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Choosing between Animal or Koreatown. Need help!

by Sandro Tuzzo 13 days ago

My wife and I are flying down to see Sigur Ros at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this friday night. We are huge foodies...

Girlsurgeon commented 4 hours ago

CUPID'S Chili for Hot Dogs

by laptopps 6 years ago

My father LOVES Cupid's Hot Dogs and ate there back in the 1950's (at the Cupid's in North Hollywood.) We have since...


3littlejakes commented 1 day ago

Great American Food & Beverage Co. (L.A.) - Who Remembers?

by tayres 1 year ago

Something got me to thinking about a place I went to long ago, The Great American Food & Beverage Company. It was so...


hungryfomore commented 2 days ago

Lucky Boy in Pasadena: Can it be? Too much bacon?

by kiwi 10 years ago

Lucky Boy is greasy spoon right across the street from the Trader Joe's on Arroyo Pkwy in Pasadena. It's been mentio...


RosieM2000 commented 4 days ago

Claremont, CA

by wstent0214 10 days ago

I need a restaurant for lunch near Claremont,ca. My daughter is graduating from Pitzer in May. We can travel a bit bu...


lyndia commented 4 days ago

Violet Crumble - chocolate covered honeycomb- where?

by roger g 14 years ago

Anyone know which stores carry this chocolate covered honeycomb bar? I think it's made in Australia. It comes in a ...


oldusedcop commented 4 days ago

Beer, Cider, & Sake Be the first to comment

German Beer Source LA County

by Tpassthepotatoes 5 days ago

Looking for a store that sells these 2 German Beers in LA County: 1809 Fritz Briem Berlinerweisse Original Rittersg...

Where can I buy real Chihuahua cheese?

by kiwi 10 years ago

I saw an old episode of Martha Stewart, today. There was a lady on who made a "Mexican Fondue," using Chihuahua chee...


MikeG commented 5 days ago

Where to Buy CHAYA (aka Tree Spinach)

by mango2 7 years ago

I've recently learned about the super nutritious chaya leaves (aka tree spinach) which also has many other health ben...


PolycultureFarm commented 5 days ago

Los Angeles Restaurants in the 80's

by dtm323 4 years ago

Can anyone tell me where City Cafe was located on Melrose before it moved to La Brea?

Midlife commented 6 days ago

Viennetta Ice Cream - where can I find it?

by Colleen 11 years ago

Remember the TV commercial that had no actors, only hand models? And all the hands reach in to take the last bite of...


Natare commented 6 days ago

Fresh duck eggs for sale in Orange County, CA?

by tenjo 1 year ago

Hi Chowhound, Does anyone know where I can buy fresh duck eggs locally in OC? I'm allergic to chicken, so as a prec...

OCEllen commented 7 days ago

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Best seafood market, Diamond bar area?

by Archana418 8 days ago

I'm aware of several Asian seafood markets in the area but no sure how 'true' are the labeling? Are wild caughts true...

old school green goddess dressing - anywhere?

by bigmamafoodie 7 years ago

I've been making my own at home and am wondering if anyone has had any around town. With the revival of a lot of old ...


dai11 commented 10 days ago

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La Copine | Flamingo Heights - Yucca Valley - San Bernardino County

by Melanie Wong 19 days ago

One of the chowing highlights of my recent visit to Palm Springs was lunch at La Copine. Opening less than two years ...

Authentic Full Fat Buttermilk?

by Nakdcpl 10 years ago

Hello, I am on a quest to find real, authentic full fat buttermilk like the buttermilk I had as a kid. The cultur...


JRC14 commented 20 days ago

Where to buy veal kidney?

by cimero 9 years ago

Anyone know where to buy veal kidney? I grew up on this for breakfast and I'm dying for it!!! I've never seen it on a...


IPAINTIT commented 20 days ago

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If you were a fan of Ubuntu/Napa....

by tre2012 22 days ago

The WSJournal yesterday ran an article on chef Jeremy Fox. After some serious issues, he's now happily cooking at Rus...