Looking for Fresh Seafood

by WINDELLA 3 years ago

I'm going to visit Seattle area for a week and staying n a hotel with full kitchen. I'd like to buy some affordable, fresh seafood. I'm sure Pike's Market has glorious seafood but it's so expensive...

Recommendations North of Seattle

by snugles11 5 years ago

We just moved North to Lynnwood, from Seattle, and we are desperately missing the food scene. Looking for recommendations of any sort between here and Bellingham. We are trying to replace everythi...

Fresh Chervil

by rjohn40787 5 years ago

I'm looking to buy fresh chervil leaves. Where in Seattle (or up to Lynnwood) would I find them?

Above average dining in the general area of Shoreline - Lynnwood?

by ardelle 10 years ago

I have sifted through many threads and have found few restaurants that stand out as better than average or they seem to get very mixed reviews. We have to be in Lynnwood every day (it seems like f...

Where can I find Thai Gogi Tempura Flour around Lynnwood?

by wbogard 8 years ago

Where can I find Thai Gogi Tempura Flour around Lynnwood? I've been to H Mart, 99 Ranch but still can't find it. Thanks!

Where can I buy napales(cactus paddles in or around Lynnwood

by CassieGrace 8 years ago

I really want to try and make them but I can't find them anywhere online! I haven't been to any stores yet

nopales in lynnwood area?

by ritabwh 9 years ago

are tnere any mexican restaurants that serve nopales in the lynnwood area? i made a batch based on a recipe i saw on tv, but i would like to try it at a restaurant, because i am not sure if the fl...

goodbye red line burger, lynnwood

by ritabwh 9 years ago

went there a few months ago, and they had changed hands. i had no complaints on the burger. i just saw yesterday they are closed. yelp reviewer said they closed on jan 19. here is a picture of t...

Szechuan Garden, Lynnwood

by ritabwh 9 years ago

wow. just had lunch at the Szechuan Garden. it is in the building where that chinese buffet place used to be, just behind iHop on 196th. the owner recently relocated from Salt Lake City, where he ...

Lynnwood/Edmonds local honey search

by ritabwh 10 years ago

tough year for hay fever allergies for me. right now, it's almost impossible for me to make it to a weekend farmer's market to look for local honey. are there any grocers nearby who carry local ho...

Coffee Houses in Lynnwood

by GuinnessGuy 10 years ago

While my wife shops at DSW and Alderwood Mall, I'll be in search of GREAT espresso and pourover coffee nearby. I'd prefer independent coffee houses that feature NW coffee. Any suggestions?

ISO couscous in lynnwood

by ritabwh 10 years ago

not the instant kind. need to find couscous that i can steam in a couscous pot. i live in lynnwood. will try the african market on hwy 99 by YehYeh's and also JDs. tried ranch market a few days ...

Breakfast idea's needed for Lynnwood or Edmonds area

by pamsmall 10 years ago

Am heading into the masses at Alderwood this morning, and want a healthy breakfast beforehand. Vegetarian options would be nice, but I may be pushing the possibilities. Would like to have somethi...

Lynnwood Whole Foods, Spring 2012

by paulj 10 years ago

Whole Foods now has a sign saying they are opening in 2012 at the old Circuit City in Lynnwood. Renovation of the building is in full swing.

Korean restaurants in Shoreline/Lynnwood area

val ann c
by val ann c 12 years ago

There are many Korean restaurants in the RT 99 corridor thru Shoreline/Edmond/Lynnwood. Which ones are good? I love Korean food. Would like to know where is the best soft tofu stew, really good pa...

GOOD PLACE TO EAT [Vancouver to Lynnwood]

by lominator 11 years ago

Heading down to Washington State as far as Lynnwood on Friday for a day trip and wondering is anyone can recommend a good place to eat lunch and/or dinner. Looking for something besides the usual...

Silver Spoon Thai restaurant coming to Lynnwood

by ritabwh 11 years ago

"Coming Soon" to the old Tony Romas on 196h St SW in Lynnwood. I've never been to a Silver Spoon. Any advance recommendations? Thanks!