Bringing wine back from Spain

by Marcinho 17 days ago

My wife and I are heading to Spain in a couple weeks. We’re planning on visiting some awesome wineries in Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Toro and I’m hoping to bring a decent amount of bottles back. O...

Madrid Casual

by Marcinho 17 days ago

I’m headed to Madrid in a few weeks from NYC. I’ve been reading a lot discussed here on Michelin/Repsol rated spots, all which sound sound fantastic and we’ll definitely get to experience some of t...

Madrid recommendations 2021-2022

by arturchik 28 days ago

I read a number of posts regarding Madrid. However, given pandemic and not knowing latest, I decided to ask. Looking for several restaurant ideas. Not looking for the most expensive (so no Diver...

First time in Andalusia/ back in Madrid

by dostrovs 4 months ago

After a short brake in a food related traveling we are planning to visit Sevilla, Cadiz, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Madrid in September. Any advice is appreciated. My last trip report: http...

Michelin Spain/Portugal 2021

by Maribel 10 months ago

Today Michelin presented via a virtual ceremony held at the Casa de Correos in Madrid its list of stars for its Spain/Portugal 2021 guide There were no new 3 stars awarded to either country ...

Can Botin survive?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The eatery reopened its doors on July 1, is serving a fraction of the guests it used to serve before the coronavirus. González said that they used to serve 600 guests per day -- now it's a ...

Retiro Tapas vs Dining rooms

by veddeshpande 2 years ago

I am currently in Madrid for a few days, and am planning to hit these places in Retiro: La Catapa, La Castela, La Monteria, La Raquetista, Laredo and Marcano. My question is: Many of these places h...


by allig211 2 years ago

Looking for restaurants recommendations for lunch and dinner. We eat pretty much anything and are looking for medium to high end places. We are doing a tapas tour with a friends one night but othe...

Please help finalize food focused Madrid & Barcelona itinerary (researched!)

by indiefoodie 2 years ago

Hello, I'll be traveling to Madrid & Barcelona for a week at the end of April this year. The sole purpose of the trip is to taste the delicious offerings in both these cities :) Based on what I rea...

Seafood Restaurant - Madrid

by zubair 2 years ago

What restaurant would be comparable in Madrid to La Paradeta in Barcelona? I am mainly interested in langoustines (cigalas) which seem to sell for about €48 per kg in La Paradeta. Thank you

I've done my research and now need help on first time trip to Spain, March 2019, Barcelona, San Sebastian/Bilbao, and Madrid o

by johnmart11 3 years ago

We are planning the trip for the middle two weeks in March. We are pretty adventurous in our culinary adventures. I do not drink alcohol but that is our only restriction. I am looking to have a sp...

Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia recommendations

by manny6 2 years ago

We will be in Sevilla during holy week from Friday until Monday! I know it will be very crowded. We have 2 little kids (4 and 6), we all enjoy tapas and prefer casual places. We'd prefer to eat sit...

BCN, Granada, Seville, Toledo, Madrid with Family

by Wafer_thin 2 years ago

Hello. We will be traveling with my 10-year old to Spain this month. When we travel, we love eating at places serving great local wines and authentic food or great contemporary takes on classic d...

Recommendations in Madrid, Granada, Seville during Holy Week

by gabe_h 2 years ago

Hi -- taking a family trip of five people during Semana Santa. Everyone is an adventurous eater, and we have one teenager and one pre-teen. We're looking for recommendations for dishes to try and...


by steverap 2 years ago

I will spend a few days in Madrid in February (haven't been in several years) and am booking tables. I am not familiar with Fismuler but read a few good reviews. Is it a good pick?

Tipping Barcelona / Madrid

by zurwella 4 years ago

What is the tipping protocol for higher end restaurants in Barcelona (Disfrutar) and Madrid (Dstage + DiverXO)? thanks.

Madrid & surrounding areas...

by lavendula 3 years ago

Planning a 1 week trip to Madrid at the end of November with possible day trips to Segovia, Toledo, Salamanca & Avila depending on how the planning turns out. We'll be based in an AirBnB in Malsan...

Madrid - Segovia - Salamanca - Asturias - Basque Report

by Ziggy41 3 years ago

Just came back from an amazing 16 day road trip where we had all sorts of doozies. I will try to write about each leg when time allows. Just a quick thanks first to Erica and all other contributo...

Madrid restaurants and Andalucian finds

by zurwella 3 years ago

We were 10 days in Madrid. Our first visit. It was beautiful. Most of the restaurants seemed to serve classic Spanish food. We very much enjoyed these 4 innovative places. 1. Quintin - C /...