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LA restaurant recommendation for a gift

by LauraJeanMC 7 hours ago

My son just moved to LA and I'd like to give him a gift card to a nice restaurant. Any recommendations? He is an art...


LauraJeanMC commented 4 hours ago

Selling 4 Trois mec tickets 12/14

by hopien 5 hours ago

I have 4 tickets for this Thursday--6:45 pm reservation. Table at Face value

Is OROZCOS tacos still open?

by waferthinmint 11 years ago

at Soto and the 10 FWY? Been craving but not sure if hes still making them. I don't want to drive for disappointment.


monsterg commented 3 days ago

Estonian Black Bread Garlic Toast

by Signora 3 years ago

We just returned from a trip to the Baltic Countries and while enjoying the delicious local beer were also introduced...


Jayuk commented 8 days ago

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Good take out lasgna in north OC

by OCEllen 8 days ago

................for an easy holiday dinner............

Pup 'N Taco Fries

by joe 13 years ago

Anybody know of a place that serves Pup 'n Taco style french fries? Their fries were spit out of some kind of a fry-...


Nana44kids commented 10 days ago

Need Surinamese Pom Tayer

by rdeman 5 years ago

Hi- I'm desperately looking for Pom Tayer - the basic ingredient needed to cook a proper Suriname 'Pom' dish. It's...


moagerkop commented 10 days ago


by Latinpig 12 days ago

I will be meeting my son in LA for one night after he lands from a long international flight. We will be staying at ...


teriyakichi commented 10 days ago

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Looking for Frozen Cut Okra in LA/Long Beach/OC

by rjw_lgb_ca 11 days ago

Yes, I can usually find fresh okra at Sprouts, maybe Whole Foods, even Ralphs-- but sometimes it's just easier to pul...

Beet Salad Wanted Here

by JeetJet 21 days ago

Last month in New Hampshire I had a true multisensory experience with a Beet Salad. The small fresh Beets made it loo...


JeetJet commented 12 days ago

Costa Mesa recs for Sunday dinner?

by Michelle 27 days ago

Hello, We will be in Costa Mesa for a 7 PM show performance on a Sunday evening, and would like to have dinner bef...


Michelle commented 12 days ago

Where can i get my hands on some boysenberries? and not just the Knott's Berry Farm Jam

by geekluve 5 years ago

I work in West LA and recently visited the very amazing Apple Pan where I had an AWESOME slice of boysenberry pie. Si...


JGOMEZA commented 13 days ago

LA last ten days of December: fresh fish for sushi?

by shekamoo 2 months ago

Hi, thinking of spending the last ten days of December 2017 in LA. I was wondering whether high end sushi joints woul...

shekamoo commented 17 days ago

Villa Sorrento in North Hollywood

by Kerrigan 11 years ago

I know Villa Sorrento is no more. It is now a Carribean Restaurant. Does anyone know what happened to the owners? Did...


leachow commented 23 days ago

Where Are Organic Pork Trotters?

by HeyAce 24 days ago

Do you know where I can get my hands on some organic pork trotters or hocks? I'd appreciate any leads. Thanks!

paulj commented 24 days ago

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Haddock anyone?

by judybird 24 days ago

Is there any place to buy haddock in the LA area? Frozen would be fine. We were in New England recently and had it at...

3 Annoying Trends in Hipster Eateries

by skidmarkjones 1 year ago

Went to "Go get em tiger" today for brunch. The latest in trend-desperate hipster brunch spots in LF/Silverlake. Th...


holyveal commented 25 days ago

Reasonable places for dinner in Costa Mesa near Performing Arts Center

by lindyber 6 years ago

Best places to eat dinner near the Segestrom Center in Costa Mesa,Orange County. No Sushi or high end places, just ar...


oldpluto commented 25 days ago