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First Visit to Dana Point - Restaurant/Bar Suggestions Please

by Attknee 2 months ago

Hello Everyone, we are making a four night stay in Dana Point this April. Already thinking about where to eat. Ther...


Attknee commented 11 minutes ago

Old Virginia Restaurant - S. Pasadena

by TD Smith 7 years ago

On a whim today (8/13/10), I wondered if anyone else remembered the Old Virginia and got your website. It was starte...


PhylThomas commented 1 day ago

Gone but not forgotten, Grandma's Sugarplum's [moved from L.A. board]

by ultrachoclover 10 years ago

I was poking around and found some comments about missing Grandma's Sugarplum's (Belmont Shore). Count me in. Their...


Glassslippers01 commented 3 days ago

Santo Pietro's in Studio City circa 1990

by ckpsjp 3 years ago

Does anyone remember Santo Pietro's original(?) location on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City near MTM studios? Their Chi...


leahss commented 4 days ago

Need help find a Taiwanese ginger tea in a cube-shaped form

by ineedgingertea 4 days ago

Need help find a Taiwanese ginger tea in a cube-shaped form, does anyone know what I am talking about? it comes in a ...


acgold7 commented 4 days ago

Patient food at UCLA Med Center

by dtm323 22 days ago

Have you been a patient at RRUCLA? Which menu selections are particularly good? I'm facing the horror of a 2 gram sod...

Borderbumble commented 6 days ago

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Lamb barbacoa

by sasidhar79 9 days ago

Where in Los Angeles can I find good lamb barbacoa ? I would want to know a place that sells by the pound. This is fo...

Where is the "real" cajun/Creole in LA county?

by ivankrueger 8 years ago

Not a NO native, but a huge fan. Just went and miss the food terribly. I've scoured this town up and down, and alwa...


foodbychefty commented 9 days ago

Pressed Almond Duck

by mochi-mochi 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a decent Chinese Restaurant in Gardena/Torrance that serves pressed duck with real gravy not swee...


foodiejb commented 10 days ago

Brunch at Sycamore Kitchen

by TheOffalo 4 years ago

[Larger photos with captions in-line with text at] I’ve had Sycam...


Blumie commented 11 days ago

NYC Hound & fam coming to visit LA...

by howdini 14 days ago visit schools for singing daughter. Looking for delicious things that we can't get in NYC, or that are much bet...

howdini commented 12 days ago

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Old School Italien near El Segundo?

by silsurf 13 days ago

I am going to a G League Laker game next weekend and would like to find a fun Italian place somewhere between the Wes...

Desperate Search for Water Buffalo Cream (called Kaymak or Gaimar)

by sillyolesara 6 years ago

Is there someone out there who has made an effort to find REAL gaimar in the States? Water buffalo only. Help me plea...


parkerbu77 commented 14 days ago

Remembering Tepparod Thai

by Sarah C 15 years ago

Does anyone else remember Tepparod Thai? It was off of Vermont north of Hollywood Blvd., and must have been one of t...


AlexAlva commented 15 days ago

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House of Chimney Cakes | Anaheim

by Melanie Wong 17 days ago

Last week I had a chance to stop in Anaheim to check out the new House of Chimney Cakes. The draw here are the baked-...

Good Quality - Cost- Organic Avocados?

by DavyLeo 21 days ago

Hey All... Anyone know of good places with good prices to get good organic avocados? I know most health food places s...

Melanie Wong commented 19 days ago

Is OROZCOS tacos still open?

by waferthinmint 11 years ago

at Soto and the 10 FWY? Been craving but not sure if hes still making them. I don't want to drive for disappointment.


luisg714 commented 21 days ago

Current Status of Surfas?

by dtm323 3 months ago

What is happening with Surfas? Where can I buy the kinds of ingredients I used to buy there?


maccrogenoff commented 21 days ago

Mama's Lu Dumpling House with Pics

by MikeLee 8 years ago

I headed back East to Monterey Park for some more dumplings. I’d heard of a place that served excellent soup dumpling...

Melanie Wong commented 21 days ago

Food grade lye for pretzels?

by PinotPlease 7 years ago

I was looking to make the Pretzels from January's Food and Wine for the Superbowl. Does anyone have any idea where t...


andrewchen5678 commented 27 days ago