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Need Group Dinner Recomendations near Brea

by albed 2 days ago

Our out of town work group (12-15) wants to have a dinner in the general area of our office in Brea. The usual spots...


albed commented 22 hours ago

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L.A Bachelorette party

by jrico182 1 day ago

I am planning a bachelorette party in L.A I need some recommendations for restaurants/bars and good winerys.

BBQ smoked Cod

by Hughlipton 6 years ago

Went to Art's deli the other day and ordered the BBQ smoked cod but that's not what I got. It was just baked sm...


slummy41 commented 2 days ago

Dinner for 8 in Santa Monica or Malibu

by uberdeb 5 days ago

Best places for five adults/three kids? Must be seated early, like 5:30 or 6, and have veggie/fish options for pescat...


Motherhubbard commented 3 days ago

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Fresco Poultry | Garden Grove - Orange County

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

On the hunt for Chinese breed chickens to make tonics during my recent visit to Orange County, google lead me to Fres...

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Electric City Butcher | 4th Street Market - Alta Baja - Santa Ana

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

In search of grassfed beef soup bones, a friend pointed me to Electric City Butcher in Santa Ana, said to be Orange C...

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Fresh Rabbit?

by OCEllen 4 days ago

Fresh rabbit around OC? Used to buy it frequently in stores 10 - 15 years ago but not lately.

NY Pizza in Greater Pasadena are

by withabandon 7 days ago

As a long time NYC "ex-pat," I'd like to hear from other NYC transplants regarding where in the greater Pasadena area...


foodiejb commented 6 days ago

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Celebration place for 90th birthday - 20/25ppl?

by bmsyko 9 days ago

I live in the Southern Calf area and while I am closer to South Bay area I don't mind Orange County, Inland Empire, o...

Best whipping cream/heavy cream for cake frosting

by shoppeher 10 days ago

Looking for the best whipping cream/heavy cream brand to make cake frosting/icing. Tried using the Trader Joe brand t...


BrianShaw commented 9 days ago

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Haida Sandwich & Juice | Mission Viejo - Orange County

by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

Yesterday I was headed to Mission Ranch, the Persian market in Mission Viejo, and spotted Haida in the same shopping ...

game meat in orange county

by youngster 5 years ago

Where can i find game meats i.e. wild boar, venison, quail, elk, and ox tail, in orange county?


drtghu commented 12 days ago

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Dinner somewhere between Staples Center and LAX?

by hunger8struck 12 days ago

Spending the night at Westin LAX tonight and have a chance to have dinner with young friends who live on S. Main St. ...

Why does baguette s*ck in this country...

by m3tan 3 years ago

Sorry - random rant but it ceases to amaze me. Almost anywhere you go in Europe, the baguette it amazing. Crunchy on ...


trvlcrzy commented 12 days ago

Best cassava balls (yuca cheese balls) in LA?

by Hapgood 4 years ago

Years ago I was really lucky and got to go on a Linblad cruise of the Galapagos (I'm only stating this for reference ...


annecwhite commented 14 days ago

Quan Hop - Westminster - Review with Photos

by elmomonster 10 years ago

If pho isn't the official dish of Little Saigon, it should be. Walk any square block on Bolsa Street and you won't se...

Melanie Wong commented 15 days ago

Know any great August specials or great deals at upscale restaurants?

by cimero 18 days ago

I love great deals at restaurants that normally tend to be a bit pricey i.e. Lawry's has a great dinner for two at $9...


shinstigator commented 16 days ago

Italian Bday Dinner

by moniqueyd 20 days ago

80th birthday dinner for my dad. Looking for great food and service, upscale, more quiet than loud, booth seating wo...


moniqueyd commented 17 days ago

"Rangoon Racquet Club" Beverly Hills 1970's-1980's

by DianeHeil 3 years ago

I saw a post from 2009 about the "Rangoon Racquet Club" which was a fabulous, classic Beverly Hills Restaurant and B...


dzwaaf100 commented 17 days ago

Seeking fine Chinese in the San Gabriel Valley

by poot 24 days ago

Please point me toward the best restaurants in the Alhambra/Monterey Park area that offer divine eggplant, tender dum...


beeceeinla commented 18 days ago