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Hungry for Something New? The 10 Best New Restaurants in America

Tired of the same ol' same ol'? You're in luck. Food & Wine just announced its 2019 list of Best New Restaurants and chances are, at least one of them is within striking distance. The list, which...

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Nassau/South Shore shopping

by Alexis 19 years ago

Ever since moving to the South Shore (Oceanside to be precise) my shopping experience has been mediocre at best. I have a lot of family here so I'm fairly familiar with the area, but it's not much ...

Looking for: black cocoa on LI

by Scott_R 1 year ago

Will travel, but closest to the Nassau/Suffolk border on South Shore as possible.

Frozen or Fresh Eel

by Cemota 1 year ago

My Mom is looking to fry up some eel. We live in Suffolk County, Long Island. Hmart and Food Bazaar are convenient but I could travel to Flushing or Little Italy if necessary, Arthur Avenue or the ...

Fresh, Local Long Island Seafood

by Gastronomos 6 years ago

I know we've discussed this topic in other ways, but I'm curious as those posts are old and we need new, fresh sources and discussions. I was at Rachel's Waterside Grill recently (I know, I'm a ...

Blackberry brandy ice cream (Snowflake Ice Cream, LI)

by Scott_R 1 year ago

It's back! Limited time as always. Purely by chance, I was going out to the NoFo anyway today when I saw their post. It sold out in like two days last year so I missed out then.

Unfound Neighborhood Restaurants

by Gastronomos 1 year ago

https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/meritage-wine-bar-review-glen-cove-1.40058114 About Meritage Wine Bar: "...They're really trying to revitalize the downtown area of Glen Cove, an...

The Life and Times of the Buttered Roll

by sadie 4 years ago

Dear NYC CH friends, Although I lurk on these boards nearly every day, today I'm writing with a general inquiry for a piece I'm writing. Specifically, on the Buttered Roll. It (by which I mean ...

North Shore Farms opens market in Mamaroneck...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

It is a chain out of Long Island and Queens. Their first market in Westchester opened on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck. It looks nice and glossy, stocked to brim in all departments. They are offeri...

Long Island blowfish? How to prepare?

by erica 3 years ago

Had these last night in Greenport at Barba Bianca. I've always noticed them at local markets due to their low price. They were so good that I'd like to make at home...who has a simple recipe (not...

Where to purchase good quality blue crabs in Brooklyn or long island?

by Bluecrabaddict 1 year ago

Hi, Trying to find good quality blue crabs in Brooklyn or will take a trip to Long Island to pick up fresh/live blue crabs. Please recommend markets. Thank you!

Baldor Foods starts home delivery...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Baldor Foods, a major Bronx-based wholesale specialty food supplier to the restaurant/hospitality industry in the metro New York area, has announced it will do home delivery for the first time. Min...

Route One serves family-style Italian in Larchmont...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Get ready for the big plates! Just opened: Route One Family Style Italian Restaurant on Boston Post Road in Larchmont. It is in the same space that operated for many years as La Riserva. There have...

Vincent's Sauce

by GJWhite 14 years ago

Every Christmas my uncle brings over a few containers of sauce from Vincent's, one mild and one spicy. As those of you who have tasted it will know, it's got a very different taste profile than tra...

Long Island diner

by Gastronomos 6 years ago

At dinner last night... at the diner... I was served a side monkey dish of lukewarm broccoli. I tried to add the ice cold butter from the little packet to the broccoli, but it wouldn't melt. I add...

Nassau County

by jnjn 9 years ago

At the risk of offending, and sincere aplogies if that is the case, I'd like to go on record and say that among nassau county, the 5 boroughs and westchester county, that nassau county, by a ...

Tao's Fusion in Selden

by Gastronomos 2 years ago

This underrated Sichuan dish made an appearance at my table when I visited Tao's fusion in Selden. No matter how you call this dish: Suan Tang Fei Niu 酸汤肥牛 / Beef with House Made Pickle in ...

Master Chef in Jericho, NY

by budcar 3 years ago

Passed by the newly opened upscale Chinese restaurant in Jericho which was mobbed on a recent Sunday eve. Anyone been there?

Osteria Morini, Long Island

by stuartlafonda 1 year ago

Had a chance to drop in and enjoy some dishes off the afternoon menu. Started with a nice Caesar salad ( on the menu it was described as Cacio E Pepe romaine lettuce, garlic breadcrumb, parmigia...

Q: where to find hand-sliced lox (nova) on LI

by Scott_R 1 year ago

Well, it looks like we're going to be losing Fairway on Long Island. One of my favorite things there is the hand-sliced house-smoked nova salmon; the packaged stuff pales in comparison. Is there...

Birthday Restaurant in Huntington, NY Area

by pamE 1 year ago

Looking for a restaurant with a modern vibe to take my mother-in-law for her 89th birthday. She likes seafood, Mediterranean and Italian food. We’d like a full bar and prefer not to break the bank....