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Looking for meal or ingredient delivery by mail? Check out what Chowhounds have to say about their mail-order experiences.

Better-Than-Homemade Goodies That Can Be Ordered Online

Mail order cookies, cakes, pies, and other sweet treats are better (and more prolific) than ever, and that's a good thing this holiday season. We rounded up some of the best desserts you can order online...

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mail order source for chowhound-worthy fudge, ice cream, or raspberry pie?

by foodfirst 19 years ago

Need to order a b-day present by web or phone; intended recipient's obesessions include rich creamy ice cream, smooth chocolatey fudge, and raspberry pie. Suggestions appreciated!

Mail Order Deli

by Stanley Stephan 19 years ago

I was lurking on the Chicago board when I saw the word "Pastrami". It seems a place called Zingerman's has mail order Deli. Interesting Jewish breads and Jewish baked goods. Link is below. They ...

Wild rice in the bay area - mail order source and longish post

by Mrs. Smith 19 years ago

I am not sure how many chowhounds out there are interested in obtaining "real" wild rice (meaning not raised in a paddy), but it doesn't appear to be obtainable in the city. I haven't tried SJ or ...

Mail-order cheesecake?

by Michelle 19 years ago

I need to mail-order a cheescake and I was hoping that somebody might know of a good company. If it makes a difference, I need a chocolate chip cheesecake. I'm not concerned about the price, I ju...

Mail-Order Spices

by Paul Trapani 19 years ago

I just got a catalog from Penzeys after reading about them in Cook's Illustrated. I found a thread on here where some people recommended them as well. I saw on John Thorne's site that he buys his...

Mail-order fenugreek leaves?

by Chimayo Joe 19 years ago

Does anyone know of a source for this? The websites(www.sfherb.com, www.penzeys.com,www.thespicehouse.com) mentioned in the post below don't seem to carry it.

mail-order beef/meat

by Tom Brenholts 19 years ago

I enjoy looking at the mail-order catalogs for Allen Brothers, Omaha steaks, and the like, but I never order from them, mostly because I find the prices outrageous. Yes, I will pay more for quality...

searching for italian cookies (pref. mail order)

by ben f 19 years ago

This is for a friend (I'm not really a cookie fan myself). She is looking for three specific types of cookie commonly found in italian bakeries (in Boston, though she says she's found them elsewh...

NYC Mail order - Food

by Scott Amy and Seth 20 years ago

I am planning a dinner party and would like to order a uniqune dessaret to be delivered to the mi-west. I don’t want he usual NY cheese cake or cannolies ( I love both) any suggestions ,web pages ...

Mail Order Meat for Christmas

by fladd 20 years ago

My dad grew up in Upstate New York. His father was a great cook and we all have memories of Opa's barbecue. I was wondering if Tobin's still makes their White Hots - bratwurst/hot dogs. Their websi...

Mail Order Meat

by Chuck Kirkpatrick 20 years ago

I'm looking for alternatives to Pfaelzer Brothers for mail order steaks, etc. They are good, but not quite that good. We use them for gifts. Any ideas?

mail order steaks

by John F. 21 years ago

Who has the best mail order steaks? I've only tried Omaha Steaks, and found them to be very good. I heard Allen Bros. is excellent, and that they sell prime beef to the finest steak houses. I haven...

mail order cheese please

by Randy Salenfriend 20 years ago

Following Andy's recent post re: Crozier, my taste buds went into overdrive, especially after reading Andy & Rochelle's laudatory comments about Say Cheese. Thus I set out to find a great site from...

Mail Order Food

by Caitlin Wheeler 20 years ago

My parents are returning home to CA after a year long sojourn in Europe, and I'd like to have some food waiting for them on their doorstep -- preferably an easy-to-make but delicious dinner. I was...

Wine, foie gras and cheese mail order in France

by wendy jackson 20 years ago

The boss wants to send the above to his friend in the south of France. I know that fromages.com does a bottle of wine and two cheeses, but I am looking for a shop or website that would offer a wid...

Source for mail order apricots?

by Janet Calvin 20 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know of a good source for apricots that can ship to Rancho Santa Fe, CA specifically? My aunt was bemoaning the fact that she has not bothered to buy apricots for 20 plus year...

Cheese danish by mail order

by david schneider 21 years ago

Can anyone give me name(s) of places where one can get great cheese danish via mail order? ; Thanks

Mail order cheese

by Liza 21 years ago

I'd visited igourmet.com before and been thrilled that they had my favorite Dutch cheese, Dorothea. I went back there recently and was even more thrilled that they now offer sample size portions of...

Mail-order source for Asian ingredients?

by Jesse Sheidlower 21 years ago

Does anyone know of a good mail-order, preferably Web-based, source for Asian ingredients? I don't need anything too fancy, but I'm living in the middle of nowhere and I can't even get non-supermar...


by Vivian 22 years ago

Hello everyone, First let me wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season!! Now to my question: Does ANYBODY out there know where I can find a mail-order company who sells beer from all ...

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