Eat well in Louisville with advice from Chowhounds on where to sup and sip. Share your opinions on the local food scene and ask travel questions.

The Best Food Secrets at Summer's Most Popular Music Festivals

Music festival food has come a long way since the first few, like 1967’s Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain where the only thing anyone ate was LSD dropped on the crowd by the Grateful Dead’s “personal...

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Louisville-dinner for group of 10

by smallfrog 14 years ago

Help! I am a NYer and will be in Louisville for an event in January. I need to take a group of 10 out on a Friday night for a special occasion dinner. I have never been to Louisville, so I am cluel...

Need Quick Rec for 2 in Louisville--please help!

by ljero 14 years ago

Myhusband and his friend want a uniquely Louisville rest to try--they like all kinds of food--what would be fun for them---but also have great food? Quick rsh found: Lilly's Bistro, L and N wine...

I still new kinda to Louisville and I want to find a place that does an amazing breakfast or brunch outside of Lynn's

by Culinaryjunkie 14 years ago

I don't mind having to drive a little to get there also I want a place that I can go to on a sunday. It might just be me, but I find a lot of my favorite places to eat on sundays closed :( any advi...

Vegetarian in Louisville, KY?

by OakTownHound 15 years ago

My boss, a vegetarian, will be traveling to Louisville next week for business. Any suggestions on where in town she could have a good vegetarian meal? Thanks!

This Dessert Was TO DIE FOR [Louisville]

by mamaciita 14 years ago

Black and White Tres Leches Cake at Seviche in Louisville. Perfection. Cheers!

butchers in louisville

by jackbr4 14 years ago

i am in the process of moving to louisville from san francsico and i am trying to find a good butcher in louisville. i am looking for someone who will carry a large range of meats (or can get them...

Any Can't miss stuff in Louisville KY? Chicago hound

by Suburban Sandy 14 years ago

Headed for Louisville and wondering if there's anything I MUST visit while I'm there. Open to all kinds of food, type is not important. Not looking to spend a fortune, $20-25 per person outside of ...

Seviche Latin Restaurant Louisville, KY mini-review

by llindac 15 years ago

Seviche restaurant has only been open for two years, but in that short time has been honored with the "Best New Restaurant" and "Best Restaurant in Louisville" awards by a popular independant poll...

Lunch spots in Louisville near St James Court

by nojunk 14 years ago

Hi, we'll be in Louisville on Sat Oct 6th for the St James Court Art Festival. Does anyone know of any good, chowish places to have a nice lunch in walking distance from the festival? We'd like s...

Mooncakes (Not pies) in Louisville

by Lightsuprooms 14 years ago

I'm looking for a place to buy chinese mooncakes in Louisville.. can anyone help me?

Louisville, KY (Forest Hills /Road Fork Area), need rec's

NY P8ntball
by NY P8ntball 14 years ago

Hey folks, I know this is cheating, don't have the time to search and read, but I'm leaving for Louisville this Sunday(8/19/07) and need recommendations, fast!!! Will be in Louisville for 4 ...


by bouffants 14 years ago

Traveling to Louisville later today. Looking for charming dinner restaurant for tonight and a killer mom/pop breakfast site for Saturday morning.

Where to have lunch in Louisville KY?

by HickTownBarnaby 14 years ago

Louisville locals, what are your favorite places for lunch? I'll be having dinner at Jack Fry's. Where's a good place for lunch----at least equal to Jack Fry's in quality?

Louisville Recs, Jack Fry's and Rivue at The Galt House

by morecowbell 14 years ago

Just went to Louisville for business. Stayed downtown right on 4th Street-- at The Brown. Recommendations: 1. Try The Hot Brown at The Brown Hotel. (Obviously, it's eponymous creatio...

ISO: Restaurants in Knoxville, Bowling Green & Louisville

by RisaG 14 years ago

On our annual road trip, we'll be going through Knoxville, staying somewhere in Bowling Green and also in Louisville. Need dinner and breakfast joints for Bowling Green and Louisville. Knoxville, j...

Chow Rec's For Louisville

by bubbles4me 14 years ago

My son will be attending Louisville in August so I thought I would put together a list with your help. Are there places he should not miss? (He will have a car) Born and raised in Southern Californ...

Louisville for dinner on Friday

by Yongeman 14 years ago

We'll be passing through Louisville on Friday evening, on the way to Nashville. Any suggestions about where I can get a great fish fry along with other home-cooked options? Thanks.

Havana Rumba in Louisville-review

by adhow 14 years ago

Just wanted to share my experience. Several people on the board have recommended this place so when I was visiting friends in Louisville last weekend, I had to try it. Everything my husband and I...

Louisville KY

by Tripper 15 years ago

Seeking restaurant recommendations within walking distance of the Galt Hotel in downtown Louisville. Anything good for a group of eight...any price range except extremely high end. Would apprecia...


by bricoll 14 years ago

hello kentucky! i've got to be in louisville for about a week in june, and i'm hoping someone out there can point me in the direction of great places to eat there. thanks in advance. --b