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LA's 'Cafe Gratitude' and Other Restaurants Offering Steep Meatless Monday Deals

Meatless Monday deals and offerings across the country show no signs of slowing. From the rollout of meatless options, like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, at national fast food and fast casual...

Sur La Table prepares for bankruptcy

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

" . . . For companies like Sur La Table that offer classes and other in-store experiences, the nationwide shutdown has been even more pernicious. . ."

Musashi/Benihana type place in SFV? Kid Friendly Please!

by boogiebaby 10 years ago

I thought it would be fun to take my kids (just turned 6 and just turned 4) to a teppan grill type place. I know of Musashi (haven't been there in ages) and Benihana in Encino (haven't been there i...

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the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

by Rina 13 years ago

Does LA have sandwiches that are stacked mile high with roast beef or pastrami? Any tasty accompanying spreads or mouth-watering condiments that makes one crave for more... Any secret garlic sa...

Whatever Happened to Harry's Open Pit BBQ?

by di4cats 16 years ago

This place had two locations, one in Hollywood on Crescent Heights, and one in WLA. They had the best ribs I've ever tasted. Does anyone know whatever happened to them?

Grocery Outlet - June 2020

by Michelle 1 month ago

The Pioneer Woman BBQ sauce for 99 cents a jar, in Frontier, Peach Whiskey and Honey Habanero flavors. Round canister of Planters Cheez Balls also for 99 cents!

old health food stores

by petradish 16 years ago

lbqt's post below mentioning health food stores, as well as the source restaurant mention, got me thinking about old-style healthy places. the kind of rough-around-the-edges spots w/fresh squeezed ...

Pizza questions

by striker7330 14 days ago

People in the LA area, what are your favorite toppings and/or combinations? Do you eat the crust? What do you look for in a good crust if you do? If you dont, would you eat it if it was seaso...

Petit Fours in LA or OC

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 14 days ago

Does anyone know a source for fondan covered petit fours - specifically the kind covered in fondant glazed (NOT that waxy white or brown chocolate plastic-textured flavorless coating) with some sor...

Picañha in LA or Orange County?

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 18 days ago

Anyone know of a source for Picañha (a cut of steak) in OC or LA (preferably OC)?

King crab legs in Pasadena

by WINDELLA 21 days ago

I'm looking for king crab legs for Father's Day. I would prefer to order them & pick up in the Pasadena area, I know it's late but any ideas?

Best Meal delivery In California

by Alex213 23 days ago

I wanna share about fitness Kitchen LA. This is not a paid promotion or anything, its just an honest review which Im giving so that it will be helpful to some of you guys. I subscribed to fitnes...

June 11, Support Black-owned Restaurants

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 29 days ago

On Thursday, June 11, please join with eaters across the country to support the black community. Order takeout or delivery from a Black-owned restaurant and post a photo on social media. For ea...

Best Bagel Orange County

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 28 days ago

This may be an exercise in futility but is there a decent bagel in Orange County? I'm talking boiled NY bagel, not a round piece of bread with a hole in it. For reference Noahs/Einstens is not a ...

Grow sourdough and contribute to science

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 28 days ago

Forwarded from the University of California Cooperative Extension: "The Dunn lab at NC State wants YOUR help with an enormous study they're conducting to understand how geography and flour type ...

New York Slice Style Pizza Orange County

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 28 days ago

Is there a NY thin-crust slice style pizza place in OC? Most chains or mini chains with "New York" in the title are mediocre to terrible. If you're a NYer or former SF resident who know's Tony...

Best Burger Orange County 2020

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 28 days ago

I'm looking for the best high-end burger in Orange County and also the best non-corporate chain burger in general. Small local chains are fine. If the place doesn't serve good fries, please elimi...

Chow Fun in SGV

by rich91732 11 years ago

I grew up in chicago and we used to get chow fun in Chinatown that was much thicker than most of the chow fun that i've had out here in the SGV. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to g...

Great American Food & Beverage Co. (L.A.) - Who Remembers?

by tayres 4 years ago

Something got me to thinking about a place I went to long ago, The Great American Food & Beverage Company. It was somewhere in L.A. and they had something on their menu called an "orgy". Does any...

Stracciatella Gelato

by awondrousthing 1 month ago

Can anyone suggest the best stracciatella (choc chip) gelato in LA area or mail order... I need a delivery for a Father’s Day gift. Thanks for any recommendations!