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Los Angeles Area

Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in LA and its surrounding areas. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

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Help with 5 day LA visit

by Joanie 9 days ago

Hi all, it's been 5 years since I visited LA and I'm looking for a few specific types of places for a Feb. trip (alth...


Joanie commented 13 hours ago

Narrowing down my list -- can you help?

by Disneyfreak 6 days ago

I am heading to LA on business towards the end of February. Been there a few times. I love the food. I am now try...


Disneyfreak commented 2 days ago

Stater Bros. Meat: What the Hell Happened???

by aurora50 8 years ago

When we were young in the greater Inland Empire area, we were told of Stater Bros., "It's the Meat that Made Us Famou...


acgold7 commented 2 days ago

Cafe du Monde Beignet Mix in LA - Where can I find some?

by ferdlap 13 years ago

Tried several local supers, Bristol Farms and no luck. Anyone know of someplace in LA that stocks it? Yes, I know ...


JCS1219 commented 4 days ago

Great American Food & Beverage Co. (L.A.) - Who Remembers?

by tayres 3 years ago

Something got me to thinking about a place I went to long ago, The Great American Food & Beverage Company. It was so...


Midlife commented 5 days ago

Dried Lychee nuts?

by Bob 15 years ago

When I was a kid I used to get dried lychee nuts from the Chinese laundries in NYC. I can't seem to find that out h...


fizzyierlifting commented 6 days ago

Where to buy beef heart (and other organs) in Los Angeles?

by emilysium 6 years ago

My cat is on a raw diet, and at the moment I'm buying and freezing whatever happens to be on sale at Ralphs, which is...


Bababoochick commented 9 days ago

spinich crepes - remember The Magic Pan?

by Elizabeth Bennett Darcy 13 years ago

Remember the chain of crepe restaurants called The Magic Pan? Nana used to take me to the one in Beverly Hills & I'd ...


donfitzg commented 9 days ago

Brown's Bakery Wilshire

by Susan S 15 years ago

Is Brown's Bakery Wilshire related to the now defunct Brown's Bakery in North Hollywood?


dansyl1973 commented 13 days ago

Holiday Eggnog 2016

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Stumbling upon three popular brands of eggnog at discounted prices at Grocery Outlet this month inspired a taste...


tre2012 commented 15 days ago

St. Louis style pizza

by nemotode 7 years ago

Any restaurant in LA serve this? Super-thin crust, "provel" cheese, cut in squares.


lulusheba2015 commented 19 days ago

NY Pizza in Greater Pasadena are

by withabandon 1 year ago

As a long time NYC "ex-pat," I'd like to hear from other NYC transplants regarding where in the greater Pasadena area...


hbkawachi commented 20 days ago

Natural Casing Hot Dogs at Grocery Store?

by lo105 9 years ago

I can never find natural casing hot dogs at a local grocery store. I'm in the LA area looking for Sabrett's or someth...


dyippie commented 21 days ago

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Wholesale lobsters (live) for New Years Los Angeles

by dyippie 21 days ago

Prices seem significantly up. Does anyone know a place that has them for a reasonable price?

where to find Rendered leaf lard in LA area?

by french roast 10 years ago

This was a conversation that started 2 years ago when the NY Times article about how amazing leaf lard is for making ...


robertpasadena commented 25 days ago

Shrimp Roe Dried Noodles (蝦子麵)?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

I'm looking for a place that has Hong Kong style shrimp roe dried noodles (蝦子麵) If anyone has ever been to Mak Kee...


joshla2004 commented 30 days ago