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Where can I buy real Chihuahua cheese?

by kiwi 11 years ago

I saw an old episode of Martha Stewart, today. There was a lady on who made a "Mexican Fondue," using Chihuahua chee...


junekat73 commented 13 hours ago

From Los Angeles To San Francisco - Meal advice

by chieffoodie 8 days ago

Hi All, Me and my wife are going to California for our honeymoon 17th - 28th. of July. I have been to LA before b...


jdash commented 16 hours ago

Where To Buy Raw Peanuts in LA/OC?

by ChefRoux 5 years ago

Where can I buy raw Peanuts in Orange County (1st choice) or Los Angeles )2nd choice). thanks in advance, CR


Chifer commented 22 hours ago

Trader Joe's French Village plain cream line yogurt discontinued

by nemotode 7 years ago

I'm still in agony. They keep 50 kinds of non-fat, sweetened yogurt and get rid of their best. Does anyone know whe...


SoCalMuncher commented 1 day ago

Superman Ice Cream

by iced_coffee 8 years ago

Does anyone know where a girl can get some Superman ice cream in L.A. or Southern California? I fear it is just a M...


SupermanIceCream commented 1 day ago

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Pasadena Dinner Spots for Girls' Getaway Reunion?

by SLOgirl12 1 day ago

Looking for recommendations for dinner spots in Pasadena for a girls' getaway reunion. We are from all over the coun...

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Spaghetti and Meatballs, SFV

by SoCalMuncher 3 days ago

Nicely-seasoned meatballs with a good amount of fat, a not-too-sweet sauce on top of decent pasta, and in the SFV. I...

Fish tacos and Spot prawns

by Qball 7 days ago

Looking for best fish tacos in/around LA. Also, I don't see spot prawns on any menus. does anywhere from LA up ...

OCEllen commented 4 days ago

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Top chow in Burbank?

by lsirlin 4 days ago

My husband and I have a social obligation at a comedy club near Magnolia and the 5 fwy at 8pm tonight. We hoped to fi...

free or inexpensive baking classes??

by AdamFoodie 10 years ago

I used the search function and did'nt find much(most baking and/or cooking classes are like $75 dollars), but are the...

OCEllen commented 5 days ago

Whatever happened to La Strega in mid-Wilshire?

by mike 13 years ago

Anyone remember La Strega near downtown LA? They had maybe the best fugazetta pizza - stuffed with white onions, ham...


fbern06 commented 8 days ago

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Where can I buy in-store Daelman's Stroopwafel in Anaheim or anywhere in Orange County?

by poetryrocksalot 8 days ago

I've had Daelman's Stroopwafel for the first time in my life a few days ago and it was the best snack I've ever had i...

Vegan friendly (but not vegan) restaurants

by Blumie 10 days ago

Six of us are meeting for dinner. Only one is a vegan, but I want to make sure everyone, including the vegan, has de...


dkme commented 9 days ago

Great American Food & Beverage Co. (L.A.) - Who Remembers?

by tayres 1 year ago

Something got me to thinking about a place I went to long ago, The Great American Food & Beverage Company. It was so...


sfstorhaug commented 10 days ago

Viennetta Ice Cream - where can I find it?

by Colleen 11 years ago

Remember the TV commercial that had no actors, only hand models? And all the hands reach in to take the last bite of...


RitaManeata commented 13 days ago

La Fermiere Yogurt - anywhere in LA?

by rswenson 27 days ago

Just got back from Paris and fell in love La Fermiere yogurt in the little blue terra cotta cups. Any place to get th...


maccrogenoff commented 13 days ago

Girls night out in LA

by selena03 15 days ago

We will be in LA (from Vancouver) in early August and are trying to plan a night out away from husbands and kids. Wan...


maccrogenoff commented 13 days ago

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Chinese Birthday Peach Fondant Request - within Los Angeles

by rinkatink888 17 days ago

Know this may be a long shot, but hope someone knows a baker that can do this. I'm looking for a baker, within the Lo...

Irvine's Royal for Noodles & Dumplings

by Melanie Wong 18 days ago

Three weeks ago I had a chance to check out the newish Royal in Irvine. My friend stores his wine nearby and had been...

Melanie Wong commented 18 days ago