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LA's 'Cafe Gratitude' and Other Restaurants Offering Steep Meatless Monday Deals

Meatless Monday deals and offerings across the country show no signs of slowing. From the rollout of meatless options, like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, at national fast food and fast casual...

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Restaurant database program

by Bob Brooks 20 years ago

I have noticed that many people can't seem to locate the restaurants people are referring to. Perhaps I can be of some help. For the last way too many years I have been haphazardly maintaining m...

A good sushi place

by Julie 20 years ago

Since I intially jumped on this board with a negative note, I'd like to post something positive. By strange coincidence, right across the street from Sea Empress there's a great place for sushi...

Hollywood Blvd. Thai: report from Vim

by Robert Sieczkiewicz 20 years ago

It’s hard to add something new to a place that’s been written about so much, but I’ll try. I visited Vim last night for the first time, and was quite pleased. I hadn’t read a word about the place...

Wrongfully Imprisoned

by Chandavkl 20 years ago

You may have seen the Los Angeles Times Magazine article a couple of weeks ago about the man freed from prison after 13 years due to DNA testing. In the article, the author said that during the in...

Best Corned Beef Hash in Los Angeles

by Tom Armitage 21 years ago

One of my favorite breakfasts is corned beef hash with poached eggs. So I am on a quest to find "the best" corned beef hash in Los Angeles. One problem is that many restaurants use canned hash, w...

best "denny's" menu?

by john k 20 years ago

Where's the best "denny's" style restaurant in LA? I mean some place that has the same menu, but tastes better. Maybe I shouldn't say the "best"; what's your favorite, and what's your favorite or...

Japanese in Little Tokyo LA

by Jessica Nemeroff Ritz 21 years ago

In reference to Leah Welsh's final sentence in response to my Peruvian posting, AIOI on the main drag has been a funky family favorite since we moved here in '76. I don't go very frequently but...

Chinese restaurant with good service

by Julie 20 years ago

Is there any Chinese restaurant in the South Bay that has good service? My family went to Sea Empress in Gardena last week and although the food was good the service was definitely not!

HELP: IRVINE on Sunday? Mexican?

by Nils 20 years ago

Hi, I'll be needing to eat dinner with a group of 6 or so in Irvine this Sunday around 9PM; I'd like Mexican (only if it's GREAT, and not just a stand) but will take anything fantastic. IDEAS, ple...

Various LA Notes

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

A shy Korean friend sent me the following interesting email (and gave permission to post): My friend and I dined at Matsuhisa, the Border Grill, Ivy at the SHore, Woo Lae Oak, Soot Bool Jeep and ...

Best vichyssoise in L.A.?

by Jeff Shore 20 years ago

Another request: what restaurant serves the best Vichyssoise in Los Angeles? S. Irene Virbila has recommended Chez Mimi and Woodside, but I am very curious to hear this crowd's thoughts...

Polish food in LA

by Charles Kim 20 years ago

Are there any good Polish food restaurants in LA? I'm thinking of an experience I had in Brooklyn when I went to this excellent little place in a neighborhood with a high Polish emigre/Polish-Amer...

New Guelaguetza

by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

Last Saturday morning, faced with the prospect of having to spend most of the weekend working in my office, I decided to treat myself. So, I took myself out to Guelaguetza for breakfast. If you h...

Epinions: restaurant revs worse than useless

by john k 20 years ago

It's like Zagats for the Denny's set. I've added an atomz search for this board on to my site at www.riceball.com. If the Alpha Hound's got a problem just go add your own :-) (The atomz.com se...

Fresh Tortilla Chips

by laura 20 years ago

Hey - does anyone know of a place that sells fresh tortilla chips on the Westside or between the Cinematheque and the freeway in Hollywood AND is open on Sunday? I haven't seen fresh, greasy, salt...

J Gold's Korean reviews

by deborah 20 years ago

I'm almost positive that Jonathan Gold wrote about a Korean restaurant with great kimchee recently somewhere, but I can't now find the review. I think the place was on Vermont? Would Jonathan or a...

costa mesa dinner

by elisha 20 years ago

I'm going to a show at the south coast rep, which I understand in near costa mesa. any recommendations for dinner before the show in the area?


by Deborah 20 years ago

Where do you all get delivery in the mid-Wilshire or West Hollywood area? I confess I order in-- a lot-- and would like to supplement my regular places: Zen Grill, Angeli, Cafe Pranzo, what else? ...

Indian buffet in OC

by CK 20 years ago

The Indian Cook House's buffet in Irvine (off Culver) is actually one of the better buffets I've seen for Indian food. It's a little bit americanized (not very spicy) but still very good and for 5...

Border Grill

by cindy 20 years ago

I will be in L.A. next month for a birthday celebration and am planning on going to Border Grill. Any menu suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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