Eat well in Louisville with advice from Chowhounds on where to sup and sip. Share your opinions on the local food scene and ask travel questions.

The Best Food Secrets at Summer's Most Popular Music Festivals

Music festival food has come a long way since the first few, like 1967’s Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain where the only thing anyone ate was LSD dropped on the crowd by the Grateful Dead’s “personal...

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Louisville Ky

by Laura 17 years ago

I am going to be in Louisville the last weekend of this month and need some dining help...Although I am from Ky I do not spend much time in the Louisville area.Thanks in advance.

Louisville hot brown

by johnb 17 years ago

Could anyone please let me know what variety of cheese sauce may be used on an "authentic" Louisville hot brown. My impression is it should be a mornay sauce which traditionally would be basically...


by KERGLO 17 years ago

My Grandmother and some of our family will be visting Louisville, Kentucky for one of her grandson's music concerts and we'd love to sample the local cusine as well as enjoy good meat and seafood d...

Louisville BYOB

by dutchguy 18 years ago

Anybody know if any Louisville restaurants allow BYOB and charge a corkage fee? Thanks.

Louisville - Me Oh My Jumbalay?

by Alan 18 years ago

I've been meaning to try this place during my frequent trips to Louisville but have not done it yet. But after Reading Robin Garr's review again, I'm going to give it a shot. Anyone here have any...

Louisville for Derby Week

by Cristina 18 years ago

I'll be staying a week in Crescent Hill, just off Frankfort Avenue. I will have a car but not much time. My top choices so far: Ming's for Chinese (I'd like to hear from anyone who's been there) ...

Where to eat in Louisville?

by rhody 18 years ago

Where do I go for the best food in Louisville, KY? BBQ is out as I will be traveling with a veghead. It has to be open on Sunday.

living large and eating big in Louisville

by bryan 18 years ago

O.k. Lynn's Paradise Cafe ended up being one of our destinations and we were not dissapointed. The Hot Brown was truly tasty and quite a load of food for the bucks. But I'd probably eat a shoe c...

Louisville, KY

by bryan 18 years ago

Going the The Big Lebowski What-Have-You Fest next weekend and have scoured the board but only seen a few things. Looked at Louisvillehotbytes.com but would like personal opinions. Want to try t...

Louisville Ingredients -BBQ Sauce and Seasoned Flower

by JoeM 18 years ago

I need some help. I grew up some time ago in Louisville and now live in NYC and I have a craving for some good comfort food. While you can find almost anything here, there are two ingredients I m...

Louisville KY

by Cynical Chef 18 years ago

We're headed to Louisville for several days. I'm already planning to eat at the Seelbach but can anyone recommend a couple of chow-ish joints. I'm aware of Lilly's. Q, Ethnic or true Southern pl...


by Pam 18 years ago

Starting a crosscountry trip next Friday (6/20) from Philadelphia. First night stopover in Lexington or Louisville. Any chowhound preferences? Second night with early arrival Memphis. Suggestio...

Louisville Easter brunch with my mom

by dutchguy 18 years ago

I live in NYC but am visiting my mom who lives in Louisville. Any recommendations for a mid-day place for an Easter brunch? Have a 6PM flight out, so need a place that's open mid-day on a Sunday. ...

Louisville right now!

by Susan G 18 years ago

My husband's on an airplane to Louisville even as I write, and totally unprepared to eat. Any restaurants--especially local specialties--he should check out? He's got plenty of time, no car, and pr...

Louisville birthday site

by Loose On the Lead 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend a site in Louisville for a woman's surprise 50th birthday celebration? Party will consist of around 10 people. Price should be moderate for a middle-class group. Cuisine must...

Louisville Breakfast

by CKG 18 years ago

Heading down to Louisville 1/31 and am looking for breakfast suggestions. We've been to Lynn's many times and since it will be Sat. A. M. we'd like something as good but maybe not so crowded and wi...

Louisville: Sun lunch suggestions?

by SBCochran 19 years ago

Any suggestions for lunch (not brunch) this Sunday from around 11AM? Looking for anything - downhome to uptown, funky to fancy. Extra credit for places NE of downtown, eg, Harrods Creek area. Was t...

Palermo Viejo - Louisville

by SBCochran 19 years ago

As projected, we did return to Louisville just to try this place for lunch last Thursday. We were the first at ~1115h in the bright, spare and clean place. Turns out Federico was working the front ...

Quick Louisville lunch daytrip

by SBCochran 19 years ago

Just returned from and a quick report on today's brief Louisville adventure: 1) Second meal I've had at Jack Fry's probably best described as a Modern American bistro with changing seasonal menu....

Names of Restaurants Worth Going To in Louisville, KY

by NY'er Temporarily Moving to Louisville, KY 19 years ago

I am a NYC resident who will be on contract in Louisville for an extended period starting in June, and I would LOVE to know the names of some worthwhile restaurants to patronize while there. Ideal...

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