenue A Sushi (Between 7th and 6th on A). We shared a "Boa...

Mexican in Lower Manhattan for Pat H.

by Michele Fuchs 22 years ago

I cannot seem to reply to messages so I just semd a new post. Tell your son to go to Maryann's on 2dn avenue and 5th street. It is great food, cheap, excellent Margarita's and a nice crowd. Youn...

Is it good???

by Charlie 22 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for information pertaining to the Water Club. If anyone could give me ANY insight please let me know. Thank you . Charlie

Is it Good? Water Club

by Michele Fuchs 22 years ago

I can never reply to a post so I have to write a separate post. I don't recommend the Water Club very highly. It is overpriced, overrated, service is sometimes rude. One chowhound looking to th...

Tres Aztecas

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

Today I ate lunch at Tres Aztecas (Allen St. and Rivington). It was recommended to me a few years ago by someone on rec.food.nyrestaurants (I think that was the name of the group, I've forgotten...

Sushi response and a note to Jim

by Michele Fuchs 22 years ago

Jim, I can never respond to posts, I have to get out and send a new message. Is this common? In regard to the sushi post, I have another horror story. Surprisingly, I had a terrible meal all...

Holy Basil

by Rachelhope 22 years ago

Just in case some of you still have Holy Basil on the to-eat-at list: I think the quality of the dishes at Holy Basil vary, I've had some very ordinary meals there. There is one dish,though, wh...

Restaurant Day

by Leah Mainzer 22 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know when Restaurant Day is? I don't mean the $19.98 lunch-- I mean the day when they put a table in front of the restaurant and sell samples of their specialties. I've been ...

The Water Club

by Charlie 22 years ago

I need opinions on the restaurant both evening and sunday brunch. Please feel free to E-Mail me. Thanks

Boat Basin

by Tom Steele 22 years ago

Anyone tried O'Neal's new restaurant, Boat Basin? How about the new Lenny's Cafe?

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