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Tripe in Manchester?

by Phideaux 7 years ago

I need about 2 pounds of tripe for a recipe and will be in Manchester. Best market to locate some?

Manchester, NH: has anything opened at the former Commercial St Fishery?

by oopboromom 7 years ago

Hi Hounds, Wondering if anything has opened in the former Commercial St Fishery, previously known as Starfish Grill in Manch Vegas. Thanks, Oopboromom

Late night eats in and around Manchester, NH?

by Ratatouille 11 years ago

I'm a bit of a night owl, so I'm always struggling to find places to eat later in the evening, after 9pm. I'm looking for any place, where they serve food late, chains or pubs included. . Here...

Manchester NH, 36 Lowell St

by kenb 7 years ago

Has anything opened in Manchester NH at 36 Lowell St? The former site of Richards Bistro and 36 Delux. I rode by yesterday and saw a sign I thought said 110 something. Ken B

Manchester, NH - Lunch and Wifi

by ChrisB 7 years ago

I'm meeting a co-worker (who is a friend) for lunch in Manchester today, which is our half-way point. Not looking for anything fancy. Just somewhere we can spend an hour or two, fire up our lapto...

Puritan Back Room: Manchester, NH Chicken Tenders

by bewley 7 years ago

Well, I finally tried the famous chicken tenders, and yes they're pretty good. My dilemma is that they aren't good enough to justify the all the hype. We arrived at the Puritan Back Room around 12:...

DeLux is open (Manchester NH)

by whs 8 years ago

Richard's Bistro has reopened as DeLux, with Matt Provencher back at the helm in the kitchen. They've done a soft opening this week, but based on our dinner last night, they are in good shape. Th...

Lunch on the road -- Manchester NH to Portland ME

by ConsApi 7 years ago

I'm picking up my wife and kids at the Manchester airport, flight arriving sometime between 11 and noon. We're then driving up towards Portland, via NH 101 and I-95. Any recommendations for place...

New Food Trucks in Manchester?

by NHeating 7 years ago

Noticed a new food truck in front of the Raddison last week while driving down elm. I couldn't get a good look but its seemed like a possible BBQ concept? I've also seen what looks like a promisi...

New Fried Chicken Restaurant Elm Street In Manchester?

by gryphonskeeper 7 years ago

I go to the YMCA, and today I happened to come down Elm St instead of my usual route of Canal. I noticed a "Grand Opening" of a fried chicken restaurant where Quiznos and a Pawn Shop used to be. ...

Bagels Manchester NH

by Donnipareesepto 7 years ago

I went to the bagel cafe today. We sat outside for ten minutes deciding whether or not to go in. It's a tough area and I wouldn't go there in the evening, bu not tough like NY. Surprisingly,...

A Caribbean Affair, Manchester, N.H.: Why did I wait so long to eat here!?!?

by crowdingthepan 7 years ago

Because of my total preoccupation with burgers, pizza, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Mexican, and regional Italian food, Caribbean cuisine wasn’t really on my radar until a visit to A Caribbean ...

900 Degrees - return visit (Manchester NH)

by whs 7 years ago

Stopped by 900 Degrees on Tuesday night and ordered a couple of pizzas. Happy to say they have gotten the crust right finally! Nice char and thin. The house pie was very good, as was the Vesuvio...

Baked, Manchester - new

by rizzo0904 7 years ago

Anyone try this place yet? http://www.bakeddowntown.com/ I think the opened a few weeks ago. They have soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees, baked good, and martinis. The martinis are an odd ...

New "EAST- WEST" Market in Manchester! SO AWESOME

by gryphonskeeper 8 years ago

I drive by it every day and didn't know it existed! On Brown Ave in Manchester NH, right where the old Bank of America was! It is in a small strip mall with Simons Pizza. I bought a HUGE bag of ...

24 hours in Manchester NH

by amyk00025 8 years ago

I'm riding along with my husband on his business trip to Manchester next week. I plan to eat 3 meals on my own on Thursday. Can anyone recommend your favorite coffee shop, lunch and dinner spots? A...

Good Mexican, Manchester NH

by dafood 9 years ago

We've been to a few different places, and we're wondering what everyone's favorite in the area (or a short drive) is. We've been big Consuelo's fans. Tried Marco's on Goffstown line, it's new and j...

Chow-worthy veg friendly lunch spots in Manchester?

by pilletsh 8 years ago

Besides Republic Cafe & the nepalese place, any off the beaten path Chow-worthy spots I'm missing (with vegetarian friendly options)?

Looking for a good seafood market in Manchester, NH- tuna/ or swordfish preferably

by loui80s 8 years ago

I had read on an old post about "The Clam Guy" who sold good stuff out of a truck at the traffic circle. Wasn't sure if this was still viable. I'm looking for some good tuna steaks to grill for fat...